Shakespeare in American Life exhibition item list

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This article gives a listing of items exhibited in Shakespeare in American Life, one of the Exhibitions at the Folger. Listed chronologically, the catalog entry number is included before the Call number.

Items included

  • William Shakespeare. The tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice. Souvenir promptbook. [S.l. : s.n., n.d.]. Catalog item 86. Call number: PROMPT Oth. Fo.2 and LUNA Digital Image.
  • Othello: a burlesque. As performed by Griffin & Christy’s Minstrels, New York. Clyde, OH: Ames, [n.d.]. Catalog item 27. Call number: PR2829.A72 O7
  • William Shakespeare. Mr. VVilliam Shakespeares comedies, histories, & tragedies: published according to the true originall copies. London: Printed by Isaac Iaggard, and Ed. Blount, 1623. Catalog item 1. Call number: STC 22273 Fo.1 no.41 and Binding image on LUNA.
  • Samuel Purchas. Purchas his pilgrimes. In fiue bookes. London: Printed by William Stansby, 1625. Catalog item 3. Call number: STC 20509 Copy 1 Vol. 4 and LUNA Digital Image.
  • John Smith. The generall historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles. Divided into sixe bookes. London: Printed by J. D[awson] and J. H[aviland], 1631. Catalog item 4. Call number: STC 22790c.2 and LUNA Digital Image.
  • Quotation from Julius Caesar in the hand of John Adams. Manuscript, 18th or 19th century. Catalog item 37. Call number: Y.d.246 and LUNA Digital Image.
  • William Knight Northall. Macbeth travestie. Promptbook. [18--?]. Catalog item 30. Call number: PR2823.A72 N7 1852.
  • Augustus Robin. Edwin Forrest as Macbeth: [in Shakespeare’s Macbeth]. Engraving. [United States?: s.n., 19th century?]. Catalog item 14. Call number: ART File F728 no.18 (size XS) and LUNA Digital Image.
  • Tickets to Readings from Shakespeare signed by Fanny Kemble. Manuscript, 19th century. Catalog item 43. Call number: Y.d.443.
  • Increase Cooke. Sequel to the American orator, or, dialogues for schools. New Haven: Increase Cooke, 1813. Catalog item 66. Call number: PN4201 .C71 and LUNA Digital Image.
  • John Quincy Adams. Autograph letters signed from John Quincy Adams to various recipients. Manuscript, 1830-1839. Catalog item 38. Call number: Y.c.10 (2) and LUNA Digital Image.
  • Louisa May Alcott. Little Pyramus and Thisbe. Manuscript, 19th century. Catalog item 68. Call number: N.a.32 and LUNA Digital Image.
  • Thomas Sully. Charlotte Cushman. Oil on canvas, 1843. Catalog item 19. Call number: FPb47 (aisle 103) and LUNA Digital Image.
  • Thomas Sherratt. Mr. Macready as Macbeth [in Shakespeare’s Macbeth]. Engraving. London: John Tallis & Company, mid-19th century. Catalog item 13. Call number: ART File M174.4 no.20 copy 1 (size XS) and LUNA Digital Image.
  • William Shakespeare. Macbeth. A tragedy in five acts ... With the stage business ... Promptbook. New York: Berford & Co., 1847. Catalog item 16. Call number: PROMPT Mac. 56 and LUNA Digital Image.
  • William Shakespeare. Shakespeare’s plays: with his life. Illustrated by H.W. Hewet, after designs by Kenny Meadows, Harvey, and others; edited by Gulian C. Verplanck. In three volumes. New York: Harper & Brothers, publishers, 1847. Catalog item 64. Call number: PR2752 1847c copy 1 Sh.Col. and LUNA Digital Image.
  • Riot at the Astor-Place Opera-House, New York (see page 372). Engraving. [London?: s.n., 1849]. Catalog item 12. Call number: ART File N567.7 no.2 (size XS) and LUNA Digital Image.
  • Friedrich August Leo. Autograph letters signed from various correspondents mostly to F.A. Leo. Manuscript, 1852-1899. Call number: Y.c.1505 (1) and Guide to Letters of Friedrich August Leo.
  • Mr. Ira Aldridge as Aaron [character in Shakespeare’s] Titus Andronicus. Engraving. [London]: The London Printing and Publishing Company, [between 1852 and 1853]. Catalog item 84. Call number: ART File A365.5 no.1 copy 2 (size XS)] and LUNA Digital Image.
  • George Edward Rice. An old play in a new garb: (Hamlet, prince of Denmark); in three acts. Boston: Ticknor, Reed, and Fields, 1853. Catalog item 31. Call number: PR2807.A72 R5 1853a.
  • New York Shakespeare Club. Constitution of the Shakspeare Club. S.l., 1854. Catalog item 72. Call number: Sh.misc. 614.
  • David Claypoole Johnston. A pro slavery incantation scene. Or Shakspeare improved. Lithograph. [United States: s.n., not before 1856]. Catalog item 34. Call number: ART File S528m1 no.86 (size L) and LUNA Digital Image.
  • Shakespeare Society of Philadelphia. Menus for annual dinners ... : various dates between 1860 and 1880. Catalog item 78. Call number: Sh.misc. 372 and LUNA Digital Image.
  • 7th Regiment Amusement Association! ... Fort Federal Hill, Baltimore, Aug. 8th, 1862. The Regimental Band... will be followed by the celebrated Trial Scene from The Merchant of Venice!... After which, the Burlesque Tragic Opera of Bombastes Furioso... the whole to conclue with The Tattoo To be beaten from the Stage by the Drum Corps, under the direction of Major Graham. Playbill, Baltimore, MD: 8 August, 1862. Catalog item 53. Call number: 261129 PLAYBILL and LUNA Digital Image.
  • William Shakespeare. The complete works of Shakspeare. Ed. George Steevens. Cincinnati: Rickey and Carrol, 1864. Call number: PR2752 1864h Sh.Col.; displayed Presentation label for Clara Barton.