List of ink recipes and ink and paper references

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This page contains a list of ink recipes and ink and paper references from Folger manuscripts. The list was compiled on June 14, 2022 from searching the digital image transcription collection for variant spellings of the word ink (ink, inke, inck, incke, ynk, ynke, ynck, and yncke) and searching manuscript catalog records' notes for "ink". This page will be updated as new resources become available.

List of ink recipes

Call number Page number Manuscript date Recipe title Image/Transcription
V.a.125 fol 2v-3r ca. 1630 To make Ink V.a.125 2v-3r.jpg
V.a.140 4v-5r ca. 1600 To make very good blacke ynke V.a.140 4v-5r.jpg
V.a.140 5v-6r ca. 1600 To make red yncke V.a.140 5v-6r.jpg
V.a.140 10v-11r ca. 1600 To make very good blacke yncke V.a.140 10v-11r.jpg
V.a.140 51v-52r ca. 1600 index entry V.a.140 51v-52r.jpg
V.a.159 73v-74v ca. 1571-1600 To make blacke Incke
To make Inkes of divers Cullors
V.a.159 73v-74r.jpg
V.a.159 77v-78r ca. 1571-1600 To make excellent Blacke Inke V.a.159 77v-78r.jpg
V.a.159 78v-79r ca. 1571-1600 Blacke Inke V.a.159 78v-79r.jpg
V.a.260 18v-19r ca.1613-c.1756 To make the best Inke
A Receipt to make Ink
V.a.260 55v-56r ca.1613-c.1756 To make Iapan Ink V.a.260 55v-56r.jpg
V.a.347 193v 1616-1617 To make black inke V.a.347 193v.jpg
V.a.396 6v-7r 1671, 1674/75 index entry V.a.396 6v-7r.jpg
V.a.396 74v-75r 1671, 1674/75 To make Ink V.a.396 74v-75r.jpg
V.a.401 Part II, pages 18-19 1693-1694 To make Ink V.a.401 ptII 18-19.jpg
V.a.430 pages 42-43 ca. 1640-1750 To make=Inke=Verie Good V.a.430 42-43.jpg
V.a.430 pages 95-96 ca. 1640-1750 To make Inke the Spanish Waye Viz V.a.430 95-96.jpg
V.a.430 pages 101-102 ca. 1640-1750 Mr William ffens receat to make rare Inke giuen mee in Malago Ano 1646 V.a.430 95-96.jpg
V.a.430 pages 103, 106 (104-105 missing) ca. 1640-1750 To make double Incke kalled In ffrench an[c]re Luisante V.a.430.jpg
V.a.452 154 ca. 1675 Ink to make V.a.452 154.jpg
V.a.452 155 (recto of insertion after page 154) ca. 1675 Another way to make Ink
Red Ink
V.a.452 155.jpg
V.a.452 156 (verso of insertion after page 154) ca. 1675 Another way V.a.452 155.jpg
V.a.452 page [462] ca. 1675 index entry V.a.452 -462-.jpg
V.a.458 pages 4-5 ca.1650-ca.1700 To Mak ingInke V.a.458 4-5.jpg
V.a.563 page 113 17th-18th centuries To Mak Red Ink
To Make blw Ink
V.a.563 113.jpg
V.a.563 page 114 17th-18th centuries To Make a green Ink
To Make a yellow Inke
V.a.563 114.jpg
V.a.563 [page 139] 17th-18th centuries Mr Ioans Rare Receipt to make Ink V.a.563 -139-.jpg
V.a.619 99v-100r ca. 1675? To make Blacke Inke
To make Readd Inke
V.a.619 99v-100r.jpg
