Richard III (Folger Theatre, 2014)

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Folger Theatre performed their production of Richard III from January 28 to March 16, 2014 in the Folger's Elizabethan Theatre.


  • Jenna Berk: Princess Elizabeth
  • Holden Brettell: Edward, Prince of Wales
  • Remy Brettell: Richard, Duke of York
  • Drew Cortese: King Richard III
  • Andrew Criss: Ratcliffe, Friar
  • Daniel Flint: Lovell, Archbisop of Ely, Friar
  • Sean Fri: Hastings, Tyrell
  • Michael Gabriel Goodfriend: Rivers, Richmond
  • Nanna Ingvarson: Duchess of York
  • Naomi Jacobson: Queen Margaret
  • Alyssa Wilmoth Keegan: Lady Anne
  • Paul Morella: Edward, Mayor, Norfolk
  • Julia Motkya: Queen Elizabeth
  • Howard W. Overshown: Buckingham
  • Michael Sharon: Clarence, Catesby
  • Richard Sheridan Willis: Stanley


  • Colin Cech: Richard, Duke of York
  • Andrew Criss: Buckingham
  • Vince Eisenson: Rivers, Richmond
  • Daniel Flint: Stanley
  • Ryan Mitchell: Ratcliffe, Lovell, Archbishop of Ely, Friars
  • Rosemary Regan: Queen Margaret, Duchess of York
  • Victoria Reinsel: Lady Anne, Queen Elizabeth
  • Michael Sharon: King Richard III
  • Gracie Terzian: Princess Elizabeth
  • Hunter Zane: Edward, Prince of Wales
  • Ivan Zizek: Clarence, Catesby, Edward, Mayor, Norfolk


  • Janet Alexander Griffin, Artistic Producer
  • Beth Emelson, Assistant Artistic Producer
  • David Polk, General Manager
  • Charles Flye, Theatre Production Manager

Production Team

  • Robert Richmond, Director
  • Tony Cisek, Scenic Design
  • Mariah Hale, Costume Design
  • Jim Hunter, Lighting Design
  • Eric Shimelonis, Sound Design and Music Composition
  • Casey Dean Kaleba, Fight Director
  • Michele Osherow, Resident Dramaturg
  • Che Wernsman, Production Stage Manager


  • Rebekah Sheffer, Assistant Technical Director
  • Katherine Pitt, Programs Assistant
  • Daryl Eisenberg, CSA, New York Casting
  • Teresa Wood, Casting Assistant
  • Emily Marquet, Assistant to the Director
  • Keri Schultz, Assistant Stage Manager
  • James Kramer, Production Assistant
  • Alyssa Wilmoth Keegan, Fight Captain
  • Pam Weiner, Props Master
  • Bella Faccia, Inc., Scenery Construction
  • Adalia Vera Yonneyck, Assistant Costume Designer
  • Edwin Schiff, Wardrobe Head
  • Ananda Keator, Stitcher
  • Karen Mayhew, Master Electrician
  • John Rose-Caron, Light Board Operator
  • Patrick Calhoun, Assistant Sound Designer
  • Brandon Roe, Sound Board Operator
  • Isabel Smith-Bernstein, Dramaturgical Intern
  • Carol Rosegg, Promotional Photography
  • Teresa Wood, Production Photography
  • Heather Daniels, Mark Fastoso, and APTV, Promotional Video
  • WAPAVA, Archival Recording
  • C2 Inc., Open Captioning

music performed by Rebecca Sheir (vocals) and Eric Shimelionis (organ and other instruments)