MARC 544 Location of Other Archival Materials Note

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Field 544 in the bibliographic and holdings formats contains the name and address of custodians of archival materials related to the described materials by provenance, specifically by having been, at a previous time, a part of the same collection or record group. The Folger uses field 544 to record the existence of related material held by the Folger Shakespeare Library and/or other repositories. This field is repeatable.

Basic use and searching

Basic use

  • [Brief instructions]


  • [indicate whether the field is searchable in Hamnet drop-downs, or only in the staff module and Command Line search]

Commonly-used tags

1st indicator – Relationship

# - No information provided as to the relationship of the other materials to the archival materials covered by the record
0 - Associated materials identified in the note have the same provenance but reside in a different repository
1 - Related materials identified in the note share the same sphere of activity, reside in the same repository, but have different provenance

2nd indicator – Undefined

Subfield delimiters

ǂa Custodian (R)
ǂb Address
ǂc Country
ǂd Title
ǂe Provenance
ǂn Note
ǂ3 Materials specified
ǂ6 Linkage
ǂ8 Field link and sequence number

Although ǂa is repeatable, it is recommended that a separate 544 field be created for each occurrence of subfield ǂa and its associated information.

Policy and formulation

Policies have yet to be discussed.



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