MARC 370 Associated Place

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MARC field 370 in the authority format contains towns, cities, provinces, states, and/or countries associated with persons, corporate bodies, families, works, and expressions. This field is repeatable.

Commonly-used tags


Subfield delimiters
ǂa Place of birth (NR)
ǂb Place of death (NR)
ǂc Associated country (R)
ǂe Place of residence/headquarters (R)
ǂf Other associated place (R)
ǂg Place of origin of work (R)
ǂs Start period (NR)
ǂt End period (NR)
ǂ2 Source of term (NR)

Policy and formulation

Use as many place names as are appropriate without regard to duplication of content.

370 Penshurst (England) ǂb London (England) ǂc Great Britain ǂc England ǂe Penshurst (England) ǂe London (England) ǂ2 naf

Use both the modern form of the place name and an earlier form of the name during the person's lifetime, if different:

370 ǂc Italy ǂc Venice (Republic : to 1797) 

Give place of residence in ǂe and country in ǂc even though the country is already named in the ǂe

370 ǂc France ǂe Paris (France)

Include the constituent countries of Great Britain in addition to "Great Britain" in ǂc. Do not include states, provinces, or territories of the US, Canada, or Australia.

370 ǂc Great Britain ǂc Wales ǂe Aberystwyth (Wales) ǂ2 naf 
370 ǂc United States ǂe Clovis (California) ǂ2 naf

Neighborhoods may be used in places such as ǂe but use it in addition to the established city name

ǂe Harrow (London, England) ǂe London (England) ǂ2 naf

If the place name isn't established, as is usually the case with villages and estates, determine the modern form of the name (Google is great for this) and add it in a second 370 without ǂ2

370  ǂb Budapest (Hungary) ǂc Romania ǂc Hungary ǂ2 naf
370  Krassószékás (Hungary)


370  Dresden (Germany) ǂb Berlin (Germany) ǂc Germany ǂe Berlin (Germany) ǂe Dresden (Germany) ǂe Leipzig (Germany) ǂ2 naf
370  ǂc Great Britain ǂc England ǂc Scotland ǂe London (England) ǂe Edinburgh (Scotland) ǂ2 naf
370  Naples (Italy) ǂb Vienna (Austria) ǂc Austria ǂc Czech Republic ǂc England ǂc Great Britain ǂc Spain ǂe Prague (Czech Republic) ǂe Vienna (Austria) ǂ2 naf

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