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This page records books in the Folger collections with ownership marks where an attempt has been made to obliterate those marks. Currently focused on books in the Folger's STC collection (English books printed between 1473 and 1640).  
This page records books in the Folger collections with ownership marks where an attempt has been made to obliterate those marks. Currently focused on books in the Folger's STC collection (English books printed between 1473 and 1640). Also search Hamnet for "cancelled ownership marks" as a genre/form search.  
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This page records books in the Folger collections with ownership marks where an attempt has been made to obliterate those marks. Currently focused on books in the Folger's STC collection (English books printed between 1473 and 1640). Also search Hamnet for "cancelled ownership marks" as a genre/form search.

Title Year Call Number Description Image Captured? Notes Image Link
[Actes and monuments] 1576 STC 11224 copy 2 (flat) cs195. Variant. Imperfect: wanting the title leaf (sig.*1) and the following: leaves *2-4, [par.]1, gatherings VVv-GGG, KKK-OOO, PPPp, XXXx-NNNN, leaf VVVV1, gathering XXXX, MMMMm, QQQQq, leaves TTTTt3.4 and XXXXx3,4, and final gathering YYYYy; also wanting all plates except the one bound after Y4. YYYY6 is misbound before [par.]4; FFFFf2-6 are misbound after GGGGg6; XXXXx1 is bound after XXXXx2. Leaf [superscript chi]A1 is signed ’AAa1’. Manuscript notes, markings, and drawings, including manicules. Manuscript poem on chi1v, beginning: "Stay pasenger thy hast forbear / Old Roger Linsay dyed hear ..." Some of the woodcuts are annotated, hand-colored, or drawn upon. Mutilated throughout: chewed and frayed along the fore-edges, affecting text and side-notes. Stained. Leaves chi1, XX1, and IIIi1 are partially torn away. Provenance: inscribed on p.1256 (partially crossed-out): "William [?]"; inscribed on p.1891: "Robert Bryson 1673"; inscribed beneath drawing of a smoking man
[Apologie of the power and providence of God in the government of the world] 1627 STC 12611 HH102/22. Imperfect: lacking final two errata leaves (3O1 supplied by photostat from Huntington Library copy, 3O2 blank?). Manuscript notes and markings. Provenance: manuscript mark of ownership on leaf A1r, dated 1653, crossed out in ink, affecting legibility; inscription on front fly-leaf: "John Salmon. September 29th [1786.?]"; bookplate of Thomas Phillips, St. David’s College, 1847; Harmsworth copy yes
[Book of common prayer. 1639] 1639 STC 16416 HH226/28. Bd.w.: Church of England. The form and manner of making and consecrating bishops, ... London, 1639 (STC 16478) and The whole book of psalmes. London, 1638 (STC 2677). Manuscript colophon dated "1638". Leaf O3 is a cancel. Blind tooled binding with metal clasps, rebacked with red leather shelf-mark spine label: 284. Provenance: inscription on t.p., crossed out in ink, affecting legibility: "Liber Matthie[s?] [Matthew] Miller ... 10 Apr: 1642. pret 8s-6"; anonymous armorial bookplate of Amherst of Hackney; bought at Hodgson’s sale, 21 November 1929:604; collated by E. Dring at Quaritch; Harmsworth copy yes
[Book of hours. English] 1538 STC 15998 HH170/5. Manuscript notes and markings, including manicules. On t.p., imprint year ("1535") supplied in manuscript On back fly-leaf is a manuscript facsimile of the final leaf of another primer, with the following colophon: Imprynted at London ... by John Byddell ... the yere of our Lorde God M.D.XXXV. the xvi day of June. Some saints’ feast days are erased in the calendar, affecting legibility. Manuscript title across fore-edge: Primer English. Bound in old calf; re-backed. Provenance: inscribed on t.p.: "Hum: [Humphrey] Dyson"; inscribed on front fly-leaves: "Rychard [?]" (crossed-out, affecting legibility); "John Paget. Newberry 1791"; "Peter Scott"; Sotheby’s sale, July 18, 1921, lot 403; collated at Quaritch by E. Talbot; Harmsworth copy yes
[Caveat for commen cursetors vulgarely called vagabones] 1567 STC 12787.5 Manuscript notes: bibliographical notes on front fly-leaf. T.p. and several other leaves repaired; copy stained and frayed. Provenance: inscription on t.p. crossed out; small 8vo leaf of printed Latin poetry, with signature mark ’K2’ and headline beginning ’Crumenarius.’ now mounted on back fly-leaf; Richard Heber copy with label numbered ’2789’; Britwell Court shelfmark, ’32.E.3.’; Britwell sale, 6 February 1922:354 yes
[Collection of the historie of England] 1626 STC 6251 copy 2 cs76. Brown calf binding, with coat of arms gold tooled on both covers (motto ’Nec spero nec despero’): arms possibly of Gilbert Watts, d. 1657. Manuscript notes: list with title ’Historiae Ang[l]icanae script: civiles et ecclies’ on back fly-leaf; manuscript price on front fly-leaf. Sig. A1 torn at bottom outer margin. With: Trussell, John. A continuation of the...history of England. 1636. Provenance: inscriptions on front fly-leaf: 'Brian Stapylton. c.n./k’ and 'Robt. Speare’ (crossed out); bookplate of Marshall C. Lefferts; Lefferts sale, 21-4 April 1902:313 yes
[Commendations of matrimony] 1528 STC 12800 HH106/2. Vellum binding, with holes for ties; within a case. Manuscript notes. T.p. and other leaves torn and repaired; frayed. Provenance: inscription on t.p.: ’Roberti Hare. 1551 Opus mag[ist]ri Will[iel]mi Haryngton legu[m] doctoris de modo contrahe[n]di’; notes and autograph attributed to Humphrey Dyson (erased) on t.p. and colophon leaf (see worksheet); notes on front and back fly-leaves (referring to Rastell editions) attributed to Richard Smith (see worksheet); Britwell Court sale, 5 May 1920:240; collated by Max Privett at Quaritch 20/5/20’; Harmsworth copy yes
[Confessio amantis] 1532 STC 12143 HH98/28. Lacking final blank leaf. Manuscript notes and markings, including underscoring. Plus engraved portrait of author dated 1820 and signed by C. Warren, inserted at front. Morocco binding signed by J. Clarke. Provenance: inscriptions on t.p.: "Ld willm parmle (?) l..inet (?)" (crossed out with ink); on t.p. verso: "Gilbertus [Gilbert] Warren his Book 1667"; "By me Theophilus Grett"; and on X4r: "John Melsam[?]"; armorial bookplate of James Andrews, with his autograph on t.p.; armorial bookplate of John Adam (motto "crux mihi grata quies"); armorial bookplate of Edmund Philips; stamp on verso of front free endpaper: "E Hy"; Harmsworth copy yes
[Cruydenboeck. English] 1578 STC 6984 copy 1 cs293. Imperfect: wanting sigs. 3X1 and 3Y4 (colophon leaf), supplied in photostat from another copy; t.p. repaired, with lines of type not straight and very faint: ’y’ of ’my’ in imprint seems to be altered in ink to ’me’; copy stained, wormed, and frayed; many leaves repaired with some text still very faint. Provenance: inscription on t.p.: ’Liber...’ [with rest crossed out]; bookplate of R. C. A. Prior (motto ’Crescat coruscet’); Tregaskis Catalogue 556:it yes
[De la vicissitude ou variété des choses en l’univers. English] 1594 STC 15488 copy 2 cs849. Manuscript shelf-mark on front paste-down. Provenance: manuscript marks of ownership on t.p. crossed out in ink, affecting legibility; armorial bookplate of Charles Bruce of Ampthill, earl of Ailesbury (motto "fuimus"); bought by Folger from Pickering, cat. 187:1423 yes
[Discours sur le dénombrement des docteurs de l’Église de Dieu. English] 1598 STC 24890 HH307. Manuscript notes and markings. Many leaves are repaired and silked. Re-bound; formerly in contemporary vellum. Provenance: manuscript marking of ownership on t.p. crossed-out, affecting legibility; Hodgson sale, Nov. 9, 1932, lot 377; collated at Quaritch; Harmsworth copy yes
[Discours sur les moyens de bien gouverner et maintenir en bonne paix un royaume ou autre principauté. English] 1608 STC 11744 copy 2 cs980. Lacking first blank leaf. Manuscript markings, including drawings, and some manuscript notes, including prayer. Last two leaves repaired, with slight loss of text. Sheepskin binding. Provenance: inscription on X5r: "William Floy[d?]"; manuscript mark of ownership ("Marke Cottle ..."?) on 2I8v crossed out in ink; bought by Folger from John Grant, May 1921 yes
[Dyaloge in Englysshe] 1580 STC 21574 copy 1 s295. Calf binding with blind-stamped central ornament, printed waste as guards; manuscript title on fore-edge. Stained. On t.p.: inscription crossed-out and illegible name yes
[Faith, doctrine, and religion, professed, and protected in the realme of England, and dominions of the same] 1639 STC 21233 HH180/23. Manuscript notes and index at end. Provenance: armorial bookplate of Robert Hoblyn (motto: delectant domi non impediunt foris"); inscribed on a front free endpaper: Henry James; name partially erased from t.p.; Harmsworth copy yes
[First part of the institutes of the laws of England] 1633 STC 15786 172164. Made-up copy: lacking leaves 4C3-6, supplied by five leaves from another edition signed O2, P, P2, Q and [Q]2. Manuscript notes. Manuscript biographical notes in Latin and French on the author on verso of frontis. Small hole in leaf C5, affecting text. Leaf O6 printed on two leaves pasted together to form single leaf. Armorial binding. Provenance: inscriptions on t.p. (some crossed out in ink, affecting legibility): "... Jacbi [James?] Mandy[?] ..." and "Elizabet"; Hudson Gurney copy, with his arms on front and back covers yes
[Flores. Part 1. English] 1601 STC 16901 HH136/26. Imperfect: lacking leaves K12-L3. Leaf A1 backed. Provenance: inscriptions on A1r: "J Gasthon owe this Book Feb ye 4th [1713?]", "Erasimus Gasthon owe this booke" and "William Allen owe this booke [1716?]"; inscription on A1v: "[Henrietta Mitts?]"; manuscript mark of ownership crossed out in ink on A2v; Harmsworth copy yes
[Histoire des troubles de Hongrie. English] 1600 STC 11487 copy 3 ac6467. Lacking initial blank. Manuscript number "16" on t.p. Some internal manuscript markings, including bookseller’s code? on t.p. Small holes in leaves Y4, 2D3 and 2G4, slightly affecting text. Leaf 2D6 repaired, slightly affecting text. Calf binding, rebacked, with MS title? faded on front cover. Provenance: manuscript mark of ownership[?] on t.p. crossed out in ink; Sotheby sale of Maj. E.M. Macdonal, 13 Dec. 1937:175 (E.M. Macdonal copy) yes
[Historie, and lives, of twentie kings of England] 1628 STC 17528 11/14/38. Imperfect: lacking plates. Some leaves foxed, and I2 torn and repaired, affecting text. Calf binding with blind stamped centerpieces. Provenance: inscription on (a)2r crossed out and illegible; bought by the Folger from Frank R. Brown, cat. 13:691 yes
