MARC 9XX Local Data

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MARC 9XX fields are reserved for local definition. The following 9XX fields are known to exist in Folger records. Those reserved for TIND use are essential to the functioning of the catalog.

Bibliographic records

NB. per OCLC BibFormats "Fields 901-907, 910, and 945-949 have been defined by OCLC for your local use and will pass OCLC validation. The remaining 9xx fields may also be locally defined by your library, but may not pass OCLC validation."

  • 900 Most say "(c) Casalini Libri, CP 12, 50014 Fiesole (Italy). Email:" but 31 (all 2004 or earlier) have $aAUTH or $aAUTH$bTOC (as of 2022-04-13)
  • 901 1,566 have potentially useful notes from the 1996 recon vendor with questions or clarifications about what was on the card; 14,118 records have $aRECON; 166 have $atmp followed by a serial number (as of 2022-04-13)
  • 902 Only a few instances, most (all?) are obsolete local notes (e.g. "Folger has v. 2 t. 1 and v. 3. More on order" but as of 2022-04-13 we also have v.4)
  • 903 Only a few instances, some (all?) are obsolete or redundant local notes (e.g. "Copy 2 bd.w. B5888 copy 2" but both copies are accounted for on another bib)
  • 909 TIND reserved use, for OAI-PMH information
  • 910 Used for Harrassowitz and Casalini orders
  • 920 As of Sept. 2019, used to hold the filename of digitized slip or card used as the source of the record
  • 936 Random irrelevant information from OCLC internal use
  • 938 Random irrelevant information from OCLC internal use
  • 945 Most (206 records) are notes about the UMI microfilm for EEBO image creation (e.g., which frames to skip because they're duplicates or blanks) that Researcher Services decided to keep, but not display; 53 records are irrelevant numeric information related to "PromptCat" dated between 2001 and 2005 (as of 2022-04-13)
  • 946 Used to record "Inventory control 2019"
  • 949 Used for record loads from GOBI. Details are maintained by Acquisitions.
  • 950 Redundant call number or location information from old bulk loads
  • 952 Records information normally in the 852, but for a now-returned long-term loan (so that the field label can be something other than "Folger copy note")
  • 954 Reserved in TIND for Course Level (but not used for Folger reserves)
  • 955 $q contains case and accession numbers from 1996 recon that doesn't appear elsewhere in the record (all are for post-1801 publications); reserved in TIND for Course code (not used for Folger reserves)
  • 956 OCLC BibFormats says this is for local OCLC use, but all seven are notes about UMI microfilm in EEBO records (as of 2022-04-13). TIND reserved use for Course Name (course reserves)
  • 957 TIND reserved use for Professor's Name (course reserves)
  • 958 TIND reserved use for Course notes (course reserves)
  • 959 TIND reserved use for Semester (course reserves)
  • 960 Mostly normalized city of publication in ESTC records (sometimes redundant because Folger 752 has city in $d, but in most cases the 752 only has larger jurisdictions); a few have Harrassowitz order information
  • 961 Harrassowitz order information
  • 962 TIND reserved use for Reserve list title and record ID
  • 963 TIND reserved use for record ID of linked Holding (but only a one-way link from Holding is required)
  • 966 Local version of 866 for accession records and Inventory 2019 scrapbook records
  • 967 Local version of 867
  • 968 Local version of 868
  • 969 Unknown alphabetic code in ESTC records (mostly $az$cn)
  • 970 Contains what used to be in Voyager 980 (apparently quantity from YBP orders)
  • 971 YBP and Casalini information, previously in Voyager 981
  • 972 Casalini price information, previously in Voyager 990
  • 973 Folger barcode in Casalini records, previously in Voyager 983
  • 980 TIND reserved use for Collection query
  • 982 YBP information (appears to be serial numbers plus Gobi requestor's initials)
  • 983 TIND reserved use for Location faceting of "Online" (856 2nd indicator = 0 or 1)
  • 985 Gobi and EOCR information
  • 986 call number in EOCR records, but apparently always duplicated by 985
  • 987 OCLC use
  • 989 OCLC BibFormats says reserved for OCLC use, but not present in any Folger records (as of 2022-04-13)
  • 990 TIND reserved use for Overlay commands
  • 991 TIND reserved use for generic "SUPPRESSED" flag
  • 993 "In-Proc" or "DeckB-Mod" in EOCR records
  • 994 Reserved for OCLC use
  • 998 RLIN-era info, usually initials and dates with $lDCFG or $lESTC, but occasionally just a 4-digit number
  • 999 Usually "GOING IN" from bulk loaded records; occasionally a redundant LUNA link with outdated link text