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Loose materials are sometimes found in bound collection materials. Current Folger policy for vault items favors retaining loose material with the book, if possible. This article contains policy and procedures for dealing with things found in books.

Staff procedures

If an item has become part of the content, such as a contemporary ms. note concerning the text pinned within the book, extraneous materials should be left with the book, and described in the copy-specific note as to location within the book, as well as an idea of content

The following should be removed:

  • accession/acquisition-based items, such as bookseller descriptions or shipping labels
  • organic materials which might prove detrimental to the book, such as flowers, leaves, etc.

When in doubt as to the potential harmful nature of leaving an item within the book, such as a rusting pin, consult curator(s) and/or conservators for an opinion. If it is determined that a pin should be removed, it is to be sent to the Curatorial File, noting location within book and shelf-mark, etc.

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