[Institutio Christianae religionis. English. Abridgement] 1586 STC 4430.2 copy 4 152934. Sig.B misfolded; 2A8 mutilated. Some manuscript markings. Provenance: name crossed-out on t.p.; signatures of Browne on t.p. yes
[Istorie fiorentine. English] 1595 STC 17162 copy 4 Smedley. Manuscript notes and underscoring. Cropped, slightly affecting manuscript marginal notes. Rebound; previously bound in limp vellum. Provenance: inscription on t.p. crossed out in ink, affecting legibility; inscription on slip pasted down on front paste-down, with another autograph also crossed out in ink: "Sa:[Samuel] Leake pret 2s 6d"; armorial bookplate of Thomas Frewen; bookplate of W.T. Smedley (motto "forward") yes
[Lettura sopra un sonetto della gelosia di mons. Dalla Casa. English] 1615 STC 24593 HH209/1. Half red goatskin binding; with a circular MS. label ("6187") affixed to the front cover. Contemporary MS. notes and markings throughout. MS. price. MS. markings of provenance on t.p. crossed-out, affecting legibility. Provenance: Richard Heber copy; MS. autograph initials of William Henry Miller; Britwell Court copy (with the pencilled Britwell shelf-mark: 36.E.53.); Britwell sale, 2/1922, lot 684; Harmsworth copy yes
[Loci communes sacrae theologiae. English] 1578 STC 18309 copy 1 HH150/6. Imperfect: lacking F2 and i3.4. Some leaves poorly inked, and 2C6v foxed, affecting text. Contemporary calf binding with blind tooled panels and the blind stamped initials, "H N"; rebacked with pencilled note on front paste-down; "repaired by Douglas [Cockerle ?] 1901"; circular red goatskin label on spine, with gilt stamped "247". Provenance: inscription on t.p., crossed out, affecting legibility: "Will: [Effis ?]"; book-label of Robert Steele, Wandsworth Common; Hodgson’s sale, 13 June 1925, lot 314; collated at Quaritch; Harmsworth copy yes
[Methodus describendi regiones, urbes, et arces. English] 1589 STC 17784 HH143/27. Trimmed, affecting head-lines. Sprinkled calf binding; binder’s ticket of Edward Parry, Bridge St. Row, Chester. Provenance: inscription on t.p., crossed out, affecting legibility: "Hum[phrey] Dyson"; Mostyn family library (book-label of the Gloddaeth Library); Mostyn sale, April 16, 1920, lot 125; collated at Quaritch by Max Privett, April 20, 1920; Harmsworth copy yes
[Pericles] 1609 STC 22335 copy 1 cs0532. Stabbed. Unbound; with front fly-leaves bearing manuscript titles and other notes, some of which are crossed-out, affecting legibility. With: Daniel, Samuel. The Queenes Arcadia. London, 1606 (STC 6262). Stored in a goatskin pull-off box. Provenance: inscribed on front fly-leaf: "Mat [Matthew] Bell"; inscribed on t.p.: "Edw: [Edward] Palmer"; "[Sir] Jno (?) [John] Fenn 1782"; John Chaloner Smith copy (Folger file); Marsden J. Perry copy (Folger file) yes
[Sermons sur les dix commandemens de la loy. English] 1583 STC 4443 copy 1 cs1780. *1-8 misbound after 5M6. Manuscript notes and underscoring. Hole in t.p. over partially erased inscription. Purchased Thorp, 1928, cat. 1. Provenance: signature of Rich. Wace (Richard Wace), cut out and now on front pastedown; signatures on t.p. of John Wilkinson, John Westwood and Thomas Williams; signature of John Wilkinson with purchase price on p. 1247 yes
[Treatise concerning policy, and religion. Part 1] 1606 STC 11017 copy 2 cs800. Tan mottled calf binding, gold-tooled and signed by Riviere & Son. Provenance: inscriptions: on t.p. written twice and crossed out: "Mary Courtenay her books 1670"; on verso of t.p.: "Ann Moore" [also crossed out]; ’R +’ appears on recto and verso of t.p.; Anderson Sale, 28 October 1918: 133 yes possibly Mary (Boevey), married on November 26, 1670 to Francis Courtenay (1651-1699)?
[Vocabolario italiano & inglese] 1611 STC 11099 copy 4 Smedley. Imperfect: wanting pi2 (frontis. port.), first, and last blank leaves. T.p. stained: red ownership stamp obscures some text of title. 3Q1r numbered ’685’. Provenance: inscriptions on t.p.: ’J. F. Fontayn’ (?); and ’H. Mott’ (crossed out); ’T. Forster, 1838’ stamped in red on t.p.; bookplate of W. T. Smedley yes
A booke of Christian exercise 1609 STC 19372 HH160/22. Limp vellum binding with gilt emblem of Tudor rose surmounted by a crown, remains of ties. Provenance: name on verso of t.p. partially crossed out: Sarah (?); inscription of Martha Maidwell on last page and inside back cover; Harmsworth copy yes Name is possibly Sarah Fieldgate, Fieldgat, Fieldgan, or Fieldgar? Found a match for "Martha Maidwell" in the right time and place.
A booke of Christian exercise : Imprinted. 1585. STC 19358.5 Calf binding of blocked and tooled gilt decoration, with overpainting; remains of ties; gauffred edges. Manuscript notes. Pencilled manuscript bibliographical note of Bernard Quaritch. Provenance: various inscriptions obliterated; Harmsworth copy yes
A catalogue and succession of the kings, princes, dukes, marquesses, earles, and viscounts 1619 STC 3832.2 copy 1 cs1187. Limp vellum binding, remains of ties, gilt fillets and tooling. Author’s presentation copy (inscribed on t.p.: "The authours guift. 1621"). Gathering chi² misbound after E4. Latin manuscript notes on 2nd front free endpaper and blank. Purchased Maggs 1923. Provenance: signature crossed out on front free endpaper; armorial bookplate of William Lloyd (1806); Ralph Brooke copy yes
A catholike appeale for Protestants 1609 STC 18176 ac6933. Lacking blank. Manuscript notes on end-papers and 3A1r; manuscript markings, including underscoring and shelf-marks; manuscript note (of provenance?) cut away at head fore-edge of t.p. Burn holes on C5, D6 and S2. 3B6v creased, affecting text. Sprinkled sheepskin binding; manuscript waste spine-linings. Provenance: inscription on front free end-paper, crossed out, affecting legibility: "Jno [John] [Calh[?]b[?]y ?] His Booke 1690"; inscription on front free end-paper: "H. Smith"; Hodgson’s sale, 25 Oct. 1934, lot 647; collated at Quaritch; bought by the Folger from McLeish, cat. 114:252 yes
A cloud of faithfull vvitnesses, leading to the heauenly Canaan 1608 STC 19678 copy 2 cs1690. Manuscript notes; writing on t.p. crossed out yes
A commentarie vpon S. Paules epistles to the Corinthians. : 1577. STC 4400 HH43/5. Calf binding, with central gilt blocked medallion, vellum manuscript leaf as guards. Slightly wormed. Manuscript notes. Provenance: inscription: "Liber Guilielm Negus ex gratissimo dono amicissimi Cordrey"; inscription with purchase price partly obliterated on t.p.; Harmsworth copy yes
A compendious or briefe examination of certayne ordinary complaints, of diuers of our country men in these our dayes : 1581. STC 23134 copy 1 HH196/3. Red goatskin binding with the Miller arms in gilt on both covers, signed by Riviere. Pencilled manuscript bibliographical notes. Signature (?) on t.p. obliterated. Provenance: Britwell Court - Harmsworth copy yes
A continued iournall of all the proceedings of the Duke of Buckingham his Grace, in the Isle of Ree, since the last of August. 1627 STC 24743 HH210/14. (Unbound.) Stabbed. Manuscript notes, some crossed-out. Provenance: inscribed on A1r: "Thomas"; Harmsworth copy yes
A decacordon of ten quodlibeticall questions concerning religion and state : wherein the authour framing himfelfe [sic] a quilibet to euery quodlibet, decides an hundred crosse interrogatorie doubts, about the generall contentions betwixt the seminarie priests and Iesuits at this present. 1602 STC 25123 copy 3 cs760. Wanting the blank leaf. MS. markings (of provenance?) on t.p. crossed-out, affecting legibility. MS. price (?) on front fly-leaf. MS. note on front fly-leaf. Contemporary limp vellum binding with overlapping fore-edges, evidence of ties, gilt-stamped spine-title: "Quodlibet Questions 1602"; gilt-stamped shelf-mark on the tail of the spine. Provenance: Folger purchase from Anderson, June 13, 1918 sale, lot 938 yes
A defence of the Catholicke faith : 1610. STC 7322 copy 1 cs6301. Manuscript words on t.p. obliterated. Slightly wormed. Provenance: leather labels "W.3.26." (possibly former pressmark) now pasted on front paste-down; bought by Folger in 1937 from McLeish Catalogue 108:158 yes
A defence of the Way to the true Church against A.D. his reply. 1614 STC 25390 copy 1 Smedley. MS. notes. MS. shelf-mark (?) on front turn-in. MS. notes of provenance crossed out on t.p., affecting legibility. Contemporary limp vellum binding, with evidence of ties. Provenance: inscribed on t.p.: "Robt [Robert] Davies"; bookplate of W. T. Smedley (motto "forward") yes
A discouerie of errours in the first edition of the catalogue of nobility 1622 STC 24756 copy 6 cs40. Imperfect: t.p. mutilated with loss of imprint; lacking 2Z3,4 with some text supplied in MS; lacking 4X2,4, including errata. Lacking blank. Slip cancels on 2D2r, 4C1r, 4O2v, and 4S3v. Leaf 4O3v with evidence of over-printing. Extra illustrated with portraits and engravings pasted on and tipped in. Some arms are hand colored. MS. notes, including some signed "J. Lambert"; MS. genealogical table tipped in after 3A2; MS. notes tipped in after P4, 4E1 and 4E4; MS. markings. T.p. backed. 4X3 mutilated, 4E4 mutilated and with some text supplied in MS, and some leaves foxed, affecting text. Half calf binding; rectangular label at head of spine printed ’Lot 77’. Provenance: inscription on t.p., crossed out: "Ewd: [Edward] Carus"; inscription on t.p., mutilated: "Espleine fecialis..."; inscription on [pi]3r: "John Lambert of NCastle upon Tyne Ann: Dom: 1770-"; inscription on [pi]3r: "Tho [Thomas] Lawson"; bought by Folger from Salkeld, Nov. 1899 yes
A discourse of naturall bathes, and minerall waters. 1631 STC 14791 Bd.w. STC 19781 copy 1 5/23/40.2. Also bound with STC 18473 and 18087 copy 3. Manuscript inscription, dated 1633, on t.p. crossed out. Provenance: Montagu family library copy yes
A discourse vpon the meanes of vvel governing and maintaining in good peace, a kingdome, or other principalitie. : Divided into three parts, namely, the counsell, the religion, and the policie, vvhich a prince ought to hold and follow. Against Nicholas Machiavell the Florentine. Translated into English by Simon Patericke. 1602 STC 11743 copy 3 cs1421. Lacking blanks. Manuscript note on B2r. Leaf I5 foxed, slightly affecting text. Leaf 2I4 misbound before 2I3. H4 signed. Half calf binding, with marbled paper boards. Provenance: various markings of provenance on t.p. crossed out, affecting legibility; inscriptions on t.p.: "St: [Stephen] Revell ... 1⁰ martii 1633"; "Ri: [Richard] Carew of Antony" (crossed out in ink); and "H[J?]: Carpenter"; pencilled inscription on verso of front free endpaper: "T. Case [1888]"; bought by Folger from Leighton, 1925, List M:524 yes The name at the very top edge that has been hashed out has not been identified. The middle name might be Grace?
