List of vault material acquired in 2015/16

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This list identifies the 310 vault items (or groups of items) received between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. For information about how these acquisitions fit within the collection, see the Folger's Collection Development policy. Everything in this list is in Hamnet, sometimes fully cataloged, sometimes with an accession-level record.

Important: the information below comes from purchase order information, so might no longer match descriptions in Hamnet. Follow the Hamnet link for the most recent information.

Type Main name Title Created/Published Date Received Hamnet link
Book Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, William Shakespeare : the complete works / New Delhi : Peacock Books, ©2013. 2013 2015-07-07
Book Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, Do jeito que você gosta = As you like it / Florianopólis : Editora UFSC, 2011. 2011 2015-07-09
Book Conti, Livio Ignazio, de, Anatomia della cometa dell'anno 1664 : coll'occasione della quale si discorre delle comete in generale, et si annoverano tutte quelle, che dal princip In Venezia : Per il Valvasense, 1665. 1665 2015-08-07
Manuscript Treatise concerning nobilitie accordinge to the lawes of England 1620-1658. 1620 2015-08-07
Manuscript Small archive documenting the career of actress Olive Stettith including an autograph album with inscriptions and sketches; theater programs; photogra 1888 2015-08-07
Manuscript Clerke, John, Catechisme composed by Mr. John Clerke, minister in shipp Smerna Merchant in her voyage from England to East Indai 1656 2015-08-07
Manuscript Master, Streynsham, 1640-1724, Booke of particular remembrances, by Streynsham Master... Dover? 1674 2015-08-07
Manuscript Master, Streynsham, 1640-1724, Booke of devotions, prayers &c by Streynsham Master... 1666 2015-08-07
Book England and Wales. Parliament. Additionall ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament : concerning dayes of recreation, allowed unto schollers, apprentices and other London : Printed for John Wright at the Kings Head in the old Bayley, 1647. 1647 2015-08-07
Manuscript [Charles II], Warrant signed by Henry Bennet, first ear, of Arlington, issued to Ralph Montagu, master of the Great Wardrobe, ordering that he "deliver unto Sr John [London] : [s.n.], 22 June, 1677. 1677 2015-08-07
Manuscript England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I) These are on the Kings Maiesties behalfe to will and require you to appeare, uuuu 2015-08-07
Manuscript City of London. Certificate issued to the merchant Edward Overing declaring, [London] : [s.n.], 4 June, 1636. uuuu 2015-08-07
Manuscript D'Orco, Giovan Paulo, Autograph letter signed from Giovan Paulo D'Orco, Antwerp, to Bartholomew de Barnarde Corsini, London 1585 2015-08-07
Manuscript Patti, Stefano, Five autograph letters signed from Stefano Patti, Venice, to Bartholomew de Barnarde Corsini, London 1590-1593 2015-08-07
Manuscript De Buas, Antonio, Autograph letter signed from Antonio De Buas, Plymouth, to Phillipo Corsini, London 1590-1591 2015-08-07
Manuscript Ragazzoni, Jacomo, Autograph letter signed from Jacomo and Placido Ragazzoni, Venice, to Bartholomew de Barnarde Corsini, London 1590 2015-08-07
Manuscript England and Wales. Commissioners of Excise. Blank printed form issued by the Commissioners of Excise for demanding pyament of excise tax 1660 2015-08-07
Art Memento mori. Printed death certificate for Linsey Winne. [Bristol] : [Printed by Sam. Farley in Wine street], [1729] 1729 2015-08-07
Art Memento mori. Printed death certificate for John Winne, merchant. [Bristol] : [Printed by Sam. Farley, in Wine street], [1736] 1736 2015-08-07
Book Ken, Thomas, 1637-1711, Manual of prayers for the use of the scholars of Winchester College : and all other devout Christians. London : Printed for Charles Brome, at the Gun in St. Pauls Church-Yard, 1686. 1686 2015-08-07
Manuscript Bill of lading for cargo of brandy and strong beer sent to 'the Carib Islands' from London 1660 2015-08-07
Manuscript Pye, John, 1626-1697, Personal account book of John Pye in Derbyshire 1686 2015-08-07
Manuscript Rushbury, Richard, -1704, Richard Rushbury his booke [volume of sermons.] 1680 2015-08-07
Manuscript Kemton, Samuel, Autograph receipt signed from Samuel Kemton, London, to Captain John Elliott of the Coast Frigate, 1660 2015-08-07
Book Buchanan, George, 1506-1582, Paraphrasis Psalmorum Davidis poetica. / Cathalauni [Châlons] : Apud Claudium Guyot ..., 1601. 1601 2015-08-07
Book Bale, John, Bepstliche Geschichte Aller Römischen Bepste, Auch jrer fürnembsten Geschichten, Hendel vnd Thaten, ordenliche verzeichnis, auss vielen glaubwirdi [S.l.] : [s.n.], 1566. 1566 2015-08-07
Book Glückliches neues Jahr!. Leipzig ; Berlin ; Barmen ; Budapest ; Florenz ; London ; New York ; Paris ; St. Petersburg : Farbenfabriken Berger & Wirth, 1910. 1910 2015-08-07
Book Ball, George, Afternoon at Shakespeare's / [Place of publication not identified] : Robert Ball, [1965] 1965 2015-08-07
Book Young lady's book of elegant prose : comprising selections from the works of British and American authors. Philadelphia : Key & Biddle, 1836. 1836-1835 2015-08-07
Book True coppie of divers letters, sent from the governors of Ireland, to the Parliament in England : desiring their speedy ayd for the supply. Wherein is [London] : Printed for Samuell Horten, 1641. 1641 2015-08-07
Book Lord Osmonds overthrovv : vvhich vvas the chief commander to the rebells. With the truth how he fell distracted, and how he kild his sonne, and how hi London : Printed for Iohn Greensmith, 1642. 1642 2015-08-07
Book Dati, Carlo Roberto, 1619-1676, Amanti ladri notturni Cocchiata. Firenze : All'Insegna della Stella, 1667. 1667 2015-08-07
Book Cecchi, Giovanni Maria, 1518-1587, Lezione : overo Cicalamento di Maestro Bartolino dal canto de' bischeri ; sopra'l sonetto: Passere, e Beccafichi magri arrosto. In Firenze : Per Domenico Manzani, 1605. 1605 2015-08-07
Manuscript Theobald, Bertram G. (Bertram Gordon), 1871-1940, Autograph letter signed from Bertram Gordon Theobald, The Four Winds, Ovingdean, Brighton, to Adelheid Maria von Blomberg, 117 Bay State Road, Boston 1933 2015-08-07
Manuscript Blomberg, A. M. von (Adelheid Maria), 1863- Autograph letter signed from Adelheid Maria von Blomberg, Boston, Massachusetts, to an unnamed recipient, "Dear Friend" 1933 2015-08-07
Manuscript Thompson, Catharine Howard, Typewritten transcription, with autograph emendations, of Sir Anthony Weldon's 'A cat may look at a King' Boston, Mass. : Catherine Howard Thompson, 24 June 1915. 1915 2015-08-07
Book Parker, Willard, 1857- Baconian comment on Northumberland MS : This Document, It Is Contended, Strikes at the Heart of the "Stratfordian Myth" / [United States?] : [Publisher not identified], [1925?] 1925 2015-08-07
