Pressbooks and press kits

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These are ART Vols. cataloged by modern materials catalogers. Pressbooks were issued by studios to help theater owners promote particular films; they often include information about the film in addition to recommended advertising strategies. Souvenir programs can be for stage productions, film releases, or special showings of films. As of August 2014, pressbooks and programs for film releases are fully cataloged; programs for single events or theatrical runs are given a minimal-level record and sequential program call number only.

  • Add a 500 note on the nature of the resource.
 500   Souvenir booklet from Katharine Cornell's 1947 production of Antony and Cleopatra. 
  • Add the appropriate genre term in a 655 field.
 655  7 Souvenir programs. ‡2 rbgenr 
  • Add 6xx entries for the names of prominent actors, characters, and the play, depicted. If for a film, also add a 630 for the uniform title of the motion picture, depicted, and a 730 for the motion picture.
  • Add a 700 for the original play.
  • Add a 700 name/title added entry for the original play.
  • Add a 7xx for the film or theater company promoting the film or production.
  • Add a 752 entry for place(s) of publication, manufacture, etc. If the program is for a single film showing or theatrical production, add a 751 entry for place of occurrence.
 630 00 Ran (Motion picture), ‡e depicted. (or just the uniform title without "depicted"?) 
 600 10 Shakespeare, William. ‡t King Lear, ‡e depicted. 
 730 0  Ran (Motion picture). 
 730 0  King Lear 
 700 1  Shakespeare, William. ‡t King Lear. 
 710 2  Theatre Guild.
 752     United States ‡b New York ‡d New York