A discoursiue probleme concerning prophesies 1588 STC 12908 copy 2 HH107/10. Manuscript notes: pencilled bibliographical note describing this as a presentation copy from the author to his brother Gabriel Harvey, the poet. Leaves A1-2 repaired, affecting text of A2. Provenance: inscription (crossed out) on t.p.: ’Gabrielii Harvey Ex dono Jo. ffratris’; Leighton sale, May 1919:1245; collated by F. S. Ferguson at Quartich, 15.v.1919; Harmsworth copy yes
A generall historie of the Netherlands. 1608 STC 12374 copy 2 Smedley. Provenance: inscription on t.p. crossed out in ink, affecting legibility; two detached manuscript fragments, one signed "Gulielmus [William] Perkins", laid in at end of text; bookplate of W.T. Smedley (motto "forward") yes
A harmonie vpon the three Euangelists, Matthew, Mark and Luke : 1584. STC 2962 copy 1 HH43/18. Lacking [fleuron]3-4. Provenance: inscription on t.p. dated 1647 of Edward B--? (partially obliterated); Harmsworth copy yes
A hundred sermons vpo[n] the Apocalips of Iesu Christe : reueiled in dede by thangell of the Lorde: but seen or receyued and written by thapostle and Eua[n]gelist. S. Iohn: compiled by the famous and godly learned man, Henry Bullinger, chief pastor of the congregation of Zuryk. Newly set forth and allowed, according to the order appoynted in the Quenes maiesties, iniuntions. Thargument, wurthines, commoditie, and vse of this worke, thou shalt fynd in the preface: after which thou hast a most exact table to leade thee into all the princypall matters conteyned therin. 1561 STC 4061 copy 1 HH38/25. T.p. backed; bottom margin of 3*4 trimmed, affecting text. Purchased Sotheby Dec 6/26, no. 575. Provenance: bookplate with name erased; signatures of William Ludlow and John Pell; Harmsworth copy yes
A learned and excellent treatise; containing all the principall grounds of Christian religion : set downe by way of conference, in a most plaine and familiar manner. Written first in French by M. Mat. Virel: after translated into Latine, and then into English for the use of our country-men. 1636 STC 24773 HH210/29. Stabbed to back spine-lining is a folded leaf of MS. notes, reading; "This 23: of August 16[56?] I recd: of [William, crossed-out] Hinry Cortis 1 li in part of a debt ... my father Antho (?) Hilliard wich is Edward Coplandes (?) ... John Hilliard". Gilt-toled calf binding. Provenance: inscribed on front fly-leaf: "Wm [William] Hore his booke"; "Elizabeth Hore"; Harmsworth copy yes
A method for trauell : shewed by taking the view of France, as it stoode in the yeare of our Lord 1598. 1598 STC 6203 copy 3 Several manuscript notes. Provenance: inscriptions on t.p. "Jos. Saunders" and "William Berners" (crossed out); armorial bookplate of Charles Lilburn (motto: "vis viri fragilis"); bought by Folger in 1919 from Pickering & Chatto Catalogue 185:601 yes
A petition directed to Her Most Excellent Maiestie : [1592?] STC 1522a HH21/18. Unbound. Headlines shaved, some leaves mended. Provenance: signature on t.p. of Rogerus Ramoldus; another signature or inscription on t.p. and last page obliterated; Harmsworth copy yes
A pleasaunt conceited historie, called The taming of a shrew. : 1607. STC 23669 cs0900. Calf binding with the Bridgewater arms stamped in blind on both covers. Manuscript inscription on t.p. obliterated. Provenance: Bridgewater library copy (bookplate and property stamp on t.p.) yes Crossed out inscription may be "William Shakespeare? Interesting as a couple methods at erasure have been attempted--washing and over-writing.
A replie vnto M. Hardinges ansvveare 1565 STC 14606 copy 2 Bd.w. STC 14600.5 (folio) With: Jewel, J. A defence of the Apologie of the Churche of England, ... London, 1567 (STC 14600.5). Provenance: manuscript mark of ownership on t.p. crossed out in ink; inscription on t.p.: "Nicolaus Peersonus [Peerson] est [?] possessor [?] [?] [1577?]"; Harmsworth copy yes
A restitution of decayed intelligence: in antiquities. : Concerning the most noble and renovvmed English nation. By the studie and trauaile of R.V. Dedicated vnto the Kings most excellent Maiestie. 1605 STC 21361 copy 5 cs189. Sprinkled calf binding with red leather spine label. A few MS. notes. Provenance: inscription crossed out on front free endpaper; signed on t.p.: James Tum (?) yes
A sermon preached before the Kings Maiesty at Greenwich the 15. of Iune. 1615. By Master Peter du Moulin, one of the preachers of Gods Word in the church of Paris, and newly translated out of French into English, by I.V. According to the copy printed at Charenton by Paris. 1620. 1620. STC 7338 copy 2 HH76/31. Disbound, within a case; leaves stabbed, copy uncut. Lacking first blank; t.p. torn bottom right. Provenance: inscription at top of t.p. dated '1643' but otherwise obliterated; Harmsworth copy yes
A thankfull remembrance of Gods mercy. : 1627. STC 4642 copy 2 cs1247. Lacking blank; t.p. supplied in photostat from Union Theological Seminary, McAlpin copy. Manuscript notes. Previously bound with: Lever, C. The historie of the defendors of the Catholique Faith. 1627 (shelfmark STC 15537 Copy 1). Provenance: armorial bookplate of John Bell; signature of G. Legh (partially obliterated) yes
A touchstone, whereby may easilie be discerned, which is the true Catholike faith 1600 STC 24281a 193054. Imperfect: wanting quire a². Bound in blind- and gilt-tooled calf, with a gilt-stamped spine title ("Touchstone"). MS. markings and notes, some crossed-out affecting legibility. Title leaf is mutilated and repaired, affecting imprint. Mutilated and repaired (i.e. backed) throughout, affecting text, side-notes and direction-lines. Cropped, affecting headlines. Stained. Provenance: MS. note (of provenance?) on t.p.: "[?] Angus Argyle 16[?]" yes
A treatise of morall philosophie : [ca. 1635] STC 1268 223816. Provenance: obliterated signature on t.p.; "ex libris Brent Gration-Maxfield, 1960", with his manuscript notation about the work yes
A treatise of the cohabitacyon of the faithfull with the vnfaithfull. 1555 STC 24673.5 HH39/5. Red morocco binding, gilt-tooled, with marbled endpapers and all edges gilt. With an engraved author port. supplied as a frontis. MS. markings, including MS. price on t.p. On B1v, the word after "cowncell" in line 5 is blotted out. Title leaf is wormed. Provenance: autograph of Joseph Yates, 170[1?], on t.p.; autograph of George [?] (crossed-out, affecting legibility) on t.p.; Joseph Ames copy (with his MS. marking "Perfect" on the front fly-leaf); engraved armorial bookplate of Thomas Pownall; initials of William Henry Miller (followed by note apparently in his hand: "Herbert III, 1580" (i.e. William Herbert?); Britwell Court copy, with the Britwell pencilled shelf-mark: "9.F.4."; [Lot] 74 Britwell Sale May 1920; collated at Quaritch by Max Privett, 1920; Harmsworth copy yes
A worke concerning the trunesse of Christian religion 1617 STC 18152 copy 1 HH148/25. Manuscript marking on F8v. B3r creased, and P1, T4 and Y2 torn, affecting text. Sheepskin binding; all edges gilt. Provenance: inscription on front free end-paper: "E S ye gift of G P"; inscription on front free end-paper, crossed out, affecting legibility: "[Geo: [George] Atkinson ?] the gift of mr dawson"; Harmsworth copy yes
Acts and monuments 1632 STC 11228 v.3 (flat) HH196. Volume three only. Heavily inked throughout. Stains and burn-holes. Some marginal manuscript markings. Bound in contemporary calf; re-backed. Provenance: inscribed (and partially crossed-out) on ³2F4r: "Jeff[?] Gil[?]"; inscribed on ⁴P6v: "James Cooper"; "Dabrah Raynboon"; "Deabrah Worner [Warner?] Mantor maker of"; armorial bookplate of Nathaniel Edward Hare of Docking; Harmsworth copy
An alphabet of the holy proverbs of King Salomon specially from the beginning of the tenth chapter to the end of the booke : 1596. STC 362 HH6/7. Bound in 19th-century vellum, by Riviere, with the Miller arms in gilt on both covers. Pencilled Bernard Quaritch note. Provenance: signature of John Playdell (on t.p., partially obliterated); initials of Samuel Christie Miller; Britwell Court - Harmsworth copy yes
An ansvver to the first part of a certaine conference, concerning succession, published not long since vnder the name of R. Dolman. 1603 STC 12988 copy 2 cs342. Manuscript notes: marginal notes, some cropped; page of bibliographical notes tipped in at back; manuscript markings. Slip-cancels present. Wanting first leaf (blank except for signature mark). Provenance: inscriptions on t.p.: ’James Sherman’ and ’Michael Murgatroid’ (crossed out); bought by Folger in 1905 from Voynich Catalogue 14:147 yes Murgatrod, Michael (https://doi.org/10.1093/ref:odnb/19566); coat of arms was under dispute at same time as Shakespeare's
An answer to the vntruthes : published and printed in Spaine, in glorie of their supposed victorie atchieued against our English Nauie, 1589 STC 17132 HH131/17. Manuscript markings on t.p. Sprinkled calf binding with gilt spine title: "Spanish Armada 5". Provenance: inscription on t.p. crossed out and illegible; book-label of the Gloddaeth Library; booksellers label for Edward Parry, Chester; Mostyn family library copy; Mostyn sale, 16 April 1920, lot 168; collated at Quaritch by Max Privett, 20 April 1920; Harmsworth copy yes
An apologie for religion, or an answere to an vnlearned and slanderous pamphlet intituled: Certaine articles, or forcible reasons discouering the palpable absurdities, and most notorious errors of the Protestants religion, pretended to be printed at Antwerpe 1600. By Edvvard Bulkley Doctor of Diuinitie. 1602. STC 4025 cs1127. Unbound, with some leaves torn; two signatures obliterated on t.p. List Leighton, no. 35, 1923 yes
An embassage from heauen. : Wherein our Lord Sauiour Christ Iesus giueth to understand his iust indignation against al such, as being Catholikely minded, dare yeelde their presence to the rites and publike praier, of the malignant church, by Raphe Buckham priest ... 1611? STC 4007 181244. Leaf H7 torn away. Manuscript bibliographical note. Signature erased from t.p. yes Example of pressure erasure?