V.a.630 pages xviii-xix ca. 1675-ca. 1686 index entry V.a.630 xviii-xix.jpg
V.a.630 pages 218-219 ca. 1675-ca. 1686 To make Inke
Dr Lustington Inke
V.a.630 218-219.jpg
V.a.630 pages 220-221 ca. 1675-ca. 1686 To make Inke V.a.630 220-221.jpg
V.a.630 pages 222-223 ca. 1675-ca. 1686 Cockers way of making Red Inke
To write with Shell Gold or Silver
V.a.630 222-223.jpg
V.a.630 pages 224-225 ca. 1675-ca. 1686 black Inke. Cocker. V.a.630 224-225.jpg
V.a.683 page 18 bulk: 1709-1727? Black Ink
Red Ink
Yellow Ink
London black Powder Ink
Shining Iapan Ink
V.a.683 18.jpg
V.a.683 page 19 bulk: 1709-1727? A blew Ink
A rare Black writing Ink
To write letters of a Gold Colour
Red Ink
Yellow Ink
V.a.683 19.jpg
V.a.683 page 20 bulk: 1709-1727? Black writing Ink
Green Ink
Blew Ink
Red Printing Ink
Black Printing Ink
Indian Ink
China Ink
V.a.683 20.jpg
V.a.683 page 23 bulk: 1709-1727? To make Good Ink (my Mothers receipt.) V.a.683 23.jpg
V.a.683 page 24 bulk: 1709-1727? Mrs Waicopps receipt for Ink
Black Ink
V.a.683 24.jpg
V.a.683 page 43 (page 17) bulk: 1709-1727? Black Ink
A Powder Ink
V.a.683 43 17.jpg
V.a.683 page 48 (page 22) bulk: 1709-1727? An excellent Writing Ink V.a.683 48 22.jpg
V.a.683 page 50 (page 24) bulk: 1709-1727? To make Powder Ink, or London Powder Ink V.a.683 50 24.jpg
V.a.683 page 52 bulk: 1709-1727? To make red Ink. Mr Germin.
To make red Ink. Mr Lea.
V.a.683 50 24.jpg
V.a.683 page 281 bulk: 1709-1727? index entry V.a.683 281.jpg
V.b.129 50v-51r ca. 1600 To make a quart of Inke
To make Inke
V.b.129 50v-51r.jpg
V.b.286 26-27 ca. 1690, ca. 1750-ca. 1870 Marking Inke V.b.286 26-27.jpg
V.b.296 22-23 ca. 1580-1644 A receipt to make good Inke V.b.296 22-23 microfilm.jpg
V.b.316 104v-105r ca. 1700-ca. 1850 Marking Ink
The Preparation Liquid
Another Way
V.b.316 104v-105r.jpg
V.b.316 xvi verso-xvii recto ca. 1700-ca. 1850 index entry V.b.316 xvi v-xvii r.jpg
V.b.342 126-127 ca. 1675-1725 An exactt way to make Ink
A nother way for Ink
V.b.342 126-127.jpg
V.b.342 132-133 ca. 1675-1725 index entry V.b.342 132-133.jpg
V.b.363 31-32 ca. 1679-1694 To make Ink Mr Bower's way V.b.363 31-32.jpg
W.a.111 11 ca. 1706 index entry W.a.111 11.jpg
W.a.111 186 ca. 1706 To make Ink W.a.111 186.jpg
W.a.111 238 ca. 1706 Good Ink W.a.111 238.jpg
W.a.283 66 ca. 1704-1787 Ink W.a.283 66.jpg
W.a.283 67 ca. 1704-1787 Red Ink W.a.283 67.jpg
W.a.303 84-85 ca. 1700-1740, 1882 A Receipt to make Ink W.a.303 84-85.jpg
W.a.303 120-121 ca. 1700-1740, 1882 To make a Pinte of Ink W.a.303 120-121.jpg
W.b.79 56-57 1740 To make Red Ink
To make Black
W.b.79 56-57.jpg
W.b.79 60-61 1740 To make Ink W.b.79 60-61.jpg
W.b.79 92-93 1740 index entry W.b.79 92-93.jpg
W.b.79 100-101 1740 index entry W.b.79 100-101.jpg

