List of MARC 21 fields to consider when exporting

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Hamnet records originate from a variety of sources, and were created and updated over a long period of time. Some fields and subfields now considered mandatory in OCLC Full or Minimal records will be lacking (either because they were not mandatory at the time of creation, or are system-supplied upon import to OCLC).

Fields and subfields to add/modify

  • 040$b "eng" (language of cataloging)
  • 041$a check for records where $a (now repeatable) contains more than one language code

Fields and subfields to explain

  • 035$a "OCoLC" number is for identification purposes only; Hamnet is the Folger's database of record, so additions, enhancements, and corrections (if they do not affect WorldCat searching) are only made in Hamnet.