An exposition of the Symbole or Creede of the Apostles: 1616. STC 19705.7 Lacking blank. Small hole in first few leaves; t.p. stained. Provenance: name obliterated on t.p.; Harmsworth copy yes
Ancilla philosophiae, seu Epitome in octo libros physicorum Aristotelis, authore, Io. Caso Oxon. 1599. STC 4754 10/4/38. Stiff vellum binding. Sig.2[par.] interchanged with sig.[par.] of author's "Lapis philosophicus" (STC 4756), with which this is bound. Pencilled bibliographical notes. Provenance: signature of Olaus Cygnesius (?); several names mostly obliterated yes Non-English ownership?
Barclay his Argenis. Or, the loves of Polyarchus & Argenis. Faithfully translated out of Latin into English. by Kingsmill Long Esquire. 1636. STC 1392.5 copy 4 Smedley. Lacking 3B3, blank. Manuscript notations. Provenance: name on t.p. obliterated; signatures of Alex.r Keith; James R(?); David Rodger; W.T. Smedley copy yes Several names obliterated.
Beames of divine light : breaking forth from severall places of holy Scripture, as they were learnedly opened, in XXI. sermons. The III. first being the fore-going sermons to that treatise called The bruised-reed, preached on the precedent words. By the late reverend and iudicious divine, Richard Sibs, D.D. Mr. of Katharine Hall in Camb: and sometimes preacher at Grayes Inne. Published according to the Doctor his owne appointment subscribed with his hand; to prevent imperfect coppies. 1639 STC 22475 HH189/15. Leaf 2A5 repaired. Manuscript index on front blank; a few manuscript markings. Provenance: inscribed on front free endpaper: R. Halifax, John ? (mostly erased); inscribed on front paste-down and t.p.: Thomas Mills; Harmsworth copy yes What was used to erase? Includes ms table of contents (not erased)
Certaine sermons, first preached, and after published at severall times, by M. Thomas Gataker B. of D. and pastor at Rotherhith. 1637 STC 11652 copy 2 (folio) Imperfect: a fragment lacking [par.]1 (general t.p.) and [par.]2 and all after leaf 3Q4. Manuscript number on A1r "749" and manuscript marking on 2D5v: "8969". Manuscript paper shelf-mark label on A1r: "54.A". Leaf G6 stained and repaired and hole in leaf 3C2, affecting text. Half green goatskin binding, with marbled paper boards, paper spine label with shelfmark "1637 G26" and loose free endpapers. Provenance: manuscript mark of ownership (Katherine [?]) on A1r crossed out in ink; inscriptions on A1r: "W Robe"; "Union Thel. Semy. N.Y." (Union Theological Seminary copy, with the library’s deaccession stamp on 3Q4v) yes Name looks like it might be "Katherine Chirfene" or "Chirfiene"?
Confessio Christianae fidei : 1581. STC 2006.5 Provenance: inscription on t.p. obliterated; Harmsworth copy; possibly Dr. William Morris copy yes
Disertissimi viri Rogeri Aschami Angli, Regiae olim Maiestati a Latinis epistolis, familiarium epistolarum libri tres : Anno. 1581. STC 828 copy 1 Blind-embossed calf with center ornament; backed in vellum manuscript leaf. Manuscript notations on last leaf and on endpapers; pencilled Bernard Quaritch note on back paste-down. Provenance: signatures of Zacharis Windham (of Sampford Brett, Somerset?) on front and back endpapers (obliterated); list of books in 1st half of the 17th-century hand on back endpaper (the word "green" and occasionally "red" precedes or follows the titles); inscribed on t.p.: William Ridley; inscribed on manuscript vellum leaf: Henry Wade; Richard Bernard - Harmsworth copy yes
Divine fancies : digested into epigrammes, meditations, and observations. By Fra: Quarles. 1633 STC 20530 ac7001. Lacking blanks. Provenance: inscribed on t.p. (and partially crossed out): Arthur Lasenby yes
Eight learned personages lately conuerted (in the realme of France) from papistrie, to the Churches reformed : 1601. STC 1073 HH15/15. Unbound. Manuscript inscription on t.p. obliterated. Provenance: Pembroke Library - Harmsworth copy yes
Eirenarcha: or of the office of the iustices of peace 1591 STC 15166 4.10.46. Wanting last blank leaf. A few manuscript markings and manuscript notes [corrections]. Brown calf binding, with ornament, shield, and crown stamped in blind on covers. Provenance: inscriptions on t.p.: ’Tho: Boone’ or ’Jho: Boone’; and another name crossed out; bookplate of Sir Peter Thompson (motto ’nil conscire sibi’), signed by T (or J) Mynde, sculp. yes Interesting binding with possible later addition of coat of arms?
Englands Elizabeth : her life and troubles, during her minoritie, from the cradle to the crowne. Historically laid open and interwouen with such eminent passages of state, as happened vnder the reigne of Henry the Eight, Edvvard the Sixt, Q. Mary; all of them aptly introducing to the present relation. By Tho: Heywood. 1631 STC 13313 copy 3 Smedley. Manuscript notes on front fly-leaves. Engraved frontis. portrait is colored. Wanting leaf L11 (blank); t.p. smudged, affecting several lines of title. Provenance: inscriptions: on frontis. ’Sarah White’ (crossed out); on t.p. verso: ’Thomas Sayford His Booke, 1670’; on A5r: ’Edw. Mangin Bal: Coll: Oxon: 1792’; on front fly-leaf: ’C. L. Lewes 2nd June 1904’; bookplates of Edward Mangin and W. T. Smedley yes Strange hand-colored patch with crossed out name or inscription on verso of tp. Looks like there are a couple erasures going on here--one that's visible, and then one above them that only showed in retroreveal--looks like that name might have been Ben Thomas? The language on the front fly is German, and possibly written by someone named "Baltazer" who lived in Dantzicke (Gdansk) in 1645.
Essaies. : 1598. STC 1138 copy 2 HH16/14. Bound in calf with a blind-embossed central ornament, housed in a morocco case, signed by Riviere & son. Manuscript markings on fore-edges. Older printed leaf used as binding matter in front. Manuscript poem on first blank leaf at end. Bound with: Cornwallis, William. Essayes. London, 1600-1601. Provenance: signature of Robt. Berkeley, 1698 on t.p.; another signature obliterated; Harmsworth copy
Foure sermons preached at the court vpon seuerall occasions, by the late reuerend and learned diuine, Doctor Senhouse, L. Bishop of Carlile. 1627 STC 22230 copy 1 HH187/34. Lacking blank. Uncut. Provenance: name partially erased from t.p.; Harmsworth copy
Hexapla in Danielem 1610 STC 25689 copy 1 HH219/28. Sig.H foxed, affecting text. Rebound, previously bd. in calf. Provenance: inscription on t.p., crossed out in ink: "Sam: Coine. [Sid: ?] Coll:"; Harmsworth copy
Hexapla: that is, A six-fold commentarie vpon the most diuine epistle of the holy apostle S. Paul to the Romanes 1611 STC 25690.2 HH219/30. Imperfect: lacking D4, G6, 3G6, 3P3 and 3T4. MS. notes; MS. markings. Burn holes on 2F3, 2G3, 2O1, 2Q1 and 2X4. H6 and 3F6 torn, and some leaves foxed, affecting text. Half sheepskin binding; red leather oval label on spine with gilt ’257’. Provenance: inscription of provenance on A1r, crossed out and illegible; inscription on verso of t.p.: "James Kitch[?] Booke 1734"; Harmsworth copy
Homelies sette forthe by the righte reuerende father in God, Edmunde Byshop of London, not onely promysed before in his booke, intituled, A necessary doctrine, but also now of late adioyned, and added therevnto, to be reade within his diocesse of London, of all persons, vycars, and curates, vnto theyr parishioners, vpon sondayes, [and] holydayes. 1555 STC 3285.7 Plain calf binding, signed by Hayday. Provenance: unidentified armorial bookplate (eagle’s head between wings, with name erased)
Josippon. English. Abridgement. 1579 STC 14798.5 HH125/13. Manuscript notes: notes in margins sometimes cropped; names on t.p. crossed out. Imperfect: wanting leaf 2K7 (colophon leaf) so this could also be STC 14799 or STC 14799a [arbitrary assignment in printed STC to STC 14798.5]; t.p. wormed. Provenance: inscriptions: initials of William Henry Miller; Britwell Court shelfmark, ’6.B.22.’; and ’Part of Lot 276 Britwell Sale May 1920’; collated by Max Privett at Quaritch, 15/5/20; Harmsworth copy
La vieux natura breuium : 1580. STC 18401 HH151/18. Calf binding with a blind-stamped centerpiece. Pencilled bibliographical note of Bernard Quaritch. Manuscript note on t.p., partly obliterated. Provenance: Harmsworth copy
Le primier volume del promptuarie, ou repertory generall de les annales, et plusors auters livres del common ley Dengleterre. Composee et devisee per Tho. Ashe de Graies Inne, professor del dit ley, et per luy applies a les abridgements & les liures alarge ... Publies in le 12. an. del treshaut & tres-illustre Iaques Roy Dengleterre, Fraunce, & Ireland, & de Escose 47. 1614. STC 841.2 copy 1 191866. Lacking [par.]1, 2N8, 2[sec.]1, blanks. Wormholed. Provenance: signature on t.p.: William (last name obliterated); Cashel Cathedral Library copy (with manuscript shelfmark)
Marcus Tullius Ciceroes three bookes of dueties : Anno Domini. 1568. STC 5283 copy 1 HH54/15. Lacking 2[par.]1. Some leaves frayed. Pencilled bibliographical note of Bernard Quaritch. Provenance: armorial bookplate of John Rowden Freme; signatures mostly obliterated on t.p. and last leaf; Charles Drake Bernard - Harmsworth copy
Meditations and disquisitions vpon the Lords prayer. By Sr. Richard Baker, Knight. 1640. STC 1226 HH17/25. Some leaves repaired. Provenance: signature on t.p. obliterated; bookplate of the Hirsel library; Home library - Harmsworth copy
Memorable conceits of diuers noble and famous personages of Christendome, of this our moderne time. 1602. STC 5795 copy 1 Warwick. Manuscript note on last page erased. -Last two blanks; t.p. repaired. Provenance: inscriptions: "Sarah Pope" and "Ralph Pope 1733"; initials on blue paper pasted on front end paper: "H. S. R."; bookplate of Warwick Castle; J.O. Halliwell-Phillipps copy
Mr. VVilliam Shakespeares comedies, histories, & tragedies : 1623. STC 22273 Fo.1 no.39 Genuine port. (in state 3) mounted on facsim. title page.|Supplied from other copies are: I2 and 2m1 and probably [superscript chi]2g5 and some of the leaves m6 through o6.|Leaves [superscript pi]A5+1.2 bound after [superscript pi]A4.|Imperfections affect text on V3, [superscript chi]2g3, and 3a4, and slightly affect text on 12 other leaves.|See curatorial file for additional information, including variations not recorded here.|Manuscript additions: '''"The Gift of ... Cherrington ..." on recto of the leaf A2 supplied from 2nd Folio (partly unrecoverable because cropped); name (obliterated) on [superscript pi]A3 recto; "iames cores" (juvenile inscription) on G4 recto; emendations on F6 recto, S2 verso, and n3 recto; stage direction on 2o4 recto; "Spendall Simon of A ... Fleems ..." (partly unrecoverable because mutilated) and "John Derr" on 3b6 recto; casually inscribed names on 3b6 verso (mostly unrecoverable because obliterated)''', and transcriptions of adjacent text and other trivia.|Bookplates of George Wilbraham and Michael Tomkinson.
