MARC 675 Source Data Not Found

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MARC field 675 in the authority format contains citations for consulted sources in which no information is found related in any manner to the entity represented by the authority record or related entities.

Commonly-used tags



Subfield delimiters

ǂa Source citation

Policy and formulation

  • Use to record sources where you might reasonably expect to find an entry, but it's not there, for example:
    • Oxford DNB for dead British people
    • ULAN for artists
  • Take a broad approach to "might reasonably expect to find," that is, record a source that contains information about the entity, even if the entity is obscure
  • Precede additional $a's with a semicolon
  • Date dynamic sources
  • Tentative: Include dated VIAF searches
  • Since these are notes, it is permissible to render date in form: yyyy-mm-dd


675  Oxford DNB 
675  VIAF 2015-01-16; $a ULAN 2015-01-16

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