MARC 046 Special Coded Dates (Authority)

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MARC field 046 in the authority format contains information about dates that are associated with the entity described in the record.

Commonly-used tags




ǂf - Birth date
ǂg - Death date
ǂk - Beginning or single date created
ǂl - Ending date created 
ǂs - Start period
ǂt - End period
ǂu - Uniform Resource Identifier
ǂv - Source of information
ǂ2 - Source of date scheme

Policy and formulation

  • Include readily-available date information in this field, even if that information is not used in the authorized access point.
  • Firm (even if vague) dates do not need a ǂ2; it is assumed that the source is ISO 8601 (the international standard for dates and times).
  • Uncertain dates are formulated according to the Extended Date/Time Format developed by the Library of Congress, and require ǂ2 edtf


046  ǂs 1705 ǂt 1721 
1001 Speed, Anne, ǂd active 18th century

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