MARC 046 Special Coded Dates (Bibliographic)

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MARC 21 field 046 contains date of item information that cannot be recorded in 008/06-14 (Type of date/Publication status, Date 1, Date 2). For our purposes, it will be used primarily when a transcribable date on a piece is incorrect and has been corrected in the 260ǂc, whether because of unintentional errors, deliberate attempts to mislead, or the date is of an original resource when you are cataloging a reproduction.


When field 046 is used for incorrect dates, field 008/06 is coded for the type of corrected data and field 008/07-10 and 008/11-14 contain correct dates.

Pertinent subfields

ǂa Type of date code = x for incorrect date 
ǂc Date 1 (C.E. date) 
ǂe Date 2 (C.E. date) 


Single part/multi-part items complete in single year with an incorrect date, complete the fixed fields for the corrected date, and add the incorrect date from the resource in field 046.

  • A work dated 1730 was actually printed in 1703
260 ǂc 1730 [i.e. 1703]
DtSt s
Dates 1703,bbbb
046 bb x ǂc 1730

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