MARC 581 Publications About Described Materials Note

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MARC field 581 in the Bibliographic record contains a citation or other information about a publication that is based on the use, study, or analysis of the materials described in the record. It is repeatable.

Note that it is not currently (Aug. 2015) possible to indicate through coding that the note only applies to a particular copy, or a particular institution.

Commonly-used tags


1st: Display constant controller

# - Publications 8 - No display constant generated

2nd: Undefined

Subfield delimiters

ǂa - Publications about described materials note (NR) ǂz - International Standard Book Number (R) ǂ3 - Materials specified (NR) ǂ6 - Linkage (NR) ǂ8 - Field link and sequence number (R)

Policy and formulation

  • Use 581 for citations to and descriptions of scholarly publications about the material described.
  • Include an introductory phrase followed by a colon as necessary when using first indicator "8" ("No display constant generated")
  • For informal electronic publications like Folgerpedia and The Collation, make a MARC 856 Electronic Location and Access note instead.
  • For published engravings of paintings, make a general note instead.
  • Field 581 ends with a period unless another mark of punctuation is present.


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