MARC 372 Field of Activity

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MARC field 372 in the authority format contains information

  • For a person: a field of endeavor, area of expertise, etc., in which the person is engaged or was engaged
  • For a corporate body: a field of business in which the corporate body is engaged; its area of competence, responsibility, jurisdiction, etc.

Policy and formulation

  • Restrict to actual fields of endeavor; don't apply to literary or artistic movements.
  • Use broad terms in 372; specific terms in 374. For example, Book industries and trade for Field of activity, and Publishers for Occupation.
  • Use Shakespeare as field of activity for all people who have anything to do with Shakespeare--which we know because we're cataloging it--even if it's only one thing and the person is completely obscure.
  • Other personal name headings may be used in 372, but apply these more conservatively than with Shakespeare.
  • Use whichever controlled vocabulary is most convenient for the cataloger.
  • Terms apply to both practitioners and scholars/critics. For example, Music for musicians and musicologists; Theater for actors and theater historians.
  • See Authority control for attribute clusters for the following types of persons and industries (these clusters are in the process of being developed and will be eventually deleted here):
    • Booktrade (including printmaking and selling)
    • Creative writing
    • Education and scholarship
    • Religion
    • Theater

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