Recipe books at the Folger Shakespeare Library

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This page is currently under construction. This is a placeholder for a generic description of receipt books.


This page is currently under construction. This is a placeholder for an internal/collections history of the Folger's collection of receipt books.

Receipt Books

Call Number Author(s)/Creator(s) Title Year(s) Origin Hamnet Record LUNA Record Image
Bd.w. A1767 Miscellaneous collection of receipts [manuscript] [1688?]
E.a.4 Receipt book [manuscript]. ca. 1700
E.a.5 Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London. Medical miscellany [manuscript]. ca. 1634 London
V.a.140 Baley, Walter, 1529-1592. Blundell, Richard, active 16th century. Receipt book [manuscript]. ca. 1600.
V.a.19 CookBook [manuscript] 17th century
V.a.20 Hall, Constance, fl. 1672. Cookbook of Constance Hall [manuscript] 1672
V.a.21 Pharmaceutical and cookery recipes [manuscript]. ca. 1675
V.a.215 Packe, Susanna, fl. 1674. Cookbook of Susanna Packe [manuscript]. 1674
V.a.260 Miscellany [manuscript]. ca. 1613-ca. 1756.
V.a.361-362 A book of receipts which was given me by several men for several causes, griefs and diseases . . . [manuscript]. ca. 1625-ca. 1700
V.a.364 Webster, Nicholas, fl. 1650. Certain profitable and well experienced collections for making conserve of fruits . . . as also of surgery, approved medicines . . . [manuscript]. ca. 1650
V.a.387 Packer, Katherine, fl. 1639. A boocke of very good medicines for seueral deseases, wounds, and sores both new and olde [manuscript]. 1639
V.a.388 Corlyon, Mrs., fl. 1660. A booke of such medicines as have been approved by the speciall practize of Mrs. Corlyon [manuscript]. ca. 1606
V.a.396 Patrick, Penelope, 1646-1725. Receipt book of Penelope Jephson [manuscript]. 1671, 1674/5
V.a.397 Brown, Katherine, fl. 1650-1662, compiler. Medicinal and cookery recipes [manuscript]. ca. 1650-ca. 1662
V.a.398 Slee, Andrew, 1629 or 1630- compiler. Medicinal recipes compiled by Andrew Slee [manuscript]. 1654
V.a.401 Staveley, Jane, 17th century. Receipt book of Jane Staveley [manuscript]. 1693-1694 and
V.a.425 Longe, Sarah, fl. 1610. Receipt book of Sarah Longe [manuscript]. ca. 1610
V.a.429 Kendall, Rose, active 1682. Cater, Anne, 1651 or 1652-. Clarke, Elizabeth, active 17th-18th century. Bold, Anna Maria, 1708- Cookery and medicinal recipes [manuscript]. ca. 1675-ca. 1750 Bedfordshire. Yorkshire. Lancashire.
V.a.430 Granville family. Cookery and medicinal recipes of the Granville family [manuscript]. ca. 1640-ca. 1750 Worcestershire. Cadiz.
V.a.434 Smith, Ann, fl. 1698. Cookbook of Ann Smith [manuscript]. 1698 Reading
V.a.450 Pudsey, Lettice, fl. 1675. Cookery book of Lettice Pudsey [manuscript]. ca. 1675
V.a.452 Sheppey, Thomas, fl. 1675. A book of choice receipts collected from several famous authors a great part in monasteries and often experimented as to a great number of them [manuscript]. ca. 1675
V.a.456 Baumfylde, Mary, fl. 1626. Medicinal and cookery recipes of Mary Baumfylde [manuscript]. 1702-1758
V.a.458 Medicinal, household and cookery recipes [manuscript]. ca. 1650-ca. 1700
V.a.468 Fowler, Elizabeth, fl. 1684. Cookbook of Elizabeth Fowler [manuscript]. 1684
V.a.490 King, John, 1696-1728. Medicinal and cookery recipes [manuscript]. ca. 1625-ca. 1725
V.a.544 item 2 Cookery and medicinal recipes [manuscript]. ca. 1688.
V.a.561 Cookeries [manuscript]. late 17th century
V.a.562 Cookery and medicinal recipes [manuscript]. 17th century
V.a.563 Medicinal, household and cookery receipts [manuscript]. 17th-18th centuries
V.a.600 Castleton, Grace Saunderson, Viscountess, d. 1667. The Lady Grace Castleton's booke of receipts [manuscript]. 17th century
V.a.612 Carr, Anne, active 1674, compiler. Choyce receits collected out of the book of receits, of the Lady Vere Wilkinson [manuscript] / begun to be written by the Right Honble the Lady Anne Carr, Jan. 28 1673/4. 1674-1770.
V.a.619 Baker, Margaret Receipt book of Margaret Baker [manuscript] ca. 1675?
V.a.621 Bacon, Catherine, 1660-1757, author. Receipt book of Catherine Bacon [manuscript]. ca. 1680s-1739
V.a.630 Manuscript cookery book. [manuscript] ca. 1675-ca. 1686
