Modern materials cataloging at the Folger

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In addition to its expansive historical resources, the Folger also maintains a sizable collection of modern materials. These include scholarly works, reference resources, ongoing monographic series, and current periodicals (mainly found in the open stacks on Deck B); audiovisual materials and microfilm; and rare modern books, designated for their production quality or rarity, or for their value as artifacts of Shakesperiana (such as the Shakespeare Miscellany, or "Sh.Misc.," collection). The Folger generally follows the AACR2 and RDA standards for its modern materials cataloging, and is transitioning to using RDA as its primary modern standard. Rare modern materials ("Vault modern") also take into account DCRM standards and local Folger policy for an expanded level of description.

Open stacks

Audiovisual materials

Microfilm and reproductions

Serials, compilations, and offprints

Current periodicals

Single issues of journals



Published compilations of essays, articles, or other media are typically treated as open stacks items. For unique compilations, such as post-publication collections of magazine articles, scrapbooks, or other unpublished works, please see the relevant documentation.

Vault modern



Other rare modern items

[rare modern books, realia, modern publications cataloged as ART Vols.]