Searching the collection if Hamnet is down

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Ambox notice.png Hamnet will be down October 5-October 6 for an upgrade to the system. Thank you for your patience and please feel free to contact us for assistance.

On the rare occasions that our online catalog (Hamnet) goes down, it is still possible to search for most materials in the alternative ways described in this article.

Finding e-resources

Subscription services listed on Hamnet's "e-resources" tab can also be reached through Folgerpedia's List of digital resources at the Folger.

Finding open stacks books

Call numbers of open stacks books acquired before 1997 can be found by searching the card catalog.

Call numbers of many open stacks books can also be found through WorldCat

  • search the title under "Books" in WorldCat
  • select the correct title
  • scroll down to see the list of libraries that have the book
  • if the Folger has the book, select the Library of Congress holding and follow the redirect to their online catalog
  • the call number of the Library of Congress copy will usually be the same or very close to the same as the call number of the book at the Folger
  • find the book in the Deck B Open Stacks

Finding closed stacks material


  • Card catalogs: Most books acquired before 1997 can be found by searching the card catalogs. Please refer to this Folgerpedia article for search tips and assistance.
  • LUNA: Call numbers for books that have been photographed (or partially photographed) and added to our our digital image collection can be found by searching for the item in LUNA (including the separate Bindings Image Collection).
  • English Short-Title Catalogue: Many (but not all) of our English books printed before 1800 are listed in the ESTC. To find a Folger call number in the ESTC:
  • Go to the ESTC Advanced Search page
  • Search for Folger
  • Scroll down to see if the Folger has a copy, select "HOLDINGS DETAILS" at the top of the page.
  • look at the holdings record for the Folger and the institutional call number will appear.


To search for incunabula, navigate to the Incunabula Short Title Catalogue and complete the same steps for the ESTC.

Searching for manuscripts

The Folger Finding Aids database is not connected to Hamnet and should still work during any outage.

Use the Union First Line Index of English Verse to consult the contents of poetical miscellanies. Search by shelfmark and sort by folio number to get a full list of poems.

The online Thomas L. Gravell Watermark Archive includes watermarks of some Folger manuscripts.