MARC 541 Immediate Source of Acquisition Note

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MARC field 541 in the bibliographic and holdings formats contains information about the immediate source of acquisition of the described materials. This field is repeatable. It is used in Folger records for the accession number.

Commonly-used tags


First indicator - Privacy

0 - Private
1 - Not private

2nd indicator - Undefined

Subfield delimiters

ǂ3 - Materials specified (NR) 
ǂe - Accession number (NR) 

Policy and formulation

Used in Folger records for the accession number

  • All vault materials added to the collection receive a 6-digit accession number. The call numbers of most printed rare materials are based on the accession number. Items acquired before this practice may have case numbers, the name of a person, or a date.
  • Case numbers are 4-digit numbers up to number. Record the number preceded by 'cs', no space. Example: ǂe cs1493
  • The books donated by Henry N. Paul were given 4-digit accession numbers in the 6xxx range. Record the 4-digit number only. Example ǂe 6811
  • Separate the units of date-based accession numbers with a period. Example: ǂe 12.30.44
  • 'F' or 'ac' usually precedes the six-digit accession number or accession date as written in the item. Record the 6-digit number only. Example ǂj 256644
  • If item in hand lacks a case or accession number, record ǂe No case or accession number present
  • In the case of framed art or other material where an accession number would be hidden, record ǂe No case or accession number visible

History note

For records created before November 2016, accession numbers may be found in [[MARC 852ǂj, 852ǂz, or 876ǂz

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