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:<code>ǂb</code> Type of jurisdiction (R)
:<code>ǂb</code> Type of jurisdiction (R)
:<code>ǂc</code> Other designation (R)
:<code>ǂc</code> Other designation (R)
:<code>ǂd</code> Title of person (R)
:<code>ǂd</code>Title of person (R)
:<code>ǂs </code>Start period (NR)
:<code>ǂs</code>Start period (NR)
:<code>ǂt</code> End period (NR)
:<code>ǂt</code> End period (NR)
:<code>ǂ2</code> Source (NR)
:<code>ǂ2</code> Source (NR)

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MARC field 368 in the Authority format contains information about attributes that serve to characterize a person or corporate body or that may be needed for differentiation from other persons or corporate bodies and for which separate content designation is not already defined.

  • For a person: Can include designations of the title of a person or other attributes.
  • For a corporate body: Can include designations indicating the type of corporate body or jurisdiction, or other attributes.

This field is repeatable.

Commonly-used tags

Indicators: Undefined

Subfield delimiters

ǂa Type of corporate body (R)
ǂb Type of jurisdiction (R)
ǂc Other designation (R)
ǂdTitle of person (R)
ǂsStart period (NR)
ǂt End period (NR)
ǂ2 Source (NR)

Policy and formulation

Include field 368 in all NARs for corporate bodies, providing very basic identification of the type of corporate body. The list following will be built as needed. At present, all new corporate body NARs are for booktrade firms.

368 Business enterprises ǂ2 lcsh

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