MARC 7XX Added Entry Fields - General Information

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MARC fields 7XX in the bibliographic format contain added entries. This article gives general information about added entry name and title fields. These fields are repeatable.

Commonly-used tags

1st indicator – Differs depending on entry type

2nd indicator – Type of added entry

# - No information provided 2 - Analytical entry

Subfield delimiters Varies depending on field, some constants across the 7XX fields are:

ǂd - Dates ǂf - Date of a work (R) ǂi - Relationship information (R) ǂk - Form subheading (R) ǂl - Language of a work (NR) ǂp - Name of part/section of a work (R) ǂs - Version (R) ǂt - Title of a work (NR)

Policy and formulation

  • Use of ǂi and ǂe


700 1# xxx
710 2# xxx

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