Love's Labor's Lost (Shenandoah Shakespeare Express, 2002)

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The Shenandoah Shakespeare Express presented their production of Love's Labor's Lost from November 16 to December 1, 2002.

Erika Sheffer (Rosaline), Kip Pierson (Berowne), Love's Labor's Lost. Folger Theatre presents Shenandoah Shakespeare Express, 2002. Directed by Nick Hutchinson. Shenandoah Shakespeare Express.

The Production


In order of appearance

  • Tyler Woods: Ferdinand, A Forester
  • Kip Pierson: Berowne
  • Paul Fidalgo: Longaville, Holofernes
  • Jim Kropa: Dumaine
  • Vanessa Mandeville Morosco: The Princess of France
  • Erika Sheffer: Rosaline, Jaquenetta
  • Claire Christie: Maria
  • Jessica Drizd: Katherine, Nathaniel
  • Eric C. Bailey: Boyet, Dull
  • Frank Arrington: Don Armado
  • Joann Sacco: Moth, Marcade
  • Kevin Hauver: Costar

Creative team

  • William Shakespeare, Playwright

Shenandoah Shakespeare

  • Nick Hutchinson, Director
  • Joyce Peifer, Assistant Director
  • Kimberly G. Morris, Costumer
  • Paul Fidalgo, Original Music
  • Jessica Drizd, Choreographer
  • Vanessa Mandeville Morosco, Choreographer
  • Paul Fidalgo, Stage manager

Production team

Folger Theatre

  • Janet Alexander Griffin, Artistic Producer
  • Janet M. Clark, Production Manager
  • Jenn Carlson, House Manager
  • David Lockhart, House Manager
  • Shirley Serotsky, House Manager
  • Krohn Design, Graphic Design