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| Yiddish||PR2796.Y4
| Yiddish||PR2796.Y4

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Before 2014, vault copies (i.e., closed-stacks copies) of Shakespeare's works in translation received "Sh.Col." call numbers based on the language of translation. From 2014 onward, all Shakespeare editions in the vault simply have "Sh.Col." and an accession number (see Shakespeare Collection for more information).

Language Call number
Afrikaans PR2796.A2
Albanian PR2796.A3
Amharic PR2796.A4
Arabic PR2796.A5
Armenian PR2796.A6
Azerbaijaini PR2796.A9
Bashkir PR2796.B15
Belorussian PR2796.B2
Bengali PR2796.B3
Bulgarian PR2796.B8
Catalan PR2796.C2
Chinese PR2796.C4
Chinese PR2796.C5
Chinese PR2796.C52
Croatian PR2796.C6
Czech PR2796.C9
Danish PR2796.D4
Dutch PR2796.D6
Esperanto PR2796.E6
Estonian PR2796.E8
Finnish PR2796.F2
French PR2796.F6
Frisian PR2796.F7
Gaelic PR2796.G2
Georgian PR2796.G27
German (Works) PR2796.G3
German (indiv. titles) PR2796.G3
Greek PR2796.G6
Gujarati PR2796.G8
Romanized Hebrew PR2796.H1
Hebrew PR2796.H3
Hindi PR2796.H4
Hebrew PR2796.H42
Hungarian PR2796.H8
Icelandic PR2796.I3
Irish PR2796.I6
Italian PR2796.I8
Japanese PR2796.J2
Japanese PR2796.J3
Japanese PR2796.J32
Kanarese PR2796.K2
Karachay PR2796.K25
Kannada PR2796.K32
Korean PR2796.K5
Latvian PR2796.L3
Lithuanian PR2796.L6
Malay PR2796.M3
Malayalam PR2796.M315
Maltese PR2796.M32
Maori PR2796.M36
Marathi PR2796.M37
Norwegian PR2796.N4
Ossetic PR2796.O7
Persian PR2796.P3
Pidgin-English PR2796.P4
Polish PR2796.P5
Portuguese PR2796.P6
Rumanian PR2796.R6
Russian PR2796.R8
Sanskrit PR2796.S2
Serbian PR2796.S3
Slovak PR2796.S39
Slovenian PR2796.S4
Spanish PR2796.S5
Swahili PR2796.S7
Swedish PR2796.S8
Tamil PR2796.T2
Telugu PR2796.T3
Thai PR2796.T4
Thai PR2796.T5
Tibetan PR2796.T62
Turkish, old PR2796.T7
Turkish PR2796.T8
Turkmen PR2796.T82
Twi (Akan dialect) PR2796.T85
Ukranian PR2796.U4
Urdu PR2796.U7
Welsh PR2796.W2
Wendish PR2796.W3
Xosa PR2796.X6
Yiddish PR2796.Y4