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[[Category:Staff policies and procedures]]
[[Category:Staff policies and procedures]]

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Use the settings below to customize Voyager when getting started for the first time, or setting up Voyager on a new computer. These settings are based on the Voyager 8.2.2 interface, and are current as of July 2015.

Acquisitions module

Cataloging module

From the top menu bar, select Options > Preferences. General settings will vary depending on whether the cataloger works mainly with Vault materials or open stacks materials. Other settings are based on personal preference, except where specified below.

  • General tab
    • Modern materials
      • Holding/item default location: DeckB-Open stacks
      • Call number hierarchies: Modern-LC
      • Bibliographic import/replace profile: Modern
      • Authority import/replace profile: LCNAF
    • Vault materials
      • Holding/item default location: DeckC-Rare
      • Call number hierarchies: Rare-Cage
      • Bibliographic import/replace profile: Rare
      • Authority import/replace profile: LCNAF
    • Check boxes for "Delete records from work/import files..." if preferred
    • Check box for "Add a subfield 'a' to a new field" if preferred (this will depend on what type of editing you do most frequently in Voyager)
  • Validation tab
    • Cataloging formats: MARC21
    • Check box for "Bypass MARC validation"
  • Workflow tab
    • Boxes for "Automatic truncation for non-keyword searches" and "Check for duplicate item barcodes" should always be checked to ensure correct search results. Other boxes can be checked according to personal preference.
  • Item defaults tab
    • Item type: Open stacks
  • Folders/files tab
    • In Templates section, click the box marked with an ellipsis to open the Select Template dialog
      • Navigate to C:\Program Files\Voyager8\Catalog\Template (it will probably open straight to the Catalog folder)
      • Select the matching templates for Bib, Hldg, Auth respectively
    • In Work Files section, click the ellipsis box to open the Select Work File dialog
      • Navigate to I:\Connexion\LocalSaveFiles\[your initials] and select your .bib file
      • If your .bib file is not there, make sure you are looking in the correct drive and folder, then refer to the Connexion client settings
  • Mapping tab
    • Local Import: MARC21 MARC-8 (non-Unicode)
  • Colors/Fonts tab
    • Set according to personal preference. Many Voyager modules at the Folger are set to Arial.
    • Following the Voyager upgrade scheduled for October 5-6, 2015, users will be able to type a size from 8-72 directly into the Font Size box, in addition to choosing a size from the limited drop-down menu.

Circulation module