MARC 374 Occupation

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MARC field 374 in the authority format contains information about profession or occupation in which a person works or has worked, including dates applicable. This field is repeatable.

Commonly-used tags



Subfield delimiters

ǂa Occupation (R)
ǂs Start period (NR) 
ǂt End period (NR) 
ǂ2 Source of term (NR) 

Commonly-used terms

These are confirmed for current use. LCSH is given if it exists; itoamc or other vocabularies if not.

374  Actors ǂ2 lcsh
374  Artists ǂ2 lcsh 
        374  Illustrators ǂ2 lcsh
374  Authors ǂ2 lcsh (use only for people described as authors or writers)
        374  Diarists ǂ2 lcsh
        374  Dramatists ǂ2 lcsh
        374  Novelists ǂ2 lcsh
        374  Pamphleteers  ǂ2 lcsh
        374  Poets ǂ2 lcsh
374  Binders ǂ2 lcsh
374  Booksellers ǂ2 itoamc (prefer over "Publishers" for the hand-press era)
374  Clergy ǂ2 lcsh
374  Political activists ǂ2 lcsh
374  Printers ǂ2 lcsh
374  Publishers ǂ2 lcsh (prefer over "Booksellers" for the machine-press era)
374  Scribes ǂ2 lcsh
374  Teachers  ǂ2 lcsh
        374  College teachers ǂ2 lcsh
        374  High school teachers ǂ2 lcsh
374  Translators ǂ2 lcsh

Policy and formulation

  • Use specific terms (in contrast to broad terms preferred for field 372)
  • Use whichever controlled vocabulary is most convenient for the cataloger.
  • Use for actual professions or occupations; do not extend to non-occupational classes of persons or general descriptors

Legacy terms

Ambox notice.png This section contains text copied from legacy files and may or may not reflect current information.

The terms below need to be confirmed before use

  • Actors ǂ2 lcsh
  • Artists ǂ2 lcsh (use for Illustrators)
  • Authors ǂ2 lcsh
  • Bookseller ǂ2 marcrelator
  • Calligraphers ǂ2 lcsh (Use for Penman)
  • Classicists ǂ2 lcsh
  • Corrector (but not from an authorized vocab -- yet -- b/c RBMS relationship designator scope note limits to manuscript scriptoria)
  • Dramatists ǂ2 lcsh
  • Humanists ǂ2 lcsh
  • Poets ǂ2 lcsh
  • Print dealers ǂ2 lcsh
  • Printmakers ǂ2 lcsh
  • Scribes ǂ2 lcsh
  • Translators ǂ2 lcsh

Controlled vocabularies for occupations

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