List of cataloging text strings

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This is a list of text strings used frequently in cataloging records, formatted for copy-and-paste in TIND. The entire string containing the field tags and indicators can be pasted as-is into the Record Editor (RE) MARC view. The portion of the string beginning with the value after the first delimiter can be pasted into the RE Table view after the field tag, indicators, and first delimiter have been entered. The RE will parse the string and reformulate it into Table view style.

General text strings

336__ $$astill image$$bsti$$2rdacontent
336__ $$atext$$btxt$$2rdacontent
336__ $$atwo-dimensional moving image$$bdi$$2rdacontent
337__ $$acomputer$$2rdamedia
337__ $$aunmediated$$bn$$2rdamedia
337__ $$avideo$$bv$$2rdamedia
338__ $$aonline resource$$2rdacarrier
338__ $$asheet$$2rdacarrier
338__ $$avolume$$2rdacarrier
500__ $$aThis is a PRELIMINARY RECORD. Please email for assistance.$$5DFo
500__ $$aDELETED IN FAVOR OF bibid; XXX date$$5DFo
500__ $$aSUPPRESSED IN FAVOR OF bibid; XXX date$$5DFo 
852__ $$aUS-DFo$$bEleRes$$hAvailable offsite via
85640 $$uhttps://
980__ $$aAUTHORITY
980__ $$aBIB
980__ $$aDB
983__ $$aNot-vault
983__ $$aOnline
983__ $$aVault

Specific text strings

 5831_ $$acondition reviewed$$c2022-09-27$$kEB$$zStored as a folded letter packet; awaiting rehousing.$$2pda$$5DFo
 5831_ $$acondition reviewed$$c2022-09-27$$kEB$$zRunning tear through fold.$$2pda$$5DFo
 5831_ $$acondition reviewed$$c2022-09-27$$kEB$$zSevere iron gall ink damage.$$2pda$$5DFo