MARC 506 Restrictions on Access Note

MARC field 506 in the bibliographic and holdings formats contains information about restrictions imposed on access to the described materials. This field is repeatable.

Commonly-used tags

First indicator - Restriction

1 - Restrictions apply 

Second indicator - Undefined


‡a - Terms governing access (NR)
‡3 - Materials specified (NR)
‡5 - Institution to which field applies (NR)

Policy and formulation

Indefinite restrictions

When an item has been designated as restricted, or is a material type that is always restricted (e.g. an embroidered binding):

  • Add an identical 506 field to both the bibliographic and holdings records for that item, using appropriate language based on the models below.
  • Add a concise explanation of why items are restricted for the benefit of Reading Room staff in ǂx See discussion
  • If there is more than one volume or more than one copy, identify which are the restricted items using MARC ǂ3 Materials specified.
  • The field generates an "Access Advisory" label. Place a "Do not remove from shelf" flag in restricted materials, which can be obtained from a curator, writing the reason for restriction on the back of the flag.
  • Legacy: restricted notes were formerly put in field 852 ǂz.
  • Note: The following strings can be copied-and-pasted directly into Connexion


5061 RESTRICTED. Use microfilm. Original available by special permission only. ‡5 DFo 
5061 RESTRICTED. Use digital reproduction. Original available by special permission only. ‡5 DFo
5061 RESTRICTED. Use digital reproduction or microfilm. Original available by special permission only. ‡5 DFo
5061 ‡3 copy 1 ‡a RESTRICTED. Available by special permission only. ‡x Unique issue ‡5 DFo 

Exhibition advisories

When an item is approved for loan, add an access advisory to the bibliographic and holdings record using the following examples as a model. Start the "unavailable" period far enough in advance for the item to be conditioned and packed well before travel.


506 1  ‡a SCHEDULED LOAN. Unavailable for research February through June 2008. ‡5 DFo 
506 1  ‡3 copy 1 ‡a SCHEDULED EXHIBITION. Unavailable for research August 2012 through February 2013. ‡5 DFo  

When an item leaves the building on loan, update the access advisories and add the temporary location "Offsite loan" in the item record.


506 1  ‡a ON LOAN. London, National Portrait Gallery, Brilliant Women. Unavailable for research through June 2008. ‡5 DFo 
506 1  ‡3 copy 1 ‡a ON LOAN. New York, The Jewish Museum, Crossing Borders: Manuscripts from the Bodleian Collection. Unavailable for research through February 2013. ‡5 DFo  

When the item returns:

  • Delete the access advisory notes in bib and holdings, and the temporary location in the item record
  • Add a MARC 585 Exhibitions Note to the bibliographic record

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