Manuscript Wood, Ernest, 1883-1965, Autograph letter signed from Ernest Egerton Wood, Theosophical Society, Adyar, Madras, S. India, to Alicia Amy Leith 1915 2015-08-07
Book Beek, J., active 1691-1702, Triomphe royal : où l'on voit dêscrits les arcs de triomphe, pyramides, tablaux [sic], & devises au nombre de 65, érigez à la Haye, à l'honn A la Haye : Chez Barent Beek, [1691?] 1691 2015-08-07
Object Smith, W. E., Pair of papermaking moulds with deckle made for T. J. Marshall & Co., of London & Dartford, with maker's watermark, 'W.E. Smith, Hand-made, Sydney, ma [between 1801-1910] 1801-1910 2015-08-07
Book Discors concordia, or unanimity in variance. [London] : Sold by I[ohn]. Oliver on Lud-gate hill, [1687] 1687 2015-08-07
Book Pernety, Antoine-Joseph, 1716-1801, Dictionnaire portatif de peinture, sculpture et gravure : avec un traité pratique des differentes manieres de peindre, dont la théorie est dével A Paris : Chez Bauche ..., 1757. 1757 2015-08-07
Book T. E. (Thomas Edwards), Dialling made easy or, Tables calculated for the latitude of Oxford (but will serve without sensible difference for most parts of England) by the help Oxford : Printed by L. Lichfield for Sam. Clarke, bookseller, 1692. 1692 2015-08-07
Book Reasons that milled-sheet-lead is better and cheaper than cast-sheet-lead for all uses whatsoever. [London] : [s.n.], [1686] 1686 2015-08-07
Book Paracelsus, 1493-1541, Buch Paragranum Aureoli Theophrasti Paracelsi: : darinn die vier Columnae, als da ist, Philosophia, Astronomia, Alchimia, vnnd Virtus, auff welche The Franck. [Frankfurt am Main] : Bey Chri. Egen. [Egenolffs] Erben, 1565. 1565 2015-08-07
Book New Burlesque Entertainment of Rumfustian Innamorato, or the Court of Quodlibet having been received with the ulmost favour will be repeated every nig [S.l.] : [s.n.], [1820?] 1820 2015-08-07
Mixed materials R. D., Sixteen antiquaeries propounded to the catechiser of Diotrephes. London : Printed by R. Cotes for Stephen Bowtell, 1646. 1646 2015-08-07
Book Tillinghast, John, Generation-work, or, A brief and seasonable word offered to the view and consideration of the saints and people of God in this generation, relating to London : Printed by R. Ibbitson for Livewell Chapman, 1655. 1655 2015-08-07
Book Tanner, Francis, Plainest, easiest, and prettiest method of writing short-hand : ever yet published By F.T. The second edition. London : Printed by H. Parker, for W. Lewis, 1713. 1713 2015-08-07
Book Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords. True list of the names of the peers who gave judgment in Dr. Sacheverell's tryal, March the 20th, 1709/10. [London] : Printed in the year, 1710. 1710 2015-08-07
Book Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, Shakspere gallery : a collection of engravings after pictures by eminent artists. London, [1879] 1879 2015-08-07
Book Brillante journée, ou, Le carrousel des galans Maures : entrepris par Monseigneur le Dauphin : avec la comparse, les courses, et des madrigaux sur l Se vendra à Versailles le jour du carrousel, et se debite a Paris : Chez la veuve Blageart ..., MDCLXXXV [1685] 1685 2015-08-07
Manuscript Wilkie, David, Sir, 1785-1841, Autograph letter signed from Sir David Wilkie, Kensington, to George Stuart Newton, Esq 1830 2015-08-07
Book Sicille, active 15th century, Blason des couleurs en armes, liurees & deuises : liure tresutille & subtil pour scauoir & congnoistre dune & chascune couleur la vertu & propriete : On les vend a Lyon : Pres Nostre Dame de Confort cheulx Oliuier Arnoullet, [ca. 1528] 1528 2015-08-07
Book De Bie, Jacques, 1581-approximately 1650, Livre contenant la genealogie et descente de cevx de la maison de Croy tant de la ligne principale estant chef dv nom et armes d'icelle qve des branch [Anvers?], [1612?] 1612 2015-08-07
Book Chapelain, Jean, 1595-1674, Sentimens de l'Academie françoise sur la tragi-comedie du Cid. A Paris : Chez Jean Camusat, 1638. 1638 2015-08-07
Book Holwell, John, 1649-1686?, Clavis horologiae; or, A key to the whole art of arithmetical dyalling, in two parts. : The first shewing how to draw the hour-lines on all manner of London : Printed by Will. Bonny, for Tho. Howkins in George-yard in Lombard-street, MDCLXXXVI. 1686 2015-08-07
Manuscript Burchmore, Edward, Calligraphic mathematical volume 1701 2015-08-07
Book Lupis, Antonio, Eroina Veneta, ouero, La vita di Elena Lucretia Cornara Piscopia / Venetia : Per il Curti, 1689. 1689 2015-08-07
Book Deza, Massimiliano, Vita di Helena Lucretia Cornara Piscopia / Venezia : Per A. Bosio, 1686. 1686 2015-08-07
Book La Ruelle, Charles de, Succinctz adversaires de Charles de La Ruelle ... contre l'histoire & professeurs d'icelle. À Poictiers : Par les Bouchetz, freres, 1573. 1573 2015-08-07
Book Le Roy, Louis, approximately 1510-1577, Ad illvstrissimam Reginam D. Catharinam Medicem ... consolatio Ludouici Regij Constantini, in morte Henrici Regis eius mariti ... Additvs est Liber ep Parissiis : Apud Federicum Morellum, 1560. 1560 2015-08-07
Manuscript Butler, Henry Montagu, 1833-1918, Autograph letter signed from Henry Montagu Butler, Deanery, Westminster, to 'Frank' 1900 2015-08-07
Book Whole booke of Psalmes collected into English meeter / [London] : Printed for the Company of Stationers, 1643. 1643 2015-08-07
Book Sternhold, Thomas, -1549, Whole booke of Psalmes / London : Printed for the Companie of Stationers, 1624. 1624 2015-08-07
Manuscript Autograph bond obligation for a debt, signed by William Osborn and Ann, Elizabeth, and Francis Yeoman of Flowergate, Whitby 1684 2015-08-07
Manuscript Autograph receipt for a medical broth for purifying the blood, "Take borage flowers... spring water" 1690 2015-08-07
Manuscript Autograph receipt "For the gout" 1690 2015-08-07
Manuscript Autograph receipt for making a plaister using oyl of olives, half and ounce of opium dissovled in a little brandy, whale ambergris, and other herbs. " 1690 2015-08-07
Manuscript Autograph receipt for making gooseberry and currant wine 1690 2015-08-07
Book Turner, William, 1653-1701, Compleat history of the most remarkable providences, both of judgment and mercy, which have hapned in this present age. : Extracted from the best writ London : Printed for John Dunton, at the Raven, in Jewen-Street, MDCXCVII. [1697] 1697 2015-08-19
Book Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, Otelo, venec'ieli zangi : xut'mok'medebiani tragedia / tp'ilisi : Tipografii︠a︡ Kheladze, 1888. 1888 2015-08-25
Manuscript Account of charges for twelve items of clothing for Sir Robert Clayton, marked as paid 1680 2015-08-28
Manuscript Russell of Thornhaugh, William Russell, Baron, 1558?-1613, Autograph letter signed, Flushing, to Mr. Beall 1587 2015-08-28
Manuscript Wright, John William, 1802-1848, Autograph letter signed from John William Wright, 5 Great Marlborough Street, to unknown correspondent, 1846 2015-08-28
