Richard III (with the Travelling Shakespeare Company, 1995)

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Folger Theatre and The Travelling Shakespeare Company co-produced William Shakespeare's Richard III, directed by Timothy Douglas, from January 11 to January 29, 1995.

Michael Tolaydo and Josette Murray, Richard III, directed by Timothy Douglas, Folger Theatre co-produced with Travelling Shakespeare Company, 1995. Photo by Julie Ainsworth.

The Production

Brad Waller, the production Fight Choreographer, was nominated for a Helen Hayes Award for "Outstanding Choreography, Resident Play or Musical.


  • James Brown-Orleans: King Edward IV
  • Toby Nathan: Edward, Prince of Wales, King Edward V
  • Alexa McDonnell: Richard, Duke of York
  • Carter Jahncke: George, Duke of Clarence
  • Michael Tolaydo: Richard, Duke of Gloucester, King Richard III
  • Carter Jahncke: Thomas Rotherham, Archbishop of York
  • Josette Murray: John Morton, Bishop of Ely, Sir James Tyrrel, Sir James Blunt
  • Gerald Gough: Duke of Buckingham
  • Robert Leembruggen: Duke of Norfolk, Sir Robert Brakenbury
  • Paul Takacs: Earl Rivers
  • Stephen Earnhart: Lord Grey
  • Stephen Angus: Lord Hastings
  • Phil Sawicki: Earl of Derby
  • Wanda M. Kelly: Lord Lovel
  • Howard Stregack: Sir Richard Ratcliffe, Murderer 2
  • John Daniel: Sir William Catesby
  • Ruth Henry: Elizabeth
  • Gale Munro: Margaret
  • Rusty Clauss: Duchess of York
  • Aakhu Freeman: Lady Anne
  • Elizabeth A. Pickard: Jane Shore

Creative Team

  • William Shakespeare, Playwright
  • Timothy Douglas, Director
  • Thomas Donahue, Scenic and Lighting Designer
  • Suzanne Jackson, Costume Designer
  • Stephen Earnhart, Sound Design
  • Tessa Dunning, Properties Designer
  • Cynthia Clark, Stage Manager
  • Brad Waller, Fight Choreographer

Production Team

  • Josette Murray, Assistant Director
  • Rebecca Jewsbury, Assistant Stage Manager
  • Dan Curran, Assistant Fight Choreographers
  • Paul Gallagher, Assistant Fight Choreographers
  • Josette Murray Ballo, Vocal Coach
  • Richard Whitney, Master Electrician
  • William Fecke, Technical Coordinator
  • Erin Madden, Wardrobe
  • Erin Madden, Sound Board Operator
  • Anna Flye, Production Coordinator
  • Julie Ainsworth, Photography
  • Michael McDonnell, Running Crew
  • Elizabeth A. Pickard, Running Crew

Folger Theatre

  • Janet Alexander Griffin, Director of Museum and Public Programs

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