Pop-up exhibitions at the Folger

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Starting in 2017, the Folger has hosted several staff-curated "pop-up" exhibitions, both as stand-alone displays and in support of public programs and events with Folger Education, Folger Public Programs, Folger Institute, and other organizations. These are temporary exhibits which feature approximately 15 items from the Folger collection on display for only a few hours. Pop-up exhibitions allow us to display some of our lesser-known or -circulated items, and also give staff outside of the Exhibitions department a glimpse at what curating an exhibit is like.

Exhibitions have taken place in our Reading Rooms, the Founders' Room, the Board Room, and the Deck B Seminar Room. Click through for a description of each pop-up, a list of items displayed, and the labels used.

Past exhibitions




See also

  • Material Witness, the “source talk” program organized by the Folger Institute featuring "an hour of open discussion and study" of a small group of items curated by a scholar.