Manuscript Newark, David Leslie, Baron, -1682, Autograph order signed by David Leslie 1645 2015-08-28
Manuscript Hacker, Francis, Series of 11 authograph letters signed, to his brother John Hacker (Brother Hacker).), uuuu 2015-09-01
Book Sanglante Bataille donnée entre les Seigneur Carnaval et Caresme au sujet d'un arrest injurieux prononcé ces jours passez par le sieur Carême, c [Francia], [1650?] 1650 2015-09-02
Book Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, Shakespeare's The tragedie of King Lear : newly printed from the first folio of 1623. London : [Ernest Benn], 1927 1927 2015-09-03
Book Fialetti, Odoardo, 1573-1638, Scherzi d'Amore / In Venetia : [publisher not identified], 1617. 1617 2015-09-08
Manuscript Phelps, Samuel, 1804-1878, Autograph letter signed from Samuel Phelps, London, to William Slagg 1804-1878 2015-09-09
Book Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, Shakespeare's Sonnets / London : Chatto and Windus, 1907. 1907 2015-09-11
Book Hondorff, Andreas, Promptuarium Exemplorum : Aus heiliger Schrifft vnd vielen bewerten Scirbenten gezogen vnd mit fleis zum Spiegel der warhafftigen Busse auff die Zehen Franckfurt am Mayn : Peter Schmidt, 1580. 1580 2015-09-14
Art Carom, Robert W. E., Fie and sink me! Ye chorus maids are all men! Pen and ink cartoon 19uu 2015-09-15
Manuscript Allen, Viola, 1867-1948, Autograph letters from Viola Allen to William H. Seltsam associated with the International Record Collectors' Club 1940 2015-09-15
Manuscript Allen, Viola, 1867-1948, Autograph letters from Viola Allen to William H. Seltsam associated with the International Record Collectors' Club 1940 2015-09-15
Book Philips, Katherine, 1632-1664, Poems / London : Printed by J.M. for H. Herringman, at the sign of the Blew Anchor in the lower walk of the New Exchange, 1667. 1667 2015-09-16
Book Carbone, Courtney, Srsly Hamlet / New York : Random House, [2015] 2015 2015-09-16
Book Sousa de Macedo, António de, 1606-1682, Dominio sobre a fortvna, e tribvnal da razaõ : em qve se examinam as felicidades, & se beatifica a vida no patrocinio da Virgem Mãy da Graça, ho Lisboa : Na officina de Migvel Deslandes : A custa de Antonio Leite Pereira, 1682 ... 1682 2015-09-17
Object Game of familiar quotations from popular authors New York : McLoughlin Bros., ©1887. 1887 2015-09-18
Manuscript Indenture between Sir Edward Turnour and Edward Smith transferring the rights to maintain and collect revenue from five lighthouses and lights at Wint 1656-1692. 1656 2015-09-18
Book Winters, Robert Hunter, Student's guide to "The Tempest" / [Sydney] : [Metropolitan Business College], [1946] 1946 2015-09-18
Book Floyer, John, Sir, 1649-1734, Pharmako-basanos, or, The touch-stone of medicines : discovering the vertues of vegetables, minerals, & animals, by their tastes & smells ; in two vol London : Printed for Michael Johnson, bookseller in Litchfield : and are to be sold by Robert Clavel, at the Peacock in St. Paul's Church-Yard, 1687. 1687 2015-09-23
Book Georgetown Visitation Convent, Scenes from the Tempest with Shakesperean Songs and Music Presented by the Shakespeare Classes of 1920 -1921. Washington DC : Georgetown Vistation Convent, December 4, 1919. 1919 2015-09-23
Art Bööcke, Robert L., Costume studies for William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice [London:], 1893. 1893 2015-09-25
Art Bööcke, Robert L., Costume studies for William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew [London], [ca. 1875-1900] 1875-1900 2015-09-25
Book Poggi, Beltramo, Inventione della Croce di Giesu Christo, descritta in versi sciolti, e in stile comico, & tragico ... Nuovamente posta in luce. Florence : Giunti, 1561. 1561 2015-10-02
Manuscript Collection of 16th and 17th century, 1600 2015-10-02
Book [Collection of materials related to the run of American Moor at the Anacostia Playhouse]. Washington, D.C. : Anacostia Playhouse, [2015] 2015 2015-10-05
Manuscript Sylvester, Josuah, 1563-1618, Josuah Sylvester’s manuscript translation of part of John Owen’s Epigrammatum (London, 1612), 16uu 2015-10-06
Manuscript Says Pretty to Pepper I’ll have satisfaction / You Mr Attorney must manage my Action... 17uu 2015-10-06
Object Pingo, Lewis, [Portrait medal of David Garrick] 1772. 1588 2015-10-06
Manuscript O list to my Ditty, a Ditty most sad- / A Couple at Hampton were near to run mad... 17uu 2015-10-06
Book Chapmans and travellers almanack for the year of Christ 1695 : wherein all the post-roads, with their several branches and distances, the marts, fairs London : Printed by Tho. James for the Company of Stationers, 1695. 1695 2015-10-06
Book Winstanley, William, 1628?-1698, Poor Robin : 1695. An almanack after the old and new fashion. Or, An ephemeris of the best and newest edition; wherein the reader may find, exactly ca London : Printed for the Company of Stationers, 1695. 1695 2015-10-06
Book Pond, Edward, -1629, Pond an almanack for the year of our Lord God 1695. : Being the 3d after bissextile or leap-year, and from the worlds creation at the sprint 5698 year Cambridge : Printed by John Hayes, printer to the University, 1695. 1695 2015-10-06
Book Parker, George, 1654-1743, Mercurius Anglicanus, or, The English Mercury : being a complete diary for the year of our Lord 1695, the third after leap year : containing monthly p London : Printed by M.C. for the Company of Stationers, 1695. 1695 2015-10-06
Book Gadbury, John, 1627-1704, Ephēmeris. Or, A diary astronomical, astrological, meteorological, for the year of grace, 1695. : It being the third year after leap-year. Attended London : Printed by J.R. for the Company of Stationers, 1695. 1695 2015-10-06
Book Partridge, John, 1644-1715, Merlinus liberatus : being an almanack for the year of our Saviour's incarnation, 1695. And from the creation of the world, according to the best of h London : Printed by R. Roberts for the Company of Stationers, [1695] 1695 2015-10-06
Book Hobbs, Matthew, Chaldaeus Anglicanus : being an almanack for the year, 1695. And from the creation of the world, 1644. it being the third after bissestile or leap-yea London : Printed by John Heptinstall for the Company of Stationers, 1695. 1695 2015-10-06
Book Coley, Henry, 1633-1704, Merlinus Anglicus junior:, or, The starry messenger for the year of our redemption, 1695. : And from the creation, according to sacred writ, 5644 bein London : Printed by John Heptinstall, for the Company of Stationers, 1695. 1695 2015-10-06
Book Winstanley, William, 1628?-1698, Protestant almanack, for the year 1695. : Since the creation of the world --- 5701 the incarnation of Jesus Christ -- 1695 England received the Christ London : Printed by John Richardson for the Company of Stationers, 1695. 1695 2015-10-06
