MARC 670 Source Data Found

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MARC Field 670 in the authority format contains a citation for a consulted source in which information is found related in some manner to the entity represented by the authority record or related entities. It may also include the information found in the source.

Commonly-used tags



Subfield codes

ǂa      Source citation  (NR)
ǂb      Information found  (NR)
ǂu      Uniform Resource Identifier  (R)

Policy and formulation

Electronic resources

  • In general, avoid the use of URIs unless 1) it is necessary to identify the resource and/or 2) it is a permalink.
  • Prefer the wording viewed on' plus the date to indicate that an electronic resource is being cited
  • Specific resources
    • VIAF: give the permalink to the VIAF cluster or an individual authority record as appropriate