Mr. VVilliam Shakespeares comedies, histories, and tragedies. : 1632. STC 22274 Fo.2 no.27 Port. (on title page) in state 3.|Leaf P2 is wanting; supplied is an extract from the 12mo ed. of Merch. London: Printed for J. and P. Knapton ... [and 11 others], 1755, B3-6, which bear the corresponding text.|Gathering e is wanting; supplied is an extract from the 12mo ed. of 1 Hen. IV. London: Printed for J. Tonson and sold by W. Feales, 1732, A8-B5, which bear the corresponding text.|Annotated throughout (to various extents) in several 18th-cent. hands.|Imperfections affect text on P1, slightly on A5, D2, L2, X1, 2d5, and 2e4, and very slightly on P3, Z1,2, and 2h3. Imperfections affect annotations on N2 verso and annotations and rules on 2C2. '''Annotations on Y5 recto are obliterated'''. Wear in outer margins slightly affects annotations elsewhere passim.|Accompanied by notes and annotations in 18th-cent. hands on 5 separate leaves.
Mr. VVilliam Shakespeares comedies, histories, and tragedies. : 1632. STC 22274 Fo.2 no.29 Wants port. (on title page).|Wants also [superscript pi]A1,3. Leaves [superscript pi]A4-6 are misbound between *1 and *2.|Wants also 3d3,4 (including the colophon); supplied are the leaves bearing the corresponding text in the 3rd Folio (4E3,4).|Leaves a2.5 are duplicated, one copy bound inside the other.|Imperfections affect text slightly on S4 and very slightly on B6, E3, P1, Z4, and e3.|Manuscript additions include the name (18th-cent.) "John Lloyd" ([superscript pi]A4 recto) and the signature (17th-cent.) of Charles Rees (I5 recto, 2C2 verso, and b6 recto). Inscribed (front pastedown): "a present from Edward Holt Esquire, September 1804". This inscription continues: "the deficiency of two leaves at the end of this book is supplied from Dean's Edition of Cymbeline [Manchester: R. & W. Dean & Co., 1802], affixed within the [rear] cover" (of which only traces remain). '''Other inscriptions are obliterated ([superscript pi]A4 recto and A1 recto)'''.|Book label, with motto "Qui Corvos Pascit Pascere Potest Grues" surrounding the letter "H", presumably of Edward Holt.
Mr. VVilliam Shakespeares comedies, histories, and tragedies. : 1632. STC 22274 Fo.2 no.5 Port. (on title page) in state 3.|Supplied from another copy are: x4, the stub of which is visible and the watermark of which redounds that of x3; y2, the stub of which is visible between y5,6; and 2b4, tipped in. Perhaps supplied from another copy are 3c2.5, similarly discolored.|Imperfections affect text very slightly on P2, 2e6, and 2t5.|Old shelfmark "C No. 53" written on the front pastedown recto (masked by a bookplate). '''manuscript inscriptions (obliterated) on [superscript pi]A1 recto and on [superscript pi]A2 recto (title page)'''. The "Catalogue" of contents (*4 verso) is annotated (18th-cent.) with page numbers.|Bookplate of George Bythesea (inside the front cover, masking a remaining fragment of another bookplate).
Nevv essayes or obseruations diuine and morall. 1628 STC 21112a HH179/11. Stained. Provenance: inscription on t.p. of Matthew Graves 1750, another crossed out (Thomas Crane?); monogram pasted to verso of t.p.; Harmsworth copy
Of ghostes and spirites walking by nyght : and of strange noyses, crackes, and sundry forewarnynges, whiche commonly happen before the death of menne, great slaughters, [and] alterations of kyngdomes. One booke, written by Lewes Lauaterus of Tigurine. And translated into Englyshe by R.H. 1572 STC 15320 copy 2 cs561. Manuscript notes, some in margins cropped; manuscript markings. Provenance: inscriptions on t.p.: ’Thomas Bagshawe’ (crossed out); and name in sill of title border name could be: ’Jn: Lante [or Sante ?] 24 Noue[m]b: 1577’
Of the advancement and proficience of learning or the partitions of sciences IX bookes. Written in Latin by the most eminent illustrious & famous Lord Francis Bacon Baro{macr}n of Verulam Vicont St Alban Counsilour of Estate and Lord Chancellor of England. Interpreted by Gilbert Wats. MDXL. [1640] STC 1167.3 copy 3 Association copy. Calf binding with arms and motto ("nec spero nec despero") of Gilbert Watts, d. 1657; gilt corner-pieces. Manuscript markings; name obliterated on leaf [par.]4. Provenance: bookplate and signature (1905) of Granville C. Cuningham
Of the lawes of ecclesiastical politie : eight bookes by Richard Hooker. 1622 STC 13717 copy 1 5/19/39. Panelled calf binding, with old leather laid in on front and back panels. Provenance: inscriptions on A1r: "George Cheeke his booke: 166[?]" (crossed out in ink, affecting legibility); "J: Jones: 1816"; "to Th. [Thomas] Parry [Llysfalh?] 1827."; and "Henry Williams: March 1888."
Panoplie of epistles. 1576 STC 11049 copy 1 cs550. Manuscript poem "The ffooles of the citie", probably a John Payne Collier forgery, on [par.]6v; manuscript name on t.p. erased, damaging the word ’Epistles’, with only the manuscript letter ’J’ (?) remaining. Cropped at head, affecting running titles. Provenance: inscription on front fly-leaf: "John Edgar Ker, Willoughthorpe, Herts."; Sotheby sale, 27 June 1912:336
Poems / vvritten by Wil. Shake-speare. Gent. 1640 STC 22344 copy 5 cs84. Imperfect: title leaf and leaf *2 have corners burned away, affecting title and text. Contemporary sheepskin binding. Thumb- or fingerprint on front fly leaf possibly made at time of printing. Provenance: manuscript markings (of ownership?) on t.p. crossed-out in ink, affecting legibility; manuscript initials on A1r: "H.S."
Pope Ioane. : A dialogue betvveene a protestant and a papist. 1610 STC 5659 copy 1 9/16/41. +later port. of [Pope] John 8th mounted on front flyleaf; Provenance: bookplate with name erased; Quaritch note by Max Privett
Principal rules of the Italian grammer 1550 STC 24020 copy 1 cs139. Diced russia binding with marbled endpapers. MS. notes on t.p., some crossed-out affecting legibility. Provenance: autograph of Humfrey Wanley; engraved armorial bookplate of George Chalmers (motto "spero")
Sapientia clamitans 1638 STC 17918 5/9/46. Imperfect: lacking quire [A], t.p. setting unknown; lacking X8. Missing leaves supplied in photostat from the Huntington Library copy. Manuscript markings. Wormed, affecting text. Half calf binding. Provenance: inscription on H1v, partially crossed out, affecting surname: "Mary [Binat ?] her Book..."; inscription on front paste-down: "[Clark ?] Brampton 1866"; pencilled note on front fly-leaf: "Gift [to the Folger] of Miss E. P. Page in the name of Maude A. Clark May 9, 1946."