Book Dove, Jonathan, Dove. : Speculum anni or An almanack for the year of our Lord God 1695. Being the third after bissextile or leap-year, and from the worlds creation 56 Cambridge : Printed by John Hayes, printer to the University, 1695. 1695 2015-10-06
Book Andrews, William, approximately 1635-1713, News from the stars: or, An ephemeris for the year, 1695. : With observations upon the eclipses, solar ingresses and configurations of heaven happenin London : Printed by W. and J. Wilde, for the Company of Stationers, 1695. 1695 2015-10-06
Book Saunders, Richard, 1613-1675, 1695. Apollo Anglicanus : the English Apollo: assisting all persons in the right understanding of this years revolution, as also of things past, prese London : Printed by M. Clark, for the Company of Stationers, 1695. 1695 2015-10-06
Book Wing, John, 1643-1726, Olympia dōmata or An almanack for the year of our Lord God 1695. : Being the third after bissextile or leap-year and from the worlds creation, 5644. Cambridge : Printed by John Hayes, printer to the University, 1695. 1695 2015-10-06
Book Woodward, Daniel, active 1682-1700, Ephemeris absoluta. : an almanack astronomical, astrological, meteorological, for the year of our Lord God, 1695. And from the world's creation, 5644. London : Printed by J[ohn]. D[arby]. for the Company of Stationers, 1695. 1695 2015-10-06
Book Salmon, William, 1644-1713, London almanack. : For the year of our Lord, 1695. For the year of the world, 5645. And of Their Majesties reign, 7. Containing I. The change and quar London : Printed by W. Horton for the Company of Stationers, 1695. 1695 2015-10-06
Book Tanner, John, approximately 1636-1715, Angelus Britannicus : an ephemeris for the year of our redemption, 1695. Being the third after the bissextile or leap-year since the creation of the w London : Printed by W. Horton for the Company of Stationers, 1695. 1695 2015-10-06
Manuscript Puckering, sir Thomas, uuuu 2015-10-09
Manuscript Arundel, Henry Fitzalan, 12th Earl of, Autograph letter signed, apparently to Sir Thomas Cawrden, uuuu 2015-10-09
Manuscript List of fines levied upon men and women, many of them for transgressions of the laws about selling of ale, uuuu 2015-10-09
Book England and Wales. Parliament. Tuesday the 27th of May, 1651. Resolved upon the question by the Parliament, that all recognizances for the peace, good behavior or appearances return London : Printed by John Field, printer to the Parliament of England, 1651. 1651 2015-10-09
Book England and Wales. Sovereign (1694-1702 : William III) By the King, a proclamation for a general fast : for the imploring a blessing from Almighty God upon His Majesty and all his dominions, and for averti London : Printed by Charles Bill and the executrix of Thomas Newcomb, deceas'd ..., 1698/9. 1699 2015-10-09
Manuscript Gielgud, John, 1904-2000, Autograph letter signed from Sir John Gielgud, Wotton-Underwood nr. Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, to Dr. Werner Gundersheimer, Director, Folger Shakespe 1990 2015-10-09
Book Smiley, Jane, Thousand acres / New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 1992. 1992-1991 2015-10-16
Book Fenster, Robert, Shakespeare games / New York : Harmony Books, 1982. 1982 2015-10-16
Book Updike, John, Gertrude and Claudius / New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2000. 2000 2015-10-16
Book England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I) By the King. Whereas wee for the continuance, and mainteining of the nauigation of this realme, and to the intent that skilfull mariners and seafaring Imprinted at London : By Bonham Norton, and Iohn Bill, printers to the Kings most excellent Maiestie, M. DC. XXII. [1622, i.e. 1623] 1623 2015-10-26
Book Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, Hamlèt (prens Dànmak) : trajedi / Cambridge, Massachusetts : Trilingual Press / Près Trileng, Oktòb 2014. 2014 2015-10-29
Book Duval, Nicolas, Livre d'ecriture & d'orthographe a present en usage : avec des instructions tres curieuses & tres utiles, nouvellement mises en lumiere en faveur du p Paris : Chez l'autheur, [1674] 1674 2015-10-29
Book Quebedo, Vasco Mausinho de, Triumpho del Monarcha Philippo Tercero en la felicissimaentrada de Lisboa . / Impresso en Lisboa : Por Jorje Rodrigues, 1619. 1619 2015-10-29
Mixed materials Thompson, Catharine Howard, Collection of material related to the Shakespeare authorship question and Sir Francis Bacon. [Boston, MA:], 1907-ca. 1929. 1900 2015-10-30
Book Anderson, Robert R., Shakespeare hunts / [No place], [2015] 2015 2015-10-30
Book Halifax, George Savile, Marquis of, 1633-1695, Anatomy of an equivalent. 1688 2015-11-10
Book Naylor, Gloria, Mama Day / New York : Vintage Books, 1993. 1993-1988 2015-11-18
Book Moussinac, Léon, 1890-1964, Tendances nouvelles du théâtre : choix de décors, costumes, détails de mise en scène utilisés dans les représentations les plus original Paris : A. Lévy, 1931. 1931 2015-11-25
Art Ratner, Phil, Lithographs of 38 Shakespearean characters] [Bethesda, Maryland?] : Phillip Ratner, [between 2000 and 2012?] 2000-2012 2015-12-18
Book Julliani, Blaise-Christophe, active 1657-1674, Nomenclature du Sieur Julliani qui contient les mots exacts et choisis pour apprendre les Langues Françoises, Italiennes et Espagnoles. : Ensemble l Paris : J.-B. Loyson, 1659. 1659 2015-12-28
Book Juliani, sieur, Proverbes divertissans : pour apprendre auec plus de facilité les langues françoises, italiennes, & espagnoles; ensemble les recreations dv mesme Paris : I.B. Loyson, 1659. 1659 2015-12-28
Book Novveavx proverbes espagnols et françois : disposez selon l'ordre de l'alphabet pour apprende avec facilité à parler & écrire en ces Langues. Paris : Loyson, 1660. 1660 2015-12-28
Manuscript Benson, John, -1667, Document signed, nuncupative will of Alice Constable, witnessed by John Benson and William Heath, uuuu 2015-12-28
Book Adams, Jennifer, 1970- Romeo & Juliet : a counting primer / Layton, Utah : Gibbs Smith, 2011. 2011 2015-12-29
Manuscript Autograph letter signed, to the French ambassador(?), "le Roy V[ost]re Maitre", London, 158u 2016-01-04
Manuscript Charles, Samuel, Substantial Manuscript Volume of Unpublished Nonconformist Notes, Journals and Sermons preached at Hull between 1677 & 1685 uuuu 2016-01-06
Manuscript Manuscript testimony of an unbeliever an interesting manuscript written in the form of a letter to "Sr" in which the writer, most likely an elderly ma uuuu 2016-01-06
Manuscript Miraculous Philosophical Demonstration of the Almighty. How that the Almighty hath an Uncreated, and a Created Heavenly & Earthly Body in one Bodily S uuuu 2016-01-06
Book Sommaire de tout ce qui s'est passé de plus memorable en Angleterre, depuis l'année 1640 iusques au premier ianuier 1650 : contenant la convocatio A Paris : Chez la veuue Jean Camusat, et Pierre Le Petit ..., 1650. 1650 2016-01-06
