MARC ǂ3 Materials specified

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MARC subfield 3 in the authority, bibliographic, and holdings formats contains the part of the described materials to which the field applies when the content of the field does not apply to the whole resource. It is authorized for many MARC fields.


  • A manuscript record covering five items, important enough for each to receive additional individual description.
500 ǂ3 X.c.85 (1) ǂa Dated: Warwick house, new years [1641/2?]. Signed: Essex Cheek. Addressed: for my deare daughter the Lady Beuell at Cheasterton, huntingdonshere. Contains seal. In red pencil no. 493. 2 leaves; 26 x 16 cm. 
  • An object and manuscript cataloged together
 260 ǂ3 Dressing case ǂc January 21st, 1854 ǂe ([New Orleans]) 
 260 ǂ3 Letter ǂc 1854 January 21 ǂe (New Orleans) 
 300 ǂ3 Dressing case ǂa 1 box ; ǂc 22 x 29 x 14 cm 
 300 ǂ3 Letter ǂa 2 leaves ; ǂc 23 x 19 cm