Sermons of Maister Iohn Caluin, vpon the booke of Iob, translated out of French by Arthur Golding. 1584. STC 4447 HH44/6. Calf binding of blocked central ornament, blind and gilt fillets with fleurons at angles. Slightly wormed. Provenance: partially obliterated signature on t.p.; Harmsworth copy
Sir Gregory Nonsence his newes from no place : 1700 [i.e. 1622] STC 23795 copy 2 cs157. Paste paper wrappers. Imprint date trimmed from t.p. Manuscript writing (names?) obliterated at end
Some helpes to stir up to Christian duties. 1634 STC 25409.8 HH217/32. MS. markings: underscoring, drawings, bookowner’s poem (on K10v: "God give him grace there In to look and when the bell for him doth toul Lord Jesus Christ rescue His soul anodomine 1700"). MS notes, some partially crossed-out. Leaf A4 is damaged, affecting text. Burn-holes. Leaf E12 repaired at tail fore-edge. The blanks are frayed. Contemporary limp vellum binding, with MS. markings (drawings) on the back cover and a MS. title on the spine. Provenance: inscribed on K10v: "James Young his Booke ... 1700"; Harmsworth copy
Sphaera civitatis, authore Magistro Iohanne Caso Oxoniensi, olim Collegii Diui Iohannis Praecursoris socio. 1588. STC 4761 copy 2 Smedley. Limp vellum binding, traces of ties. Provenance: on t.p.: Rowland Whitehall, signature (Daniel Dunn?) obliterated; W.T. Smedley copy
Sylua syluarum: or A naturall historie. 1627 STC 1169 copy 3 cs1290. C3 misbound before C2; lacking 2M1 (blank), a2 and g4 (blank). Provenance: signature erased from front free endpaper; signature and manuscript notes of Ignatius Donnelly, 1892
Sylua syluarum: or A naturall historie. : 1627. STC 1169 copy 4 Smedley. Calf binding with gilt arms of Richard Saint George on both covers. Lacking engr. t.p. and g4, blank. Top edges damaged. Provenance: name obliterated from t.p.; Sir Richard St. George - W.T. Smedley copy
The agrement of the holye fathers, and doctors of the churche, vpon the cheifest articles of Christian religion : [1555?]] STC 634 copy 2 HH8/2. Imperfect: N1-P4 lacking, supplied in photostat from Cambridge University Library copy; t.p. backed; some manuscript notes, obliterated. Provenance: Harmsworth copy
The annales of Cornelius Tacitus. The description of Germanie. 1605 STC 23645 copy 3 Smedley. Imperfect: V2-5 mutilated, affecting text, including colophon. Lacking blank. Scattered manuscript markings throughout; manuscript notes on t.p. and sig.²[par.]. Half bound in sheepskin with marbled paper boards. Provenance: manuscript inscription on t.p., crossed out, affecting legibility; bookplate of W.T. Smedley (motto "forward")
The art of archerie 1634 STC 17333 5837. Imperfect: lacking frontis. ill., supplied in manuscript facsimile. With additional manuscript facsimile port. of King Charles I. T.p. ruled in red. Burn hole on C7. Rebound at the Folger, previously in russia. Provenance: inscription on verso of t.p., crossed out, affecting legibility: "J[?] [?]ookfield His Book"; bought by the Folger from Thorpe, 1937, cat. 201, no. 635
The arte of vvarre. 1591 STC 11625 copy 1 HH93/1. Unbound, within a case. A1,4 only, badly torn. Provenance: inscriptions on t.p.: "Thomas MC’ure", "James Henrysonn (?) of Arydane 1603" [crossed out] and "liber Johanis MC’ure ex dono Jacobi Henrisoy (?) 1604"; Harmsworth copy
The Bible. Translated according to the Ebrew and Greeke, and conferred with the best translations in diuers languages. With most profitable annotations vpon all the hard places, and other things of great importance, as may appeare in the epistle to the reader. 1583. STC 2136 Calf binding with recent metal furniture. Lacking A1, {esc}p1{esc}sD3, 4D6 (blanks). Provenance: armorial bookplate with motto: Perseverando; signature, dated 1842, obliterated from t.p.
The booke of honor and armes. 1590. STC 22163 copy 2 Smedley. Z2 torn and repaired. Manuscript notes; manuscript inscription on t.p. mostly obliterated. Provenance: armorial bookplate of John Walker Heneage; W.T. Smedley copy
The CL. Psalmes of David in meter. : For the vse of the Kirk of Scotland. The contents of this buke follovve in the next page after the kalender. 1587 STC 16582 HH30/28. With earlier state of 2G8 as described in: W. Cowan, ’Bibliography of the Book of Common Order’...1913. Manuscript notes on almanacke. Brown calf binding, with elaborate gold-tooling on covers and spine; within a case. Provenance: on t.p. (partially erased): ’A. Kincardine’ [Alexander Bruce, 2d earl of Kincardine]; armorial bookplate of Thomas Brooke, Armitage Bridge is covered by a second bookplate initialed ’A. K.’ [and attributed to Arthur Kay]; inscriptions on back paste-down: ’Lot 574A Sotheby’s 29-5-30’; and pencilled Quaritch note; Harmsworth copy
The confutation of. xiii. articles, wherunto Nicolas Shaxton, late byshop of Salilburye [sic] subscribed and caused to be set forth in print the yere of our Lorde. M.C.xlvi. [sic] : whe[n] he recanted in Smithfielde at London at the burning of mestres Anne Askue, which is liuely set forth in the figure folowynge. In the nexte page shalt thou finde the contentes of thys little boke. 1548 STC 6083 H64/1. Variant 2. Provenance: inscription on A2r: "Thomas Burt [?]"; names on t.p. crossed out; bookplate of George Stokes; Harmsworth copy
The consent of time : disciphering the errors of the Grecians in their Olympiads 1590 STC 16619 copy 3 HH135/16. Lacking blank. Manuscript notes and markings. Trimmed, affecting manuscript notes. T.p. hand-coloured. Provenance: manuscript marks of ownership on t.p. crossed out in ink; bought at Sotheby’s sale, 6 July 1931:83; collated by E. Dring at Quaritch; Harmsworth copy
The conuersion of Salomon 1613 STC 7080 HH182. Variant. Manuscript notes on verso of last blank cite a few pages of text. Provenance: inscriptions on t.p. crossed out: described in early cataloguing to be autographs of Christopher Hatton and Ed. Astell; Hodgson sale, 19 May 1932:422; Harmsworth copy
The essayes or, counsels, ciuill and morall: of Francis Lo. Verulam, Viscount St. Alban. : 1639. STC 1151 copy 1 HH16/21. Provenance: MS note on first front free endpaper: "this booke given me by Mr. Robert Younge, the printer 1639."; on t.p.: name obliterated, then: "ex dono Ro: Younge"; shelf-mark on first blank: G.24.21; on Belasyse family library - Harmsworth copy
The estates, empires, & principallities of the world. : 1615. STC 988 copy 1 HH14/16. Calf binding with the arms of James I on both covers. Lacking pi1, blank; t.p. and some other leaves mended. Name obliterated on first p. of dedication. Provenance: bookplate of Frederick North, Earl of Guilford; signatures of Sarah Barrett and William Richards, 1753; North family library - Harmsworth copy
The felicitie of man, or, his summum bonum. Written by Sr, R: Barckley, Kt. Ao 1631. STC 1383 copy 3 cs10. Cambridge-style binding. Variant. Provenance: name obliterated on front paste-down, dated Oct. 1829; signature of John Osborne (?) on A2; John Elwes copy
The foreste or Collection of histories : no lesse profitable, then pleasant and necessarie, dooen out of Frenche into Englishe, by Thomas Fortescue. 1571 STC 17849 copy 3 cs42. Lacking blank. Manuscript notes, including some of provenance, crossed out on t.p.; manuscript price. 2T4v and 2V1r stained, affecting text. Sprinkled sheepskin (?) binding. Provenance: inscription on t.p., crossed out, affecting legibility: "Johannes [gardecus ?] me possidet"; inscription on a2r: "John [Gandyk ? or Gardyk ?]."; manuscript pencilled note on back fly-leaf: "C P. W.S."; armorial bookplate of Fountaine Walker (motto "clarior e tenebris"); bought by Folger from Bangs, 19 March 1900, no. 306
The French grammer: or an introdvction orderly and methodically, by ready rules, playne preceptes and euident examples, teachinge the Frenche tongue : 1578. STC 1852 cs139. P8 lacking, supplied by photostat from Bodleian Library copy. Some headlines trimmed. Manuscript notations, obliterated inscription on t.p. Provenance: signatures of John Lane and Bennoitt Wickwick; Professor Helwich of Prague copy
The garden of health : 1579 [i.e. 1597] STC 15195 copy 2 245013. Date changed in manuscript to 1597. T.p. and prelimins. mounted; stained. On t.p.: initials 'YD' and signature of John ?, mostly obliterated. Provenance: gift of Mrs. Mary P. Massey, with her bookplate
The genealogies recorded in the Sacred Scriptures : [1624 or 1625] Bd.w. STC 2270 HH110/29.2. Lacking gathering F{esc}p2{esc}s. Stained. Manuscript notes, some dated 1790 and 1791. Bound with: The Holy Bible. London, [1625] - Herrey's Concordances (STC 13238). Provenance: manuscript bookplate partially obliterated: Salisbury Sept. 1788; Calway family records; signatures of Chas. Calway, Alexander Strahan 1658, and Geo: Ashton 1870; Harmsworth copy
The golden boke of Marcus Aurelius Emperour and eloquent oratour. Anno. M.D.XLII. 1542 STC 12439 HH202. Brown calf binding, with center ornaments on covers in blind; signed by R. Riviere; gilt spine title. Imperfect: wanting leaf 2V4 (final leaf with printer’s mark), supplied in photostat from another library; copy stained. Provenance: inscriptions on t.p.: ’Thomas Bowssar’ (crossed out) and ’Edward Walmough is myne owner’; unidentified bookplate with baron’s coronet above monogram with initials ’B. V.’; label on front paste-down has letter ’N 24’, the numbers added in pencil; collated by EMD [Dring] at Quaritch, with note ’Lot 648 Hodgson’s 4-5-34’; Harmsworth copy
The grounde of artes : teaching the work and practise of arithmetike, bothe in whole numbers and fractions, after a more easyer and exacter sorte than any like hath hitherto bin set foorth: made by M. Robert Record, doctor in physike, and now of late diligently ouerseene and augmented with newe and necessarie additions. 1575 STC 20801 cs651. Copious manuscript notes in a c17 hand throughout the first third of the text; manuscript mottoes in Latin on t.p. Manuscript markings: underscoring. Leaf O2 is partially torn away at the tail, affecting direction-line. Provenance: inscribed on t.p.: "Guel: [i.e. William] Allwin"; (partially crossed-out, affecting legibility) "[Guil?]: [i.e. William] [Gotred?]"
The herball, or, Generall historie of plantes / 1597. STC 11750 copy 1 Tree sheep, with yellow edges. Two names obliterated on t.p.; other names and initials crossed out on last leaf. Pencilled bibliographical notes. Provenance: Harmsworth copy. Curatorial file available.