Book Relation veritable de la mort barbare & cruelle du roy d'Angleterre : arriuée à Londres le huictiesme fevrier mil six cens quarente-neuf. A Paris : Chez François Prevveray, grande ruë de la Bretonnerie, proche la porte Saint Iacques, 1649. 1649 2016-01-06
Book England and Wales. Parliament. Declaration du Parlement d'Angleterre : contenant les motifs & raisons de leurs dernieres procedures, et pour lesquelles ils ont estably le gouverneme A Londres : [publisher not identified], 1649. 1649 2016-01-06
Book Interests et motifs qvi doivent obliger les princes chrestiens et avtres estats de l'Europe, à restablir le roy de la Grand' Bretagne / A Paris : Chez François Prevveray, grande ruë de la Bretonnerie, proche la porte Sainte Iacques, MDCXLIX [i.e. 1649] 1649 2016-01-06
Book Ombre du roy d'Angleterre apparue à la reyne de France. [Paris?], [1649] 1649 2016-01-06
Book Advis chrestien et politiqve, à Charles II. roy de la Grande Bretagne. A Paris : Chez la veusue Iean Remy, 1649. 1649 2016-01-06
Book Remonstrance des ministres de la province de Londres : adressee par evx av general Fairfax, & à son conseil de guerre, douze iours auant la mort du A Paris : Chez la veufue Theod. Pepingvé, & Est. Maucroy, ruë de la Harpe vis ̀vis la ruë des Mathurins, 1649. 1649 2016-01-06
Book Memoires du feu roy de la Grand' Bretagne Charles Premier. : Escrits de sa propre main dans sa prison. Ou il est monstré que le livre intitulé Por A Paris : Chez François Preuveray ..., 1649. 1649 2016-01-06
Book Procez, l'adiovrnement personnel, l'interrogatoire, et l'arrest de mort dv roy d'Angleterre. : Auec le procedé dont il a esté mis à mort: et la Paris : Chez François Prevveray ..., 1649. 1649 2016-01-06
Book Du Teil, active 1641-1659, Raisonnement sur les affaires presentes : et leur difference de celles d'Angleterre. A Paris : Chez François Prevveray, M. DC. XLIX. [1649] 1649 2016-01-06
Book Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685, Lettre du roy de la Grande Bretagne, envoyée a son excellence le Marquis de Montrose, Gouuerneur, & Lieutenant General pour sa dite Majesté d'Esco A Paris : Chez Guillaume Sassier ..., 1650. 1650 2016-01-06
Manuscript Leolinns, Zaccheus, [pseud], Soul's voyage to Jerusalem. From the the Valley of Teares, or the Valley of, 1701 2016-01-06
Book Partridge, John, 1644-1715, Merlinus redivivus: being an almanack for the year of our redemption, 1685. : And from the creation of the world, according to the best of history, 56 London : Printed by R.R. for the Company of Stationers, [1685] 1685 2016-01-06
Book Divine of the Church of England, Practical Discourse of Patience: setting forth the excellency, usefulness, and rewards thereof. By a Divine of the Church of England. London : Printed for Samuel Lowndes over against Exeter Exchange in the Strand, 1693. 1693 2016-01-06
Manuscript Bagot, Lewis, Autograph letter from Lewis Bagot, Aleppo, Syria, to his father Sir Edward Bagot, in England 1671 2016-01-06
Book Wharton, George, Sir, 1617-1681, Calendarium Carolinum, or, A new almanack, after the old fashion, for the year of Christ 1666 : being the 2. from bissextile : to which is added, Gest London : Printed by J. Grismond, 1666 [i.e. 1665] 1666 2016-01-11
Book Lilly, William, 1602-1681, Merlini Anglici ephemeris, or Astrological judgments for the year 1666. By William Lilly student in astrology. London : Printed by I.N. for the Company of Stationers, 1666. 1666 2016-01-13
Book Gadbury, John, 1627-1704, Ephēmeris, or, A diary astronomical and astrological for the year of grace 1666 : it being the second after the bissextile, or leap-year, containing London : Printed by Ja. Cotterel, for the Company of Stationers, [1666] 1666 2016-01-13
Book Saunder, Richard, 1613-1687?, Apollo Anglicanus = The English Apollo : astronomically observing and astrologically demonstrating those grand catastrophes ... designed by the heaven London : Printed by E. Cotes for the Company of Stationers, M. DC. LXVI 1666. 1666 2016-01-13
Book Booker, John, 1603-1667, Telescopium uranicum repurgatum & limatum : an ephemeris or physical, astrological and meteorological observations for the year of Christ's incarnatio London : Printed by E. Cotes for the Company of Stationers, 1666. 1666 2016-01-13
Book Tanner, John, approximately 1636-1715, Angelus Britannicus : an ephemeris for the year of our redemption 1666 being the second after the bissextile or leap-year; and from the creation of th London : Printed by Thomas Mabb, for the Company of Stationers, 1666. 1666 2016-01-13
Book Andrews, William, approximately 1635-1713, Newes from the starres: or An ephemeris, for the year of mans redemption by Jesus Christ, 1666. : Wherein you have the motions and eclipses of the sun London : Printed by Tho. Ratcliffe, for the Company of Stationers, 1666. 1666 2016-01-13
Book Wing, Vincent, 1619-1668, Olympia domata, or, An almanack and prognostication for the year of our Lord God 1666 : being the second from the bissextile, or leap-year, and from t London : Printed by William Leybourn, for the Company of Stationers, [1666] 1666 2016-01-13
Book Pond. An almanack for the year of our Lord God 1666. : ... fitted for the meridian of Saffron-Walden in Essex ... Whereunto is added the several fairs Cambridge : Printed by John Field, 1666. 1666 2016-01-13
Book Dove, Jonathan, Dove, speculum anni à partu Virginis MDCLXVI, or, Almanack for the year of our Lord God 1666 : being the second after bissextile or leap-year, and f [Cambridge] : Printed by John Field ..., 1666. 1666 2016-01-13
Book Nunnes, Thomas, Almanack, or, Ephemerides for the year of our Lord, 1666 : being the second from bissextile, or leap-year, and from the creation of the world 5615 : w London : Printed by J. Dover for the Company of Stationers, 1666. 1666 2016-01-13
Book Lastanosa, Vincencio Juan de, 1607-1684, Tratado de la moneda iaqvesa y de otras de oro, y plata del Reyno de Aragon / Zaragoza : [publisher not identified], 1681. 1681 2016-01-15
Book Juvenal, Decimus Junius Juvenalis, and Aulus Persius Flaccus : translated and illustrated, as well with sculpture as notes. By Barten Holyday, D.D. and late Ar Oxford : Printed by W. Downing, for F. Oxlad Senior, J. Adams, and F. Oxlad Junior, anno Dom. 1673. 1673 2016-01-15
Book Berry, D. C. (David Chapman), 1942- Hamlet off stage / Huntsville, Tex. : Texas Review Press, 2009. 2009 2016-01-15
Book Caramogi Palio e Mascherata. Fatta in Firenze, il di 26 d'agosto 1629. Firenze : Nella stamperia di Zanobi Pignoni, 1629. 1629 2016-01-20
Book Auf ains Erbern Rats der Statt Augspurg beuelhe, von wegen ainer Ersamen gemainde, daselbs, und sonst manigklichs begeren, ist diss kurtze eylend unde Augsburg : Otmar, Silvan, 1529. 1529 2016-01-20
Book Byron, George Gordon Byron, Baron, 1788-1824, Works of Lord Byron : with his letters and journals, and his life / London : J. Murray, 1837-1840. 1837-1840 2016-01-20
