Letter from Henry Herbert to Michaell Mohan

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Below is a transcription of a letter from Henry Herbert, Master of Revels to King Charles II to Mr. Michaell Mohan, demanding cheaper ticket prices upon the reopening of London's theaters after the Restoration in 1660.

This transcription was featured in Open City: London, 1500–1700, one of the Exhibitions at the Folger.

Transcription [X.c.96]

Whereas seuerall complaints haue been made against
you to the Kings most excellent Maiesty by Mr. Killegrew and
William Dauenant concerning the vnusuall and vnreasonable
taken at your play house doores of the Respectiue Persons
of quality
that desire to refresh and Im proue them selues by the sight
of your Morrall Entertainments which were Constituted for
profitt and delight And the said Complaints made vse of
by the said Mr. Killegrew and Sir William Dauenant as
part of theire Suggestions for theire pretended power and
for your Late Restrainte./

And Whereas Complaints haue been made therof formerly
to me
wherewith you were acquainted as Innouations and
Exactions not
allowed by mee; And that the like Complaints are now made
that you
doe practice the said Exactions in takeing of Excessiue &
rates vppon the Restitution of you to your Liberty./

These are therefore in his Maiesties name to require you and
Euery of you
to take from the persons of qualitie and others as dayly
frequent your
Play=house; such vsuall and accustomed rates only as were
taken at the Black=fryers, by the Late Company of Actors
there &
noe more, nor otherwise for every New or Old Play that shall
allowed you by the Master of the Revells to be Acted in the
said Playhouse or any other playhouse; And you are thereby
required to bringe or sende to me All such old Plaies As you
doe Intende
to Actat the said play house, that these may be reformed of
Prophanes & Ribaldes at the [Revell?] [giuen]
at the office of the Revells Henry Herbert

To mr. Michaell Mohan
and the rest of the Actors
of the Cockpitt play house
in Drury Lane
the 13th of October 1660

endorsement on verso:
[Copy of] warant sent to
the Actors at the Cockpit In
Drury lane by Tom Browne
the 13. Oct. 60.