London: Music from the City of Shakespeare (2012)

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Folger Consort performed London: Music from the City of Shakespeare from September 28 to 30, 2012.

The Consort returned to its roots in early modern London, where Orlando Gibbons shaped the sounds of the market into The Cries of London, Shakespeare’s neighbor Thomas Morley published spirited pieces for mixed instruments, and William Byrd fashioned powerful and profound music for worship. The Consort showcased the wealth of dances, consort lessons, and ayres that flourished as London transformed into a modern city.

London Folger Consort 2012.jpeg


Folger Consort

Artistic Directors

  • Robetr Eisenstein: viol, violin
  • Christopher Kendall: lute, bandora

Guest artists

  • Mark Rimple: lute, viol
  • Aaron Sheehan: tenor
  • Mary Springfels: viol, cittern
  • Brent Wissick: viol
  • Tom Zajac: recorder, flute, bagpipes