Book Histoire de Palmerin d'Olive, filz du roy Florendos de Macedone, & de la belle Griane, fille de Remicius Empereur de Constantinople ... / Anvers : Chez Ian Waesberghe, sus le Cemitiere nostre Dame à l'Escu de Flandres, M.D. LXXII. [1572] 1572 2016-01-28
Book Christian thoughts for every day of the month; Done out of French. London : Printed for the widdow of Mathew Turner, 1699. 1699 2016-01-28
Book Goldsmith, John, active 1656, Goldsmith, 1688. An almanack for the year of our Lord God, 1688. being leap-year, wherein are contained many necessary rules and useful tables. With a London : Printed by Mary Clark, for the Company of Stationers, 1688. 1688 2016-02-02
Book Writing tables vvith a kalender for xxiiii yeeres : with sundry necessarye rules. At London : Printed by Iames Roberts, for Edward White, and are to be sold at the little north dore of Paules, at the signe of the Gunne, 1598. 1598 2016-02-02
Manuscript Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626, Manuscript copy of The World's a bubble 1620-1639 2016-02-02
Book Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626, Manual of the private devotions and meditations of The Right Reverend Father in God Lancelot Andrews, late Lord Bishop of Winchester / London : Printed by W.D. for Humphrey Moseley at the Prince's Arms in S. Pauls Church-yard, MDCXLVIII [1648] 1648 2016-02-02
Manuscript Burghley, William Cecil, Baron, 1520-1598, Autograph letter signed from William Cecil, Baron Burghley, to Robert Devereux, Earl of Leicester 1597-0521 2016-02-02
Book Corkine, William, active 1610-1612, Ayres, to sing and play to the lute and basse violl : with pauins, galliards, almaines, and corantos for the lyra violl / London : Printed by W. Stansby for Iohn Browne, and are to be sold at his shop in Saint Dunstanes Church-yard in Fleete-Streete, 1610. 1610 2016-02-02
Book King, William, approximately 1624-1680, Poems of Mr. Covvley and others / Oxford : Imprinted by William Hall, for the author, 1668. 1668 2016-02-02
Manuscript Essex, Robert Devereux, Earl of, 1565-1601, Autograph letter signed from Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex, to Prince Maurice of Nassau 1594-0919 2016-02-02
Manuscript Digby, Kenelm, 1603-1665, Autograph manuscript poem beginning "The Third which doth my painefull life sustaine" 1630-1639 2016-02-02
Manuscript Dugdale, William, 1605-1686, Autograph letter signed from William Dugdale to Guybon Goddard 1657-0617 2016-02-02
Object Embroidered binding, English ca. 1615. 1600-1620 2016-02-02
Book Mercurius Melancholicus, active 1648, Ding dong, or, Sr. Pitifull Parliament, on his death-bed : his pulses felt by Doctor King, and his water cast by Doctor Bishop : his last will and tes [London] : [s.n.], printed in the yeare 1648. 1648 2016-02-02
Book Now or never, or, A new parliament of women : assembled and met together neer the Popes-Head in Moor-Fields, on the back-side of All-such; adjoyning u London : Printed for George Horton, 1656. 1656 2016-02-02
Manuscript Killigrew, Peter, active 17th century, Autograph letter signed from Peter Killigrew to his sister 1676-0314 2016-02-02
Manuscript Feilde, Henry, active 17th century, Ephemeris chirographorum quorum dam memorabiliam succincta 1642 2016-02-02
Manuscript Virgil, VIth Booke of Vergills Eneads 1604 2016-02-02
Manuscript Herbert of Cherbury, Edward Herbert, Baron, 1583-1648, Autograph letter signed from Baron Herbert of Castle Island to Charles I 1626-0508 2016-02-02
Manuscript Ovid, 43 B.C.-17 A.D. or 18 A.D., Scribal copy of Thomas Heywood's translation of Ovid's De arte amandi, or, The art of love 16uu 2016-02-02
Manuscript Howard, Robert, Sir, 1626-1698, Autograph letter signed from Sir Robert Howard to Thomas Clifford 1668-0726 2016-02-02
Book Milton, John, 1608-1674, Of education : to Master Samuel Hartlib. [London] : [Printed for Thomas Underhill and/or Thomas Johnson], [1644] 1644 2016-02-02
Book Ray, John, 1627-1705, Dictionariolum trilingue : secundum locos communes, nominibus usitatioribus Anglicis, Latinis, Graecis, ordine parallelos dispositis / Londini : Typis Andreae Clark, impensis Thomae Burrel, ad insigne Pilae Auratae sub aede S. Dunstani in vico vulgò vocato Fleetstreet, 1675. 1675 2016-02-02
Book Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630?, Knaue of harts : haile fellow, well met. London : Printed for Iohn Bache, and are to be sold at his shop at the entring in of the Royall Exchange, 1612. 1612 2016-02-02
Book Sidney, Philip, 1554-1586, Sir P.S. his Astrophel and Stella : wherein the excellence of sweete poesie is concluded. At London : Printed for Thomas Newman, anno Domini 1591. 1591 2016-02-02
Manuscript Southampton, Henry Wriothesley, Earl of, 1545-1581, Autograph letter signed from Henry Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton, to Robert, Lord Spencer 1624 2016-02-02
Book Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599, Prothalamion, or, A spousall verse / At London : Printed for VVilliam Ponsonby, 1596. 1596 2016-02-02
Manuscript Stradling, John, Sir, 1563-1637, Beati pacifici. A Divine poem, written to the Kings most excellent majesty 1622 2016-02-02
Manuscript Richmond, Ludovic Stuart, 1574-1624, Autograph letter signed from Lodowick Stuart, Duke of Richmond and Lennox, to Sir Edward Herbert as Ambassador to France 1623-1003 2016-02-02
Manuscript Walsingham, Francis, Sir, 1530?-1590, Letterbook of Sir Francis Walsingham from his embassy to France 1570-1573 2016-02-02
Manuscript Wentworth, Peter, approximately 1530-1596, Scribal copy of A pithie exhortation to Her Maiestie for establishing her successor to the crowne 159u 2016-02-02
Book Rerum Britannicarum, id est Angliae, Scotiae, vicinarumque insularum ac regionum scriptores vetustiores ac praecipui. Heidelbergae : [Hieronymus Commelinus], MDLXXXVII [1587] 1587 2016-02-02
Book Rubens, Philippe, 1574-1611, Philippi RubenI Electorum libri II : in quibus antiqui ritus, emendationes, censurae : eiusdem ad Iustum Lipsium poëmatia. Antuerpiae : Ex Officina Plantiniana, apud Ioannem Moretum, MDCVIII [1608] 1608 2016-02-02
Book Van Dyck, Anthony, 1599-1641, Icones principum virorum doctorum, pictorum, chalcographorum, statuariorum, nec non amatorum pictoriae artis numero centum / Antuerpiae : Gillis Hendricx excudit, [17th century] 1641 2016-02-02
Manuscript Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667, Autograph letter signed from Abraham Cowley to an unnamed English lord then resident in Poland 1650-0903 2016-02-02
Manuscript Elizabeth, Queen, consort of Frederick I, King of Bohemia, 1596-1662, Autograph letter signed from Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia, to Charles I June, 1636. 1636 2016-02-02
Manuscript James II, King of England, 1633-1701, Autograph letter signed from James, Duke of York, to Horatio, Lord Townshend, Vice Admiral of the County of Norfolk 1667-1203 2016-02-02