V.a.7 Buckhurst, Jane, of Sutton Valence, author. Cookbook of Jane Buckhurst [manuscript]. 1653
V.a.8 Cromwell, L., 17th cent. Cookbook of L. Cromwell [manuscript]. 17th century
V.b.129 De Feckenham, John, 1515?-1585, compiler. This book of sovereign medicines against the most common and known diseases ... collected of Master Doctor Feckenham, late Abbot of Westminster [manuscript]. ca. 1600
V.b.13 Cookbook [manuscript]. ca. 1678-ca. 1689
V.b.14 Dawson, Jane, 17th cent. Cookbook of Jane Dawson [manuscript], late 17th century. late 17th century
V.b.272 Receipt book [manuscript]. ca. 1700
V.b.273 Receipts in cookery and medicine [manuscript]. ca. 1700
V.b.286 Pharmaceutical recipes [manuscript].
V.b.301 Randolph, Grace, 1674-1750. Cookbook of Grace Blome [manuscript]. 1697 Kent
V.b.316 M. W. Cookery and medicinal recipes of M.W. [manuscript]. ca. 1700-ca. 1850
V.b.342 Hookes, Mary, fl. 1680. Receipt book of Mary Hookes [manuscript]. ca. 1675-1725
V.b.363 Receipt book [manuscript]. ca. 1679-1694
V.b.366 Winch, Rebecca, d. 1713. Receipt book of Rebeckah Winche [manuscript]. ca. 1666
V.b.380 English cookery and medicine book, [manuscript]. ca. 1677-1711
W.a.111 Cookbook [manuscript]. ca. 1706
W.a.112 Eyre, Margaret, b. 1686? Cook-book of Margaret Turner [manuscript]. ca. 1709
W.a.113 Langley, Elizabeth, fl. 1757. Cookbook of Elizabeth Langley [manuscript]. 1757(?) March 17
W.a.136 Smith, Elizabeth, fl. 1749-1800. Receipt book of Elizabeth Smith [manuscript]. 1749-ca. 1800
W.a.283 Stevens family. Warwick family. Receipt book [manuscript]. ca. 1704-1787 Oxfordshire. Warwickshire.
W.a.302 Webb, Jane, fl. ca. 1725-ca. 1750. Cookery book of Jane Webb, compiled by several people [manuscript]. ca. 1725-ca. 1750.
W.a.303 Mallett family. Cookery and pharmaceutical recipes of the Malet family [manuscript]. ca. 1700-1740, 1882
W.a.311 Johnston, Mrs., compiler. Receipts for cookery and pastry work [manuscript]. ca. 1700
W.a.315 Stone, Dorothy, fl. 1725. Receipt book of Dorothy Stone [manuscript]. ca. 1725
W.a.317 Cookbook [manuscript]. ca. 1700-ca. 1775
W.a.318 Pennyman, Dorothy, 1698 or 9-1754, compiler. Cookery and medicinal recipes [manuscript]. ca. 1730
W.a.332 Goodenough, Ann, fl. 1700-1775. Cookery book of Ann Goodenough [manuscript]. ca. 1700-ca. 1775
W.a.87 Cookbook [manuscript]. early 18th century
W.b.100 Cookbook [manuscript]. ca. 1720
W.b.102 Puleston, Mary, d. 1764, compiler. Cookbook of Mary Puleston [manuscript]. before 1764
W.b.103 Payne, Valert, 18th cent. Cook-book of Valert Payne [manuscript]. 18th century
W.b.456 Vesey, Lettis, fl. ca. 1725. Cookery book of Lettis Vesey [manuscript]. ca. 1725
W.b.653 Cookbook [manuscript]. ca. 1720
W.b.668 Kirk, Rachel Mrs. Rachel Kirk Book 1707. [manuscript] 1707
W.b.79 Knight, Mrs., fl. 1740. Mrs. Knight's receipt book [manuscript]. 1740
W.b.98 Cookbook [manuscript]. ca. 1725
V.b.366 Winch, Rebecca, d. 1713. Receipt book of Rebeckah Winche [manuscript]. ca. 1666, 1654-1705
X.d.24 Cruso, Mary, fl. 1689. Cookbook of Mary Cruso and Timothy Cruso [manuscript], 1689 September 5. 1689 September 5
X.d.457 Staveley, Jane, 17th century. Receipt book of Jane Staveley [manuscript]. 1693-1694 and
X.d.469 Medical recipes [manuscript]. ca. 1625
X.d.602 Recipes for ale [manuscript]. 17th century.
X.d.738 Perssehouse, Richard. Bifolium miscellany of medical, domestic, and veterinary receipts [manuscript], Belhall 1643
X.d.742 Autograph receipt for a medical broth for purifying the blood..., [manuscript], c1690. ca. 1690
X.d.743 Autograph receipt "For the gout" [manuscript], c1690. ca. 1690
X.d.745 Autograph receipt for making gooseberry and currant wine [manuscript], c1690. ca. 1690
X.d.746 Autograph receipt for making a plaister using oyl of olives, half and ounce of opium dissovled in a little brandy, whale ambergris, and other herbs. "this is above all wishing the good efforts of this to my good friend J. W." [manuscript], c1690. ca. 1690
X.d.750 Mosay, M., creator. Receipt for sciatica ca. 1700
X.d.751 Receipt for scurvy grass ale [manuscript], ca. 18th century. ca. 18th century
Y.d.77 (1) Recipes [manuscript]. ca. 1765
Y.d.77 (2) Recipes [manuscript]. ca. 1765