Obras Dramáticas (Biblioteca Clásica, Madrid)

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In the late 19th century, Guillermo (or William) Macpherson translated many of Shakespeare's plays. A few were published individually, and they were later issued as Obras Dramaticas de Guillermo Shakespeare part of the Biblioteca Clásica series. Constituting 23 plays in eight volumes, with introductions by Eduardo Benot, Macpherson's translation was apparently well received, and the set was republished at least twice. The Folger has copies from three editions dating back to the Folgers' own acquisitions, though either they or early Folger catalogers identified as a complete edition what actually appears to be a "Frankenstein edition", assembled from halves of two different editions. Other libraries have done the same with these sets, including the Library of Congress. This page attempts to shed some light on this tangled bibliographic history.



Volume Date Digital images
1 1885
2 1885 University of Michigan
3 1885
4 1887 University of Michigan
5 1892 University of California, Michigan
6 1895 University of California, Michigan
7 1896 University of Michigan
8 1897 University of California, Michigan
Volume Date Digital images
1 1897 Cornell University
2 1899 Cornell University
3 1899 University of Michigan
8 1899?
Volume Date Digital images
1 1908
2 1909
3 1909
4 1907
5 1907
8 1912? 1914?


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