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Page-level metadata is used in Folger Shakespeare Library digital image databases to describe where the page or pages shown in the digital images are located within the book. In the main Folger digital image database, the page-level metadata appears in the Physical Description field.

Sub-units within collection material

Signatures are given first, whenever available. If folio or page numbers are also available, they are given in parentheses after the signature. If signatures are not available, only the page or folio number will be used (without parentheses).

  • Signatures
 leaf [signature] [recto/verso] 
 leaf 2F3 recto 
 leaf 2Z4 verso (page 184) 
  • Folio numbers (printed books)
 folio [folio number] [recto/verso] 
 folio 43 verso 
  • Leaf numbers (manuscripts)
 leaf [leaf number] [recto/verso] 
 leaf 7 recto
  • Page numbers
 page [page number] 
 page 5 
  • Plate numbers
 plate [plate number] 
 plate IV 
  • Opening numbers
 opening [plate number] [left or right, not recto/verso]
 opening 5 
 opening 5 right 
 leaf C4 verso (opening 29 left)

Page-level metadata for plates

  • If the plate in question is not part of a group of plates, use the location of the page that the plate is facing, as well as the plate number if one is available:
 plate facing leaf [signature] ([page or folio number]): [plate number, if available] 
 plate facing leaf B2 verso (folio 6 verso): plate 2 
  • If the plate in question is part of a group of plates, use the location of the page that the plates come after, as well as the location of the plate within the group, and the plate number if one is available. Note: Using "plate after..." is preferable, but "plate before" can be used if necessary.
 plate [in brackets, the number of the plate within the series] after leaf [signature] ([page or folio number]): [plate number, if available] 
 plate [2] after leaf 2Z4 verso (page 184) 
 plate [1] after leaf E4 || plate [2] after leaf E4 
  • If the plates are numbered at all, the plate number should be given after the location of the plate:
 ...: plate [plate number] 
 plate facing leaf 2B1 verso (page 290): plate VII 
  • If the plates are folding plates, they should be labeled as such:
 folding plate facing ... 
 folding plate facing leaf I1 verso (folio 30 verso) 
folding plate between ... (for a plate attached at the inner fold)

Other questions

  • For two-page spreads, give the page-level metadata for both pages, separated by a double-pipe:
 [left page] || [right page] 
 leaf A1 verso (page 2) || leaf A2 recto (page 3) 
  • For leaves that are part of the binding instead of the textblock, use "front" or "back endleaf."
[front or back] endleaf [consecutive number of endleaf, left page] || [front or back] endleaf [consecutive number of endleaf, right page] 
front endleaf 2 verso || front endleaf 3 recto
  • For insertions that are not park of the pagination/foliation, and are not plates, follow the same format as the page-level metadata for plates, replacing the word plate with the word insertion.
 insertion [facing/after/before] leaf [signature] ([page or folio number]) 
 insertion facing folio 8 recto 
 insertion after page 13 
  • If the signature, folio number, or page number printed in the book is incorrect, give it as printed, followed by the correct number in brackets:
 [signature/page number/folio number as printed] [i.e. [correct signature/page number/folio number]] 
 folio *3 recto [i.e. folio *4 recto] 
  • If the book has multiple parts (and especially if the signatures/pagination restart with each new part), note the part of the book before the signature, etc, separated by a comma.
 part [number], [signature/page number/folio number] 
 part 2, leaf U4 verso 
  • If a book has cancellands (leaves intended for removal) present in addition to the cancels (replacement leaves), indicate this with "(cancelland)"
[left page] (cancelland) || [right page] (cancelland) 
front endleaf 3 verso || leaf  A1 recto (cancelland) 
leaf A1 verso (cancelland) || leaf A1 recto