MARC 100 Heading Personal Name

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MARC field 100 in the authority and bibliographic formats contains information on formulating a personal name used as a main entry in a bibliographic record. Since the same instructions apply for formulating access points of persons regardless of where it is used in a bibliographic record, this article covers MARC fields 600, 700, and 800.

Commonly-used tags

First Indicator - Type of personal name entry element

0 - Forename
1 - Surname
3 - Family name 

Second indicator



ǂa - Personal name (NR)
ǂb - Numeration (NR)
ǂc - Titles and words associated with a name (R)
ǂd - Dates associated with a name (NR)
ǂe - Relator term (R)
ǂf - Date of a work (NR)

Policy and formulation

Basic formulation of personal names

  • In general, avoid creating unqualified personal name access points, even in the absence of a conflict. Use judgment, however, as some names may be unusual enough in themselves, so that the addition of active dates or a title or another designation would be superfluous.
    • Example: Edward J. Geisweidt was established without any additional qualifications: he is the only Geisweidt in the name authority file, and with a middle initial, a conflict or ambiguity in identifying this person is highly unlikely.
  • Add birth and/or death dates to the authorized access point whenever available. In the absence of a conflict, do not change an existing authority record solely to add dates. (However, closing out an open birth date is acceptable.)
  • Make the following additions to the preferred name if applicable:
    • title of royalty (see
    • title of nobility (see
    • title of religious rank (see
    • the term Saint (see
    • the term Spirit (see
    • an other designation associated with the person (see
  • Make the following additions to the preferred name in this order of preference, in case of conflict (RDA
    • Fuller form of name (RDA
    • Period of activity of the person and/or profession or occupation (RDA Folger practice: in general, prefer century dates over specific years of activity, and over profession or occupation
    • Other term of rank, honour, or office (RDA
    • Other designation (RDA

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