Setting preferences in Voyager

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Use the settings below to customize Voyager when getting started for the first time, or setting up Voyager on a new computer. These settings are based on the Voyager 9.1 interface, and are current as of June 2016.

Acquisitions module

(Instructions to come)

Cataloging module

Before getting started, catalogers should navigate to Cataloging (I:)/Connexion/LocalSaveFiles, and create a folder named with your initials, i.e. I:/Connexion/LocalSaveFiles/ABC, if you have not already done so. This is the folder where your import and export files will be stored by Connexion and Voyager (see Folders/Files heading below).

Once you have a local save folder, go to Options > Preferences in the relevant Voyager module.

From the top menu bar, select Options > Preferences. General settings will vary depending on whether the cataloger works mainly with Vault materials or open stacks materials. Other settings are based on personal preference, except where specified below.

  • General tab
    • Open stacks books
      • Holding/item default location: DeckB-Open stacks
      • Call number hierarchies: Modern-LC
      • Bibliographic import/replace profile: Modern or Replace on 035 match
      • Authority import/replace profile: LCNAF
    • Vault materials
      • Holding/item default location: DeckC-Vault (or other vault, if appropriate)
      • Call number hierarchies: Rare-Acc
      • Bibliographic import/replace profile: Replace on 035 match
      • Authority import/replace profile: LCNAF
    • Check boxes for "Delete records from work/import files..." if preferred
    • Check box for "Add a subfield 'a' to a new field" if preferred (this will depend on what type of editing you do most frequently in Voyager)
  • Validation tab
    • Cataloging formats: MARC21
    • Check boxes for "Bypass MARC21 Character set validation", "Bypass Authority Control validation", "Bypass ISBN validation", and "Bypass ISSN validation". Starting in summer 2016 Catalogers do not select "Bypass MARC validation" but others still do.
  • Workflow tab
    • Boxes for "Automatic truncation for non-keyword searches" and "Check for duplicate item barcodes" should always be checked to ensure correct search results. Other boxes can be checked according to personal preference.
    • Check boxes for "Update permanent location of attached items..." and "Update item type of attached items..."
  • Item defaults tab
    • Select a default Item Type according to what material you work with most frequently (or leave blank if this varies).
  • Folders/files tab
    • In Templates section, click the box marked with an ellipsis to open the Select Template dialog
      • Navigate to C:\Program Files\Voyager\Catalog\Template (it may open straight to the Catalog folder)
      • Select the matching templates (.tem files) for Bib, Hldg, and Auth respectively
    • In Work Files section, click the ellipsis box to open the Select Work File dialog
      • Navigate to I:\Connexion\LocalSaveFiles\[your initials], enter a name for your default .bib file, and click "Open" to create the .bib file.
  • Mapping tab
    • Local Import: MARC21 MARC-8 (non-Unicode)
  • Colors/Fonts tab
    • Set according to personal preference, as long as it's a Unicode font (e.g., Arial Unicode).
    • Font sizes from 8 to 72 can be typed directly into the Font Size box, or you can pick from the limited drop-down menu.

Circulation module

(Information to come)

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