MARC 374 Occupation

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MARC field 374 in the authority format contains information about profession or occupation in which a person works or has worked, including dates applicable.

Commonly-used tags

Policy and formulation

Commonly-used terms

The Folger routinely uses the following terms in the 374 field when applicable. (See also ITOAMC, likely preferable because ǂ2 marcrelator is controversial)

  • Actors ǂ2 lcsh
  • Artists ǂ2 lcsh (use for Illustrators)
  • Authors ǂ2 lcsh
  • Bookseller ǂ2 marcrelator
  • Calligraphers ǂ2 lcsh (Use for Penman)
  • Classicists ǂ2 lcsh
  • Corrector (but not from an authorized vocab -- yet -- b/c RBMS relationship designator scope note limits to manuscript scriptoria)
  • Dramatists ǂ2 lcsh
  • Humanists ǂ2 lcsh
  • Poets ǂ2 lcsh
  • Print dealers ǂ2 lcsh
  • Printmakers ǂ2 lcsh
  • Scribes ǂ2 lcsh
  • Translators ǂ2 lcsh
  • need to return to Publishers, Booksellers, Printers, etc.

Scope notes for selected terms

  • bookseller MARC: Use for a person or organization who makes books and other bibliographic materials available for purchase. Interest in the materials is primarily lucrative. Folger practice: prefer over publisher for pre-1831 books, except when "publisher" or equivalent is used. Do not use in art cataloging
  • printer MARC: Use for a person or organization who prints texts, whether from type or plates.
  • publisher MARC: Use for a person or organization that makes printed matter, often text, but also printed music, artwork, etc. available to the public. Folger practice: prefer bookseller for pre-1831 books, except when "published" or equivalent is used. In art cataloging, use for publisher, distributor, etc. even in the case of a printer or printseller functioning as a publisher