List of ink and paper references

Call number Page number Manuscript date Recipe title or reference excerpt Image/Transcription
E.a.5 103v-104r ca. 1634 "Take a gall, such as they vse to make incke withall..." link+
V.a.125 6v-7r ca. 1630 "...For not a streame / Of inck can write much lesse improue this Theame..." V.a.125 6v-7r.jpg
V.a.140 14v-15r compiled ca. 1600 To make letters that cannot be red onles the paper be put in water
To make letters that can not be red but at the fier
V.a.260 78v-79r ca. 1613-ca. 1756 "...Depriv'd of paper, pen, & ink..." V.a.260 78v-79r.jpg
V.a.284 page 90 ca. 1648-1649 "Hee wants a penn of gold dip'd in the ink of fame..." V.a.284 90.jpg
V.a.284 page 119 ca. 1648-1649 ""...or like a sheet of fair paper which one drop of ink will defile..." V.a.284 119.jpg
V.a.287 99v-100r 1658-1671 "...where it should bee cut was markt out with Ink..." V.a.287 99v-100r.jpg
V.a.294 16v-17r 1665-1666 "syringe some ink into the Crural arterie..." V.a.294 16v-17r.jpg
V.a.452 page 33 ca. 1675 "...whose arm was as black as Ink,..." V.a.452 33.jpg
V.a.452 page 52 ca. 1675 "...Take good Ink, and wash the sore place oftentimes,..." V.a.452 52.jpg
V.a.452 page 357 ca. 1675 "...The place first being marked with Ink..." V.a.452 357.jpg
V.a.619 38v-39r ca. 1675? To take out stayns or ink out of a linen Cloth 200px link=
V.a.621 page 21 [ca. 1680s-1739] "...Take a powder of Galls such as Ink is made of..." V.a.621 21.jpg
V.a.683 page 10 bulk: 1709-1727? Secret Wayes of Writing V.a.683 10.jpg
V.a.683 page 14 bulk: 1709-1727? Of Papers V.a.683 14.jpg
V.a.683 page 17 bulk: 1709-1727? Golden transparent Wax
Perfumed Wax
Pen to make
To harden Quills
To colour Quills Red or Yellow
To take Ink out of Clothes
V.a.683 17.jpg
V.a.683 page 48 (page 22) bulk: 1709-1727? To take Spots &c: out of Writing paper or Parchment V.a.683 48 22.jpg
V.a.683 page 49 (page 23) bulk: 1709-1727? To Recover: decayed Letters of Deeds or other Writings V.a.683 49 23.jpg
V.a.683 page 50 (page 24) bulk: 1709-1727? To take Ink out of Paper. Ignot. V.a.683 50 24.jpg
V.a.683 page 53 bulk: 1709-1727? To take the blotts of Ink out of paper or writing. Mr Lea. V.a.683 53.jpg
V.a.683 page 189 bulk: 1709-1727? To take Ink Spots out of books V.a.683 19.jpg
V.a.683 page 277 bulk: 1709-1727? index entry V.a.683 277.jpg
V.b.129 137v-138r ca. 1600 "...Take gumme wherewith they make yncke..." V.b.129 137v-138r.jpg
V.b.363 page 41-42 ca. 1679-1694 To Colour Paper V.b.363 41-42.jpg
V.b.363 page 43-44 ca. 1679-1694 for wax work V.b.363 41-42.jpg
V.b.400 page 61 late 17th - early 18th century "...Oak galls six in number such as they use to make ink of..." V.b.400 61.jpg
W.a.111 page 460 ca. 1706 Directions for takeing out ink or other Maills of Linen W.a.111 460.jpg
X.d.457 (3) 1r 1693-1694 "...Liberise your Ink and Indiarubber..." X.d.457 3 1r.jpg
X.d.95 (3) 1r 1641/2 January-February Bills and warrant for payment for books and stationery (including bottles of ink) X.d.95 3 1r.jpg
X.d.563 recto 1643 November 16 Spice dealer's invoice that includes cap paper, pack thread, and Callis-sand (for scouring and blotting ink) X.d.563.jpg
X.d.687 (3) recto 1587-1588 Warrants from Sir Christopher Hatton, Lord Chancellor, for payment to Christopher Barker for bookes, paper, and yncke sent to the Crowne office X.d.687 3 recto.jpg