MARC 260 Publication, Distribution, etc. (Imprint) (Bibliographic)

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MARC field 260 in the bibliographic format contains information relating to the publication, printing, distribution, issue, release, or production of a work. Note: MARC field 260 also exists in the authority format, but it contains information on complex see references for subjects.

Commonly-used tags




ǂa - Place of publication, distribution, etc.
ǂb - Name of publisher, distributor, etc.
ǂc - Date of publication, distribution, etc. 
ǂe - Place of manufacture 
ǂf - Manufacturer 
ǂg - Date of manufacture

Policy and formulation

For cataloging rare materials, and vault modern editions of Shakespeare, we will apply DCRM(B) 4E, on place, name, and date of manufacture. See the long section 4A6, which discusses the relationships and differing treatment given to publishers, distributors, etc. (hereafter, publisher) and manufacturer. This is a summary of the provisions.

  • Put manufacturing information in field 260 ǂeǂfǂg only when all three conditions pertain:
    • the resource has both publication and manufacturing statements
    • the publication and manufacturing statements are grammatically independent
    • the publication information is emphasized by typography or layout
  • Otherwise, put manufacturing information in 260 ǂaǂbǂc.
  • Subfield ǂe contains place of manufacture. If no place is given, assume it is the same as the primary place of publication and supply the place name in square brackets. Do not transpose grammatically-separable place name; instead, transcribe it where it is occurs in ǂf and supply the place name in square brackets in ǂe.
  • Subfield ǂf contains name of manufacturer. Transcribe as found. When performing DCRM(B) cataloging, make a note for any transpositions or source of information if not the title page (however, avoid transposing whenever possible).
  • Subfield ǂg contains the date of manufacture. Only use this field if the date is given. Otherwise, leave it off the record

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