The historie of all the Romane emperors 1604 STC 17851 copy 4 s1251. Imperfect: lacking A6. Lacking blanks. Manuscript notes (historical) on front and back end-papers; scattered manuscript markings after sig.2S. T.p. backed. Burn holes on 2R5, 3R5 and 3Y1. A3 and 2Q6 torn, 2E6 torn and repaired, and some leaves foxed or stained, affecting text. Calf binding. Provenance: inscription on 2S6v: "Edward Betham his booke 1675", and on front paste-down, crossed out, affecting legibility: "January ye 12th 1708 [Lent this booke to [?] Hodges .... Edw Betham ?]"; armorial bookplate of Captain [John] Simcoe (motto "non sibi sed patriæ"); bought by Folger from Skinner, 1924
The historie of Guicciardin : containing the vvarres of Italie and other partes, continued for manie yeares vnder sundrie kings and princes, together with the variations and accidents of the same: and also the arguments, with a table at large expressing the principall matters through the whole historie. Reduced into English by Geffray Fenton. 1599 STC 12459 copy 1 HH101/19. Lacking blanks. Manuscript markings, including underscoring. Manuscript note on Fenton on t.p. Manuscript title on fore-edge. Armorial calf binding, rebacked. Provenance: royal arms of Queen Elizabeth stamped in gilt on front and back covers; manuscript mark of ownership on t.p. crossed out in ink, affecting legibility; bought at Sotheby’s, 4 March 1929:242; collated by E. Dring at Quaritch; Harmsworth copy
The historie of Guicciardin : containing the vvarres of Italie and other partes, continued for manie yeares vnder sundrie kings and princes, together with the variations and accidents of the same: and also the arguments, with a table at large expressing the principall matters through the whole historie. Reduced into English by Geffray Fenton. 1599 STC 12459 copy 5 cs755. Lacking blanks. Manuscript markings. Armorial calf binding, in slipcase. Provenance: royal arms of James I in gilt on front and back covers; inscriptions on t.p., some crossed out in ink, affecting legibility: monogram "A T R" and "Art: [Arthur] Maynwaring 1614"; bought by Folger from Anderson sale, 12 December 1917:382
The historie of Henry the Fourth 1639 STC 22287 copy 3 Trunk 7H4. Contemporary manuscript notes and markings, some partially cropped. H1 is damaged at head and repaired, affecting text and headline. The title leaf and A2 are torn and repaired, with some inking by hand of the top parts of the leaves (previously incorrectly ascribed to copy 2). Half bound in black (?) goatskin, signed by Tuckett. Provenance: inscription on final page, crossed-out affecting legibility; "Robert [?]"; James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps copy (with manuscript bibliographical note in his hand on front free endpaper: "By far the largest copy I ever saw"); bookplate of Warwick Castle, Shakespeare Library
The historie of Iustine. : Containing a narration of kingdomes, from the beginning of the Assyrian monarchy, vnto the raigne of the Emperour Augustus. VVhereunto is newly added a briefe collection of the liues and manners of all the emperours succeeding, vnto the Emp. Rodulphus now raigning. First written in Latine by that famous historiographer Iustine, and now againe newly translated into English, by G.W. 1606 STC 24293 copy 1 HH204/26. Imperfect: lacking A8. Lacking blanks. Manuscript notes on A7v and V4v; manuscript shelf-mark label. Q6 torn, 2B6, and 2C1 mutilated and repaired, and 2E3 torn away at head fore-edge, affecting text. Trimmed, affecting headlines. Stiff vellum binding with red leather title label on spine; all edges mottled. Provenance: manuscript inscriptions on t.p. and on 2L5v, crossed out and illegible; Harmsworth copy
The historie of Quintus Curtius : conteining the actes of the great Alexander, translated out of Latin into Englishe by Iohn Brende. 1584 STC 6145 254454. Manuscript markings, some faded or crossed-out. Title leaf and other leaves in gathering A are frayed at head, affecting first word in title, headlines, and manuscript markings of provenance. Leaf C4 is damaged, affecting text. With an trimmed engraving of Cleopatra (signed: "C.M.B. delin.") mounted on the front paste-down. Bound in modern, blind-tooled calf. Provenance: inscribed on A2r: "Will[ia]m [Copt?] eius liber"; inscribed on final page: "Hum [Humphrey] Osey his Booke"
The historie of the holy vvarre ; by Thomas Fuller, B.D. prebendarie of Sarum, late of Sidney Colledge in Cambridge. 1640 STC 11465 copy 2 210149. Imperfect: lacking map (folded plate). Replaces former Folger copy 2 (cs99). On t.p. "Greyhound" in imprint is crossed out; inscribed above "Greyhound": "Crane". Contemporary manuscript notes on back fly-leaf. Some manuscript markings. Wormed, slightly affecting text. Calf binding. Provenance: manuscript mark of ownership? at foot of engr. t.p.; manuscript mark of ownership (Mary Cockerill?) on A3r crossed out in ink; armorial bookplate of John Conyers, Copt Hall, Essex. signed by H. Gravelot; gift of William Haller
The historie of the VVest-Indies : [1625?] STC 651 copy 1 HH8/8. Name obliterated on front free endpaper. Provenance: William Wroth - Harmsworth copy
The historie of the vvorld. : 1601. STC 20029 copy 3 Smedley. Sprinkled calf binding; bound as one volume. Lacking blanks. Provenance: bookplate of J B Barrett; names on t.p. partially obliterated, including one --? Tayler; W.T. Smedley copy
The Holy Bible : M.DC.XX. [1620 i.e. 1621] STC 2262 copy 1 Bound in calf, with arms of James I or Charles I, and initials AW on front cover (repaired, rebacked and panel placed upside down); on back panel, cartouche with initial M (previous initials obliterated?). Bound with: The book of common prayer (STC 16417.3) - Speed’s Genealogies (STC 23039d.7) - Herrey’s Concordances (STC 13235 copy 3) - The booke of Psalmes (STC 2572). Provenance: armorial bookplate of Wyndham, Earl of Egremont; signatures of Thomas Frost, Marguerite Frost, 1704, and David Harrison, 1739; manuscript genealogical notes of the Norton family, 1563-1586
The Holy Bible : MDC.XXV. [1625] STC 2270 HH110/29. Stained; manuscript notes, some dated 1790 and 1791. Bound with: Speed's Genealogies (STC 23039d.9) - Herrey's Concordances (STC 13238). Provenance: manuscript bookplate partially obliterated: Salisbury Sept 1788; Calway family records; signatures of Chas. Calway, Alexander Strahan 1658, and Geo: Ashton 1870; Harmsworth copy
The Holy Bible : 1638. STC 2329 copy 2 HH194/42. Bound in mottled calf with emblem (?) on back cover. Old Testament and New Testament (except t.p.) lacking. Bound with: Speed's Genealogies (STC 23039e.16). Provenance: name obliterated from front fly-leaf; bookplate of Religious Tract Society library; signatures of G. Shadforth and John Taylerson; Harmsworth copy
The holy bull, and crusado of Rome 1588 STC 12354 copy 1 HH100/10. Green goatskin binding, gold-tooled and signed by F. Bedford. Manuscript notes on leaf A3v. Provenance: inscriptions: crossed out on t.p.: ’Hum Dyson’; on endpapers: initials of W. H. Christie Miller, Britwell Court shelfmark, ’39.C.51’, and ’342 Britwell Feb 1922’; collated by Max Privett at Quaritch, 10 February 1922; Harmsworth copy yes Dyson, Humphrey
The merry deuill of Edmonton : 1631. STC 7497 copy 3 cs452. Lacking first blank; sig. F4v has manuscript note obliterated, causing stains in neighboring leaves. Provenance: inscription on back free endpaper: "Col J. K. 7/4/89" [John Kemble ??]
The mirrour of mirth and pleasant conceits. : containing, many proper and pleasant inuentions for the recreation and delight of many, and to the hurt and hinderance of none. Framed in French by that worshipfull and learned gentleman Bonaduenture de Periers, and groome to the right excellent princesse the Queene of Nauarre: and Englished by T.D. 1592 STC 6784.5 Dark blue morocco, gold-tooled and signed by Riviere & Son. Manuscript price on t.p. Provenance: inscriptions on t.p., both crossed out: "Steven Everard" and "Robt Webster" (?)
The New Testament of our Lord Iesus Christ, translated out of Greeke by Theod. Beza. : 1577. STC 2879 138284. Provenance: two names obliterated on t.p.
The obedience of Christen man : [and] how christe[n] rulers ought to gouerne, where in also (yf thow marke dylygently) thou shalt fynde eyes to perceaue the crafty conueyaunce of all iugglers. 1548 STC 24450 HH207/23. Variant. Imperfect: wanting gathering Z. Gathering U is misbound: 2,1,4,3,6,5,8,7. MS. markings and notes. MS. shelf-marks. MS. notes of provenance on t.p.; some crossed-out, affecting legibility. Gilt tooled goatskin armorial binding signed by Riviere. Provenance: William Henry Miller copy, with his gilt arms and initials on the front and back covers; MS. note (in the hand of Samuel Christie Miller?): "C&P. J.J. (?) June 12/[18]66"; Britwell Court copy (with the pencilled Britwell shelf-mark: "b.A.54."); Britwell theol. sale pt.2, lot 511; collated at Quaritch by E. Talbot 1/24/1921; Harmsworth copy
The passions of the minde in generall. Corrected, enlarged, and with sundry new discourses augmented. By Thomas Wright. With a treatise thereto adioyning of the clymatericall yeare, occasioned by the death of Queene Elizabeth. 1604 STC 26040 copy 2 cs156. Variant 2. Imperfect: lacking folding table. Lacking last blank leaf. Made-up copy: with index quire (2A) from STC 26043 bound in after a2. MS. notes, scattered, including bibliographical note on front fly-leaf, signed "B. C. 1844. [Bolton Conway ?]"; MS. markings, some in blue ink. M1 torn, and some leaves wormed, affecting text. Half calf binding; fore-edge corners of textblock bevelled, affecting some headlines. Provenance: inscription on verso of t.p., crossed out in ink: "William Hansleigh His Booke."; inscriptions on back fly-leaf: "Thomas Handleigh" and "Richard Handleigh"; inscription on back fly-leaf: "Jeffery [Wolloroff ?] his Booke...1667"; inscription on front free end-paper: "Joseph Mazzini Wheeler"; bought by Folger from Voynich, Dec. 1903, cat. 5:144
The peace of Rome. 1609 STC 12697a copy 1 Smedley. Vellum binding, with rules and ornaments in gilt; remnants of ties; manuscript name on front cover: ’G. Ffrench 1611’. Manuscript price on t.p. Wanting last blank; copy stained. Provenance: inscriptions: on t.p.: ’Vnus ex libris Edmundi Byll’ [Edmund Bill] and ’Geo Ffrench’ (crossed out) [George French]; on front endpaper: ’E Libris Fran: Grosley...1695’; bookplates of John Somers. Lord Somers (motto ’prodesse quam conspici’] and W. T. Smedley
The practise of chymicall, and hermeticall physicke, for the preseruation of health. Written in Latin by Iosephus Quersitanus, Doctor of Physicke. And translated into English, by Thomas Timme, minister. 1605. STC 7276 HH76/2. Unbound, within a case. Some manuscript notes. Lacking first and last blanks. First gatherings cropped at foot, affecting date in imprint, catchwords, and some text; stained. Provenance: inscriptions on B1r: "Thomas Strother [?], manuscript line at top obliterated; Harmsworth copy
The scepter of Iudah: or, what maner of government it was, that unto the common-wealth or Church of Israel was by the law of God appointed. By Edm. Bunny. 1584 STC 4094 HH39/11. Limp vellum binding; title in manuscript on spine. Stained; wormholed. Provenance: signature crossed out on t.p.; initials of William Herbert; Brand - Heber - Britwell Court - Harmsworth copy
The second part of a treatise concerning policy, and religion. 1610 STC 11019 copy 2 cs800. Mottled calf binding, gold-tooled and signed by Riviere & Son. Provenance: inscriptions on t.p.: ’Will Courtenay’, ’Mary Courtenay her booke 1670’ and ’ex dono Annae Moore’ [all crossed out]; Anderson sale, 28 October 1918:133 Courtenay, Mary;



Moore, Ann

The seconde parte of the Secrets of maister Alexis of Piemont, by him collected out of diuers excellent authors, and nevvly translated out of French into English. With a generall table of all the matters conteyned in the sayde booke. By William Warde. [1568?] STC 302 copy 2 Bd.w. STC 297 copy 2 cs557.2. Lacking A-E{esc}p4{esc}s. Manuscript notations, some obliterated
The secretes of the reuerende Maister Alexis of Piemount : Anno Domini 1568. STC 297 copy 2 cs557. Lacking Q1-Q8. manuscript notes mostly obliterated. Provenance: on verso of t.p.: Mary Man her booke ano domanij 1671 [repeated]
The tragedie of King Richard the second 1598 STC 22308 copy 2 cs82. Imperfect: wanting leaves B2-4, G4, H1. There is a variant (uncorrected duplicate line) on I3v. Manuscript list of characters on A1v. A few marginal manuscript notes and markings. Some leaves are damaged and repaired, affecting text. Stained. Red goatskin binding. Provenance: manuscript marking (of provenance?) on t.p. is stained (crossed-out?), affecting legibility; armorial bookplate of John Fitchett Marsh (motto "prest pour mon pais"); Richard Heber copy (without the Heber markings); Charles H. Kalbfleisch copy (Folger file)
The tragicomoedi of the vertuous Octauia. : Done by Samuel Brandon. 1598. 1598 STC 3544 cs957. Purchased F. Marcham, 2/3/21. Name erased from t.p., with date 1693?
