MARC 510 Reference Citation Note

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MARC field 510 in the bibliographic format contains citations or references to published bibliographic descriptions of the content of the described item.

Commonly-used tags


1st = 4 - Location in source given
2nd = Undefined

Subfield delimiters

ǂa Name of source
ǂc Location Within source
ǂu Uniform Resource Identifier

Policy and formulation

  • Use 510 for bibliographical descriptions of the described item, including its description in a List of Folger exhibition catalogs.
  • In general, follow the forms as given in Standard Citation Forms for Rare Materials Cataloging
  • If formulating a new citation form, follow the Working Principles of Standard Citation Forms (to be discussed: when to propose the new form to RBMS)
  • No general use is currently made of a URI. Do not use to link to the Hamnet record for the bibliography.
  • The field does not end with a mark of punctuation, unless the field ends with an abbreviation, initial/letter, or other data that ends with a mark of punctuation.

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