Peter Stallybrass

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This page reflects a scholar's association with the Folger Institute.

Scholarly Programs

Co-director, (with Ann Blair) Researching the Archive (Year-Long Dissertation Seminar, 2017-2018)

Co-director (with Karen Ordahl Kupperman), Researching the Archive (Seminar, 2013–2014)

Speaker, Teaching Book History (Workshop, 2012–2013)

Panelist, Further Transactions of the Book (Conference, 2005–2006)

Co-director (with Roger Chartier), Technologies of Writing (Seminar, 2004–2005)

Participant, Transactions of the Book (Conference, 2001–2002)

Co-director (with Ann Rosalind Jones), Renaissance Fetishisms: Clothes and the Fashioning of the Subject (Seminar, 1998–1999)

Visiting Speaker, Constructing the Early Modern (Seminar, 1997–1998)

Director, Shakespeare, the Body, and the Material Text (Seminar, 1991–1992)

Public Programs

Shakespeare's Birthday Lecture, "Worn Worlds: Clothes and Identity in Shakespeare" (April 1992)


Co-curator (with Michael Mendle, and Heather Wolfe), Technologies of Writing in the Age of Print (September 28, 2006–February 17, 2007)