Manuscript Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, 1609-1674, Autograph letter signed from Edward Hyde, First Earl of Clarendon, to Lord Townshend 1661-0910 2016-02-02
Manuscript Killigrew, William, Sir, 1606-1695, Autograph letter signed from Sir William Killigrew to Sir Robert Howard 1672-0218 2016-02-02
Manuscript Marvell, Andrew, 1621-1678, Autograph letter signed from Andrew Marvell to Sir Henry Thompson 1675-0626 2016-02-02
Manuscript Newcastle, William Cavendish, Duke of, 1592-1676, Autograph letter signed from William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle, to an unnamed Dutchman 1657-0802 2016-02-02
Manuscript Nottingham, Charles Howard, Earl of, approximately 1536-1624, Autograph letter signed from Charles Howard, Earl of Nottingham, to Dr. Julius Caesar, Judge of the Admiralty 1602-0131 2016-02-02
Manuscript Puttenham, George, -1590, Justificacion of Queene Elizabeth in relacion to the affaire of Mary Queene of Scottes 1587-0131 2016-02-02
Book Taylor, John, 1580-1653, Cluster of coxcombes, or, A cinquepace of five sorts of knaves and fooles : namely, the Donatists, Publicans, Disciplinarians, Anabaptists, and Browni [London] : Printed for Richard Webb, Iuly 13, 1642. 1642 2016-02-02
Book Taylor, John, 1580-1653, Reply as true as steele, to a rusty, rayling, ridiculous, lying libell : which was lately written by an impudent unsoder'd ironmonger and called by th [London] : [s.n], printed anno Dom. 1641. 1641 2016-02-02
Book Taylor, John, 1580-1653, Tale in a tub, or, A tub lecture : as it was delivered by My-heele Mendsoale, an inspired Brownist, and a most upright translator : in a meeting house London : [s.n.], printed 1641 [i.e. 1642] 1642 2016-02-02
Book Taylor, John, 1580-1653, Fooles of fate, or, The unravelling of the parliament and army ... [London] : [s.n.], printed in the yeer 1648. 1648 2016-02-02
Book Taylor, John, 1580-1653, Nonsence upon sence, or, Sence upon nonsence : choose you whether, either or neither : the third part to the same sence as the first and second, and t [London?] : [s.n.], [1651?] 1651 2016-02-02
Book Trussell, John, -1648, Raptus I. Helenae = The first rape of faire Hellen : done into poeme / Imprinted at London : By Richard Iohnes, at the signe of the Rose and Crowne next aboue S. Andrewes in Holborne, 1595. 1595 2016-02-02
Manuscript Marie de Médicis, Queen, consort of Henry IV, King of France, 1573-1642, Letter signed from Marie de'Medici, Brussels, to Henry, 1st Earl of Holland 1638-0703 2016-02-02
Manuscript English medical receipts, 17uu 2016-02-04
Manuscript Mary Caryll of North, recusant devotional text, 1680 2016-02-04
Art Faed, James, 1821-1911, Shakespeare in his Study. From the original Picture in the possession of John Hawkshaw Esq.r F. R. S. Eaton Place, London London : Henry Graves & Co., June 20th 1859. 1859 2016-02-04
Book Croese, Gerardus, 1642-1710, Gerhard Croesens Quaker-Historie von deren Ursprung biss auf jüngsthin entstandene Trennung ; darinnen vornemlich von den Hauptstiftern dieser Secte Berlin : J.M. Rüdigern, 1696. 1696 2016-02-04
Book Littleton, Thomas, Sir, -1481, Tenures de Monsieur Littleton : ouesque certeine cases addes per auters de puisne temps, queux cases vous troueres signes ouesque cest signe * al comm London : Imprinted [by Adam Islip] for the Companie of Stationers. Cum priuilegio, 1608. 1608 2016-02-04
Book Parr, Samuel, 1747-1825, Bibliotheca Parriana ; A catalogue of the library of the late reverend and learned Samuel Parr, LL.D., Curate of Hatton, Prebendary of St. Paul's, &c. London : C. Richards, printer, St. Martin's-Lane, Charing-Cross, 1827. 1827 2016-02-04
Manuscript Navaroli, Carlo., Autograph letter signed to the Italian merchant Bartolomeo Corsini in London, requesting samples and prices for different fustian cottons from Cremona uuuu 2016-02-06
Manuscript De Buas, Antonio, Autograph letter signed to the Italian merchant Filippo Corsini in London, reporting a delay to the departure of a ship damaged at Falmouth, requestin uuuu 2016-02-06
Manuscript RaugiI, Bivigliano, Autograph letter signed to the Italian merchant Bartolomeo Corsini in London concerning a shipment of tallow, uuuu 2016-02-06
Manuscript Giunti, Lucantonio, Letter signed to the Italian merchant Bartolomeo Corsini in London, concerning insurance claims to be paid to Italian merchants in relation to loss of uuuu 2016-02-06
Manuscript Cipelletti, Geronimo, Three letters signed, each addressed to the Italian merchant Bartolomeo Corsini in London, reporting on business transacted in the Italian cloth marke uuuu 2016-02-06
Manuscript Rocha, Alessandro, Autograph letter signed to the Italian merchant Bartolomeo Corsini in London, concerning the departure of nine ships from Hamburg and Lübeck all bou uuuu 2016-02-06
Manuscript Corsini, Bartolomeo, & Co., Letter signed to Stefano Patti in Venice concerning a cargo of wine, currants and aniseed bound for London, and the difficulties of providing a return uuuu 2016-02-06
Art Portrait of the back head of a soldier with a copy of the Folger Library Shakespeare edition of The Taming of the Shrew fastened to his helmet with a [Vietnam:?], [after 1963] 19uu 2016-02-08
Book Catholic Church. Pope (1566-1572 : Pius V) Bulla S.D.N.D. Pii Divina Providentia Papae V : Lecta in die Coenae Domini. Anno M.D.LXVIIII ; Cuium transsumptum omnes Ordinarij, Curati, ac Confesso Louanii : Apud Ioannem Foulerum, 1569. 1569 2016-02-08
Art Walker, Anthony, 1726-1765, To Chaucer! who the English Tongue design'd: To Spencer! who improv'd it, and refin'd; To Muse-fac'd Shakespear! who increas'd its Praise... A Walker [England], [ca. 1756] 1756 2016-02-12
Book Selden, John, 1584-1654, Titles of honor / London : Printed by William Stansby for Richard Whitakers [sic], and are to be sold at the Kings Armes in Pauls Churchyard, MDCXXXI [1631] 1631 2016-02-18
Manuscript Camden, William, 1551-1623, Autograph letter signed from William Camden, Chesilhurst, to Sir Michael Stanhope 1614 2016-02-18
Book Bunyan, John, 1628-1688, Defence of the doctrine of iustification by faith in Jesus Christ shewing true gospel-holiness flows from thence, or, Mr. Fowler's pretended design of [London] : Printed for Francis Smith, at the Elephant and Castle, without Temple-Bar, 1672. 1672 2016-03-03
Book William III, King of England, 1650-1702, De doodt van het Eeuwigh Edict, veroorsaeckt door't Erf-Stadthouderschap van sijn Hoogheyt en sijn Mannelijcke Successeurs, etc. [With plate.]. [Amsterdam], [1674] 1674 2016-03-03
Book Kurtzer Bericht der vhralten Weissagung von dem jtzigen Zustandt der gantzen werden Christenheit [S.l.] : [s.n.], 1620. 1620 2016-03-03
Art Hooghe, Romeyn de, 1645-1708, Vlugt van 't pausdom uit Engelant [1689] 1689 2016-03-03
