MARC 751 Added Entry - Geographic Name

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MARC field 751 in the bibliographic format contains an added entry in which the entry element is a geographic name that is related to a particular attribute of the described item, for example, the place of a university to which a dissertation is submitted, the place of an event such as a conference, etc.

Commonly-used tags


Blank (undefined)


ǂa - Geographic name (NR)
ǂe - Relator term (R)
ǂ2 - Source of heading or term (NR)
ǂ3 - Materials specified (NR)

Policy and formulation

  • Apply when appropriate for vault materials.
  • Use when there is a significant place associated with a resource that is not a place of production or creation, but which the cataloger wishes to bring out. It is expected to be used largely for places that events occurred when different from the place of publication or production.
  • Use authorized form of geographic name.
  • Add a relationship designator.
    • event place is expected to be appropriate for most circumstances.
    • university place is correct when adding a place name for dissertations.
  • Add ǂ2 naf


  • A sermon preached in Essex and published in London
751## Essex (England), ǂe event place. ǂ2 naf 
752## Great Britain ǂb England ǂd London. 
  • An acting edition of a London production printed in Dublin
751## London (England), ǂe event place. ǂ2 naf 
752## Ireland ǂd Dublin. 
  • A catalog printed in London for an auction to be held in London
751## London (England), ǂe event place. ǂ2 naf 
752## Great Britain ǂb England ǂd London. 

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