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*Collection catalog data (350,000? items)  
*Collection catalog data (approx. 130,000 bibliographic records for vault and special collections resources)
**If you need hundreds of MARC bibliographic records at a time: select and download records of your choosing from [[Hamnet]]. See [\[ Folger Tooltips: Getting raw Hamnet data] and [ Folger Tooltips: Making a spreadsheet from raw Hamnet data]
**If you need thousands of MARC bibliograhpic records at a time, or MARC holdings records: email [] and let us know what you need so we can create a custom query to pull those records for you.
*[ Early Modern English Drama] metadata  
*[ Early Modern English Drama] metadata  

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A stub page for listing datasets that might be useful for researchers.




Descriptions of each project can be found on the sites that are linked above.