Art Hooghe, Romeyn de, 1645-1708, Mardi Gras de Cocq a L'Ane Tot Antwerpen : By Cornelis Woons, op de Melck-Mart, in de Gulde Sterre, 1690. 1690 2016-03-03
Book Seneca, Lucius Annaeus, approximately 4 B.C.-65 A.D., L.Annei Senecae tragoedia nona, quae octauia nominatur. Parisiis: In Clauso Brunello sub insigni Geminarum Cypparum. Parisiis : In Clauso Brunello sub insigni Geminarum Cypparum, 1533. 1533 2016-03-08
Art Hollar, Wenceslaus, 1607-1677, Poodle, after Matham. A: Maetham delin: WHollar fecit 1649. 1649 2016-03-10
Book Criminal Proces und Execution Derer unlängst wegen vorgehabter Ermordung Sr. Kön. May. von Gros-Britannien zu London hingerichteten Verräter Rob Leipzig : Bey Thomas Fritsch, 1696. 1696 2016-03-22
Art Lear, John, Romeo and Juliet. Paris 1935. 1935 2016-03-22
Art Lear, John, Richard II. Paris 1935. 1935 2016-03-22
Book Gosling, Mya L., Brevity is the soul of wit : the complete works of Shakespeare in three panels each / [Ann Arbor, MI] : Mya L. Gosling, ³2014. 2014 2016-03-23
Manuscript Henderson, William, Temperate Plea for Non-Conformity or Sundry Reasons as a Defence of Non-complyance with the present Imposed Common-Prayer-Book and Ceremonies proving uuuu 2016-03-30
Art Romney, George, 1734-1802, Sketchbook A. Scenes from Macbeth and Paradise lost May, 1792. 1792 2016-03-30
Book Sheffeild, John, -1680, Good conscience the strongest hold : a treatise of conscience, handling the nature, acts, offices, use of conscience : the description, qualifications London : Printed by J.B. for Samuel Gellibrand, 1650. 1650 2016-04-08
Book Sheffeild, John, -1680, Good conscience the strongest hold : a treatise of conscience, handling the nature, acts, offices, use of conscience : the description, qualifications London : Printed by J.B. for Samuel Gellibrand, 1650. 1650 2016-04-08
Manuscript Camden, Charles Pratt, 1714-1794, correspondent, Autograph letter signed from Charles Pratt, Camden Place, to David Garrick, 1772 2016-04-08
Book Kainēs Diathēkēs hapanta = Novi Testamenti libri omnes. Londini : Ex officina Rogeri Danielis, 1652. 1652 2016-04-14
Manuscript Minot, William, 1783-1873, Autograph letter signed from lawyer William Minot, Boston, to his father-in-law Theodore Sedgwick, New York 1849 2016-04-15
Book Zegerus, Nicolaus, Proverbia Teutonica Latinitate donata, collectore et interprete T. Nicolao Zegero Bruxellano, accuratius jam recognita. Antverpiae : Ex officina Ioannis Loei, 1554. 1554 2016-04-15
Book Some speciall passages from London, Westminster, Yorke, and other parts Collected for the satisfaction of those that desire true information. London [England] : Printed for H[umphrey]: Blunden, 1642. 1642-1642 2016-04-20
Book This booke is called the Treasure of gladnes, and seemeth by the copy, being a very litle Manuel, and written in Vellum, to be made above two hundred London : Printed by W. Jaggard, 1615. 1615 2016-04-20
Book Septem psalmi poenitentiae qui vulgo dicuntur, in heroicum versum ex hebraico nunc primum translati autore d. Iacobo Lebetio Lauezolio ferrariensi con Ferrara : Benedetto Mammarello, 1591. 1591 2016-04-20
Book Romish mass-book faithfully translated into English with notes and observations thereupon, plainly demonstrating the idolatry and blasphemy thereof .. London : Printed by George Larkin, for Thomas Malthus, at the Sun in the Poultrey, 1683. 1683 2016-04-20
Object [Macbeth Staffordshire pottery toby mug] England : Royal Doulton, 1982. 1949 2016-04-21
Manuscript Ledger of Wigmaker and Hairdresser Anthony Boch of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1573-0120 2016-04-28
Book Doncaster Theatre. Playbills for the fall season in Doncaster and Sheffield, covering performances from September 14, 1833 - December 20, 1833. England : [s.n.], 1833. 1833 2016-04-28
Book Herlitz, Andreas, Schreib kalender und Allmanach auff das Jahr nach der Gnadenreichen Geburt unsers Herren Jesus Christi. Gedruck zu Colln bey Gerhardt Grevenbruch ahh der Hohenschmitten, 1625. 1726 2016-04-28
Book Scribonius, Wilhelm Adolf, active 1576-1583, Ethica Gulielmi Adolphi Scribonii : ex Aristotele et aliis summis philosophis repetita; nunc denuo pluribus in locis diligentius ab auctore illustrata Hanoviae : Apud Guilielmum Antonium, impensis Petri Fischeri Fr, 1593. 1593 2016-04-28
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Manuscript Spearman, John, English receipts & notes on celestial and terrestrial globes), uuuu 2016-04-28
Manuscript Reeve, John, 1608-1658, Prphet John Reeve's To Mr. Wm. Sedgwick. Written July 1657' [with] 'The Answer of Mr Wm. Sedgwick to The Queries of The Prophet John Reeve' [with] 'Th 1680 2016-04-28
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Object Falstaff beer can. 12 oz. cone-top bottle [St. Louis, Missouri: Falstaff Brewing Corp., 1950s] 1950 2016-05-04
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Book Bill of lading for a shipment bound from London to the 'Carib. Islands'.]. [London:], February 1660. 1660 2016-05-18
Manuscript Bold, Mary, author, Copybook of Mary Bold 1719-1720 2016-05-18
Object [Leather-covered wooden document box] [Kent?], [ca. 1650] 1650 2016-05-18
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Object Carved, wooden stamp in the shape of William Shakespeare. Stamps initials "J.C." when inked 1875. 1875 2016-05-20
Object William Shakespeare collector bobblehead / Kansas City, MO : Bobblehead LLC, [2013] 2013 2016-05-26
Book Defarge does Shakespeare : even more creations inspired by classic characters / Cleveland, Ohio : Cooperative Press, 2015. 2015 2016-05-26
Book Den nieuwen Lust-Hof, : gheplant vol uytghelesene, welgherijmde, eerelijcke, amoureuse ende vrolijcke ghesangen, als Mey, Bruylofts, Tafel, ende Nieuw Amsterdam : Hans Mathysz, [1602] 1602 2016-05-26
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Music (printed) Thoms, Hollis, 1948- O, know, sweet love, I always write of you" : a musical theater work, written to celebrate the 40th wedding anniversary of Hollis and Jacqueline Thoms [Maryland?] : Hollis Thoms, 2010. 2010 2016-05-27
Book Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. Passport to Shakespeare. Free 'passport' booklet given to schoolchildren in the UK to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death. [Stratford-upon-Avon] : Walker Books, [2016] 2016 2016-05-27
Art Watts, Simon, active 1760-1780, Elizabeth, Queen of England, in the collection of Lord Frederick Campbell [England] : C.R. edidt, [1798] 1798 2016-05-27
Art Bank of England, Twenty pound sterling bank note. Queen Elizabeth II in court robes on front. William Shakespeare on reverse [London] : [Bank of England Printing Works], [1970-1991] 1970 2016-06-01
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Manuscript Anne, Queen, consort of James I, King of England, 1574-1619, Letter signed and subscribed to Henri IV of France 1605 2016-06-29