The true Israelite, or, The sincere Christian distinguished from the hypocrite. By Master William Andrewes, late minister of the word of God. 1638. STC 631.2 HH7/30. Inscription obliterated on t.p. Provenance: bookplate of the Religious Tract Society - Harmsworth copy
The two bookes of Sr. Francis Bacon. Of the proficience and aduancement of learning, diuine and humane. : 1629. STC 1165 copy 4 Smedley. Occasional marginal manuscript notations in pencil. Provenance: signature on verso of t.p. obliterated, dated 1656; bookplate of W.T. Smedley
The vvhole workes of W. Tyndall, Iohn Frith, and Doct. Barnes, three worthy martyrs, and principall teachers of this Churche of England : collected and compiled in one tome togither, beyng before scattered, [and] now in print here exhibited to the Church. To the prayse of God, and profite of all good Christian readers. 1573 STC 24436 copy 2 cs117. T.p. trimmed and mounted, stained yellow. MS. notes; MS. markings. Sig.A torn and repaired, with some text in MS. Burn hole on Mm6. Some leaves foxed, and 3B6 and 3R4 torn, affecting text. Blind tooled sheepskin binding with red leather spine label, stamped by Eedy, Binder 37 Tavistock St; marbled end-papers. Provenance: inscription on t.p., crossed out and illegible; armorial bookplate of Revd. John Bramston Stane; armorial bookplate of Henry Harcourt Horn (motto "virtute"); bookseller’s description, numbered 280, pasted to front paste-down; bought by Folger from Bangs sale, 19 Feb. 1903, lot 466
The vvorkes of the most high and mightie prince, Iames by the grace of God, King of Great Britaine, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. 1620 STC 14345 copy 2 cs203. Variant. Leaf e3 cancelled. Leaves 3F2 and 3F3 transposed. Final gatherings 3C-3G frayed at upper right corner, affecting text of final gathering. Calf binding, evidence of metal clasps. Provenance: manuscript marks of ownership crossed out in ink on front free endpaper and pi1r; inscriptions on back fly-leaf: "Sir John Sinclaire 1688" and "Adison"; inscription around C1r signature mark "C: G: 1:10d: [?] Decr. 1747"
The workes of our antient and lerned English poet, Geffrey Chaucer, newly printed. I 1598 STC 5077 HH52/27. Lacking blanks. Stained; occasional manuscript notes. Provenance: signature on t.p., mostly crossed out, of William Lodge (maybe of the older brother of Thomas Lodge; William lived 1553-1625); Harmsworth copy
The workes of the most reverend father in God, Iames Vssher 1631 STC 24544.2 HH306. Imperfect: wanting 2P3-2Q2. MS. markings, drawings, manicules. Burn-hole on Y8, affecting text. Provenance: MS. markings of ownership on t.p., partially crossed-out, affecting legibility: "Alexr. [Alexander] N[?]"; "[?] 1774"; inscribed on a2r: "Peter Kilpatrick his Book Bogsbank 1812"; Harmsworth copy
Theatrum botanicum: The theater of plants. Or, An herball of a large extent : 1640. STC 19302 copy 2 Lacking blank. Polished mottled calf binding, gilt ruling at edges and dentelles on turn-ins, signed by Roger De Coverly. Provenance: obliterated autograph on engraved t.p.; gift of Mrs. Mary P. Massey, with her bookplate
Thesaurus linguae Romanae & Britannicae : 1578. STC 5688 copy 3 cs214. Manuscript price on sig. [par.]3r. Lacking first blank. Provenance: inscription on sig. [par.]3r: "Christo. Robinson. Empt. May 1659"; name on t.p. obliterated but remaining inscription: "Est verns [?] possessor huius libri"
Thesaurus linguae Romanae & Britannicae : 1584. STC 5689 copy 2 cs55. Lacking first and last blanks; t.p. foxed and mended. Provenance: inscriptions: t.p. has cropped name at head: "Robert Jonson" (?) and obliterated name: "John Grimes" (?); on sig. A1r: "Liber Roberti Lenwricke" [Lenwirke ?] and "Iam vero Mathej Holbeche de Warwicke 9th Aprilis 1660"; bought by Folger in 1901 from Suckling & Co. Catalogue 42:107
Thomas Masterson his addition to his first booke of arithmetick. 1594 Bd.w. STC 17648 copy 1 Smedley.3. Cataloged as part of STC 17648 at the Folger. Manuscript notes. Sheepskin binding with blind-tooled panels. Provenance: inscription on D3v, crossed out, affecting legibility: "William Minshull His Booke 1691"; bookplate and inscription of Thomas Clark; bookplate of W. T. Smedley (motto "forward")
Thomas Masterson his third booke of arithmeticke. 1595 Bd.w. STC 17648 copy 1 Smedley.2. Cataloged as part of STC 17648 at the Folger. Sheepskin binding with blind-tooled panels. Provenance: inscription on F4v, crossed out, affecting legibility: "William Minshull [and in a different hand ’not’] His Booke 1691"; bookplate and inscription of Thomas Clark; bookplate of W. T. Smedley (motto "forward")
To{macr}u soph{macr}ot{acute}ato{macr}u Barlaa{acute}m l{acute}ogos per{acute}i t{macr}es to{macr}u pa{grave}pa {acute}arch{macr}es. = Barlaami de papae principatu libellus. Nunc prim{grave}um Graec{acute}e & Latin{acute}e editus opera Ioannis Luidi procuratoris Academiae Oxoniensis. Ad illustrissimum Dominum Bucchurstium eiusdem Academiae cancellarium amplissimum. 1592. STC 1430 HH20/12. Bound in half calf and paper, by C. Lewis, with paper shelfmark label on front cover ('362'). Manuscript notations and markings; name (?) obliterated on t.p. Pencilled Bernard Quaritch note. Provenance: Heber - Britwell Court - Harmsworth copy
Treasurie of auncient and moderne times. Part 2. 1619 STC 17936.5 copy 4 (folio) tate 1. Lacking blanks. Contents leaf (A8) misbound before A7. Engr. t.p. detached. Manuscript notes on 2L4r; manuscript markings on 2K6r; manuscript inscription of provenance on engr. t.p., crossed out and illegible. Burn hole on 4N5. 3T3r, 4I6 and 4N2foxed, affecting text. Calf binding, rebacked in goatskin. Provenance: inscription on engr. t.p.: "H: Brooke"; bookplate of Ludovic Godfrey Goetz, obscured by the book-label of Ludovic Foster; bookseller’s label for Ambrose A. Tapper, 40 Westbourne Grove, W
Two right profitable and fruitfull concordances ; 1622. STC 13238 Bd.w. STC 2270 HH110/29.3. Bound with: The Holy Bible. London, [1625] - Speed's Genealogies (STC 23039d.9). Provenance: manuscript bookplate partially obliterated: Salisbury Sept 1788; Calway family records; signatures of Chas. Calway, Alexander Strahan 1658, and Geo: Ashton 1870; Harmsworth copy
Two treatises. : Of mentall prayer, and of the presence of God. Composed by the R. Fa. Alfonsus Rodriguez of the Society of Iesus, in his worke intituled, of religious perfection. Translated out of Spanish. 1627 STC 21149 HH179/23. Pencilled manuscript bibliographical note of Bernard Quaritch. Provenance: name on t.p. partially crossed out; initials ’M I’ on t.p.; Harmsworth copy
Via recta ad vitam longam 1638 STC 24647 10/30/42. Wanting the blank leaf. Wormed. Re-bound; formerly in early c18 calf. Provenance: gift inscription crossed-out on t.p., affecting legibility; Sir D’arcy Power copy, with his armorial bookplate (motto "un dieu un roy") and inscribed with his name (dated 1907)
STC 5795 copy 3 HH60/5. Manuscript notes. -Last two blanks. Provenance: inscription on verso of t.p.: "Michaell Bentley"; inscription on t.p. obliterated. Pembroke Library sale, March 1920:414; collated at Quaritch 18 March 1920; Harmsworth copy
Jus imaginis apud anglos; or The law of England relating to the nobility & gentry. Faithfully collected, and methodically digested for common benefit; by John Brydall, of Lincolns-Inne, Esquire. 1675 142- 153q Lacks final blank. Extensive manuscript note on front fly-leaf. Provenance: inscribed "Wm. Thurloe his book, 1689"; stamp, "Pull Court Library ^D\ [EDeBold noticed obliterated name, not in Folger notes]