Preliminary cataloging

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Whenever possible, material is fully cataloged in Hamnet before being exhibited (including exhibition at Acquisitions Night). When there isn't time for full cataloging, catalogers make sure that the following information is reasonable in Hamnet:

  • Fixed field data
  • Title (verify transcription)
  • GMD, if applicable (usually "[graphic]" or "[manuscript]")
  • Statement of responsibility, if applicable (verify transcription)
  • Place of creation, if applicable (verify transcription)
  • Publisher, if applicable (verify transcription)
  • Date (verify transcription)
  • Relationship designators, if present
  • Information from the dealer's description, if present, has an introductory phrase (like "Dealer's description:")
  • HBCN "This record represents material that has not yet been cataloged. It may contain incorrect or incomplete information. Please consult Curator for assistance."

In addition:

  • If the record has an authorized access point for a creator or for the work, verify that it's in the preferred form.
  • Delete or correct any obviously incorrect access points.

After exhibition, return to the item and catalog it fully.