Shakespeare collection

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The Shakespeare collection includes editions of Shakespeare's plays and poems from his lifetime to the present day, with 75 Quartos and 82 First Folios as the foundation.


  • Pre-1641 English editions are shelved by STC number
  • English editions published between 1641 and 1700 are shelved by Wing number
  • Most translations and post-1700 editions have Sh.Col. call numbers (pronounced shuh-CALL, and short for "Shakespeare Collection"). Generally speaking, closed-stacks Shakespeare editions acquired before 2000 have the suffix "Sh.Col." after an LC-style call number. Closed-stacks Shakespeare editions acquired after 2000 have "Sh.Col." as a prefix to an accession-number-based call number.
  • Some illustrated and extra-illustrated editions have ART Vol. call numbers
  • Shakespeare editions in the open stacks have ordinary LC Classification call numbers