List of keyword search fields in Hamnet and their associated MARC codes

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Ambox notice.png This page refers to the Voyager ILS, an Ex Libris product used at the Folger from 1996 to 2022.

For current documentation on using the catalog, see Category:Catalog.
For current documentation on staff use of the ILS, see Category:TIND ILS.

This table lists keyword searches that are available from the "Advanced" search tab in Hamnet. If you need to search on a MARC field not listed here, please ask, and we can set one up. Unfortunately, we can't change the display order in the "Search in" drop-down menu, only the default search (currently "Keyword Any Bib Field"). For a list of searches available through the staff cataloging client, see List of keyword search fields in Voyager and their associated MARC codes.

The four-character codes can be used for command-line boolean searching of Hamnet using the "Expert Search" option (last item on the list) of the "Basic" search tab.

To find out how the Folger uses a particular MARC field, search Folgerpedia for "MARC [three digit number]" (note: not all MARC fields we use have Folgerpedia articles yet). Complete lists of MARC fields and their definitions can be found at MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data at the Library of Congress and Bibliographic Formats and Standards at OCLC.

Last updated: 2018-09-06

Name Code Fields/subfields searched
All Notes NOTE 501ǂa; 502ǂa; 504ǂab; 505ǂagrtu; 506ǂabcde; 507ǂab; 508ǂa; 509ǂa; 510ǂabcx; 511ǂa; 513ǂab; 514ǂabcdefghijkmuz; 515ǂac; 516ǂa; 518ǂa; 520ǂabu; 521ǂab; 522ǂa; 524ǂa; 525ǂa; 526ǂabcdixz; 530ǂabcdu; 533ǂabcdefmn; 534ǂabcefklmnptxz; 535ǂabcdg; 536ǂabcdefgh; 538ǂa; 540ǂabcd; 541ǂabcdefhno; 544ǂabcden; 545ǂabu; 546ǂab; 547ǂa; 550ǂa; 552ǂabcdefghiklmnopuz; 555ǂabcdu; 556ǂaz; 561ǂa; 562ǂabcde; 563ǂa; 565ǂabcde; 567ǂa; 580ǂa; 581ǂaz; 582ǂb; 583ǂabcdefhijklnouxa; 584ǂab; 585ǂa; 586ǂa; 590ǂa; 591ǂa; 592ǂa; 593ǂa; 594ǂa; 595ǂa; 596ǂa; 597ǂa; 598ǂa; 599ǂax; 852ǂz; 876ǂz
Bibliographic Citation 510A 510ǂabc
Call Number 09XA 050ǂf; 090ǂabfkm; 099ǂaf 524ǂa, 852ǂdhijkmx, 950ǂab, 955ǂabq
Edition Statement 250A 250ǂ6ab
Exhibition history 585A 585ǂa
Folger Copy Notes LNOT 090ǂf; 099ǂf; 590ǂa; 591ǂa; 592ǂa;593ǂa; 594ǂa; 595ǂa; 596ǂa; 597ǂa; 598ǂa; 599ǂa; 852ǂz; 876ǂz; 955ǂq
Form/Genre KGNR 600ǂv; 610ǂv; 611ǂv; 630ǂv; 648ǂv; 650ǂv; 651ǂv; 655ǂabcvxyz
Journal Title JKEY 130ǂadfklmnoprs; 210ǂab; 222ǂab; 240ǂadfklmnoprs; 243ǂadfklmnoprs; 245ǂabh; 246ǂabfnp; 247ǂabfnp; 400ǂknptv; 410ǂknptv; 411ǂknptv; 440ǂanpv; 490ǂav; 700ǂknpt; 710ǂknpt; 711ǂknpt; 730ǂadfklmnoprs; 740ǂanp; 773ǂabqst; 776ǂabst; 780ǂabst; 785ǂabst; 800ǂknptvx; 810ǂknptvx; 811ǂknptvx; 830ǂanpvx when LDR/07="s"
Keyword Any Bib Field GKEY All 010-9xx fields/subfields
Material type [GMD] 245H 245ǂh
Name NKEY 100ǂacdejq; 110ǂabcdefgkl; 111ǂacdefgklnpq; 400ǂacd; 410ǂabcdefgkl; 411ǂacdefgkl; 700ǂacdeq; 710ǂabcdefgkl; 711ǂacdefgkl; 720ǂae; 773ǂa; 774ǂa; 787ǂa; 800ǂacdejq; 810ǂabcdefgkl; 811ǂacdefgjkl
Physical Description 300A 300ǂabcefg
Published/Created Date 260C 245ǂf, 260ǂcg, 264ǂc
Published/Created Place PPLC 260ǂae; 264ǂa; 752ǂabcd; 960ǂa
Publisher/Printer Name 260B 260ǂbf, 264ǂb
Series SERI 400ǂacdknptv; 410ǂabcdefgklnptv; 411ǂacdefgklnptv; 440ǂanpv; 490ǂav; 760ǂabst; 800ǂacdknpqtv; 810ǂabcdefgklnptv; 811ǂacdefgklnptv; 830ǂanpv
Size/Format 300C 300ǂcg
Subject SKEY 600ǂabcdefgklmnopqtvxyz; 610ǂabcdefgklmnoprstvxyz; 611ǂabcdefgjklnpqstvxyz; 630ǂadefgklmnoprstvxyz4; 648ǂavxyz2; 650ǂabcdevxyz24; 651ǂabevxyz4; 653ǂa; 654ǂabcevyz24; 662ǂabcdefgh02468; 690ǂabvxyz; 691ǂabvxyz;
Title TKEY 130ǂadfklmnoprs; 210ǂab; 222ǂab; 240ǂadfklmnoprs; 243ǂadfklmnoprs; 245ǂabcfhknps; 246ǂabfnp; 247ǂabfnp; 400ǂknptv; 410ǂknptv; 411ǂknptv; 440ǂanpv; 490ǂav; 505ǂt; 700ǂknpt; 710ǂknpt; 711ǂknpt; 730ǂadfklmnoprs; 740ǂanp; 770ǂst; 773ǂabqst; 774ǂt; 776ǂabst; 780ǂabst; 785ǂabst; 787ǂt; 800ǂknptvx; 810ǂknptvx; 811ǂknptvx; 830ǂanpvx