Margreta de Grazia

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This page reflects a scholar's association with the Folger Institute. Records before 2008 are currently in the process of being added to Folgerpedia.

Scholarly Programs

Speaker, Shakespeare and the Problem of Biography (Conference, 2013-2014)

Director, Periodization and Hamlet in 2000 (Seminar, 1999-2000)

Speaker, Constructing the Early Modern (Seminar, 1997-1998)

Speaker, The Graphic Revolution in Early Modern Europe: The Politics and Technologies of Representation in Visual, Literary, and Theatrical Arts from 1400 to 1660 (NEH Summer Institute, 1994)

Speaker, Shakespeare, the Body, and the Material Text (Seminar, 1991-1992)

Visiting faculty, Shakespeare and the History of Taste (Summer Institute, 1990)

Public Programs

Lecturer, Shakespeare's Birthday Lecture: "The Latest Hamlet" (2000)