MARC 378 Fuller Form of Personal Name

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MARC field tag 378 in the authority format is a name element used to distinguish a person from another person with the same name. It may be needed when a part of a name is represented only by an initial or abbreviation in the form chosen as the preferred name, or when a part of the name is not included in the form chosen as the preferred name. This field applies only to the name in the 1XX. This field is repeatable.

Commonly-used tags



Subfield delimiters

ǂq - Fuller form of personal name (NR)

Policy and formulation

  • Use only for expansions of initials or forenames not included as the preferred term.


1001 Sievers, E. W., ǂd 1820-1894
378  ǂq Eduard Wilhelm
4001 Sievers, Eduard Wilhelm, ǂd 1820-1894

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