Shakespeare Quarterly

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Founded in 1950 by the Shakespeare Association of America, Shakespeare Quarterly (SQ) is a refereed journal committed to publishing essays in the vanguard of Shakespeare studies, notes that bring to light new information on Shakespeare and his age, debates on the latest research, reviews of significant Shakespeare performance, and book reviews to keep readers current with Shakespeare criticism and scholarship.

For subscription information, please visit the SQ page at Johns Hopkins Press. Online and archived issues are available at Project MUSE and JSTOR.

The World Shakespeare Bibliography is published for SQ. Edited by Professor Laura Estill and Professor James L. Harner, the Bibliography records all important books, essays, book reviews, dissertations and dissertation abstracts, theatrical productions and theater reviews, and significant reprints of Shakespeare-related works.

Submission Guidelines

SQ welcomes submissions of essays or notes, and may be submitted using our online system, Editorial Manager. Please refer to the SQ Style Guide for details about formatting. SQ does not accept unsolicited book reviews.

Please direct any questions or concerns to: Anna Tione Levine (, Editorial Associate, 202-675-0351.

Style Guide

SQ follows the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition, and Merriam-Webster's Unabridged Dictionary. All submissions should be double-spaced MS Word documents.

Quotation and Citation

  • In an endnote after the first quotation from Shakespeare's works, specify the edition used.
  • Quote Shakespeare's dramatic works parenthetically in the text by act, scene, and line.
  • Quote Shakespeare's poems parenthetically in the text by line number. For Sonnet 101, line 8, the citation would be 101.8; for the Rape of Lucrece, lines 1423--43, the citation would be II. 1423--43.
  • Cite works by all other authors (including other dramatists) in endnotes.
  • Separate run-in lines of poetry with virgules (forward slashes) and include any terminal punctuation at the end of each line.
  • When quoting more than three lines of verse, or more than 100 words or prose, set off the material as an indented block quotation.


  • Acknowledgments are set above endnotes.
  • Include complete bibliographic information in endnotes—author, editor, translator and/or compiler, full title, total number of volumes, publisher, year and place of publication, volume, page(s) cited.
  • To cite an essay in a collection, include inclusive page numbers, as well as the page quoted: 133–54, esp. 135.
  • Cite a multivolume work by Arabic volume number, colon, and page number: 1:192, 4:367.
  • To cite a note in another work, give the page number on which the note appears, followed by the letter “n”: 245n.
  • Abbreviate “University Press”: U of Chicago P or Johns Hopkins UP.
  • Omit “p.” and “pp.” when citing page numbers.
  • Provide photocopies of any sources we are unlikely to have access to, such as articles from local newspapers and theater program notes. We may ask for other photocopies as necessary from modern volumes not in the Folger collection.

Vault Materials

  • Cite all handpress era books by signature whenever possible; render signatures exactly as printed: ZZZ, not 3Z.
  • To cite a modern edition or facsimile of an early modern book, provide the year of original publication and signature(s), folio(s), or page number(s).
  • Retain original capitalization, spelling, and punctuation in titles and quotations from early modern sources, except for the long s. Do not modernize.

Editorial Board and Staff

Editorial Board

Douglas Bruster—University of Texas, Austin
William Carroll—Boston University
Supriya Chauduri—Jadavpur University
Bradin Cormack—University of Chicago
Lars Engle—University of Tulsa
Graham Hammill—University of Buffalo, SUNY
Jonathan Hope—University of Strathclyde
MacDonald P. Jackson—University of Auckland
Heather James—University of Southern California
Margaret Jane Kidnie—University of Western Ontario
Roslyn L. Knutson—University of Arkansas, Little Rock
Douglas M. Lanier—University of New Hampshire
Kathryn Schwarz—Vanderbilt University
William H. Sherman—University of York
Tiffany Stern—University College, Oxford
Alan Stewart—Columbia University
Evelyn Tribble—University of Otago
Henry S. Turner—Rutgers University


Gail Kern Paster, Editor
Theodore B. Leinwand, Consulting Editor
Barbara A. Mowat, Consulting Editor
Sarah Werner, Associate Editor
Mimi Godfrey, Managing Editor
Anna Tione Levine, Editorial Associate
Nedda Mehdizadeh, Production Associate
Jessica Roberts Frazier, Graduate Research Assistant
Laura Estill, Bibliographer
James L. Harner, Bibliographer